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Vulfpeck Welcomes Dave Koz, Louis Cato, & More For Kings Theatre Closer [Video/Photo]

first_imgPhotos: Brandon Weil For the past seven-plus years, Vulfpeck has been busy spreading its funk far and wide, its band membership spanning out from Ann Arbor to Los Angeles, Long Island, and points in between. And while their tour schedule is seemingly non-existent, the group will always make it to Brooklyn for at least a couple of nights a year. Such was the case this weekend, when Vulfpeck put on its biggest (and best) enclosed show to date at the cavernous Kings Theatre. Following an energetic Friday night, which featured the live debut of “Soft Parade” on the day of its official release, Vulfpeck brought Saturday to the next level.With a packed house of 3,000 revelers on hand, the core combination of Theo Katzman, Jack Stratton, Woody Goss, and (of course) Joe Dart just about emptied its ever-deepening bag of tricks before jetting across the Atlantic for the next leg of its “Wisdom of the Crowds” tour.There was the usual switching of instruments between Theo and Jack, among others. The guest appearance by Jack’s mom. The more-than-guest appearance by the outstanding vocalist Antwaun Stanley, who once again stole the show with Vulfpeck classics “1612,” “Funky Duck” and “Wait For the Moment.” The doubleheader by Joey Dosik, who opened for and sat in with Vulf, tickling the crowd with his signature tone as a singer and saxophonist all the while. The infectious energy of Cory Wong adding his guitar to the mix. The crowdsourced three-part harmonies orchestrated by Katzman on “Back Pocket” and “Christmas in L.A.”Except, this time, Theo did so while wrangling a full-blown, sold-out theatre. And with his old drum teacher, Rich Rodriguez, on percussion. And with Louis Cato, perhaps best known for his work with Jon Batiste and Stay Human on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, taking his turn on drums during “Beastly.” And with legendary sax man Dave Koz upstaging everyone during “Smile Meditation” and “It Gets Funkier.”Not to mention Jack’s keynote-style speech for Vulf Records, which led into the introduction of “Peck-a-pella.”Indeed, the second night of Vulfpeck’s autumnal-equinox stint in Flatbush featured all the silliness their fans have come to know and love, but on a grander scale, with bigger names, a bigger stage and bigger solos from (and cheers for) Joe Dart on bass.Which can only mean bigger things to come for Vulfpeck, thanks to sold-out dates in Copenhagen and Paris, Dublin and London, before returning to the US for Suwannee Hulaween ahead of the release of the band’s next album, Hill Climber, on Dec. 7.Through all that growth, in both group profile and venue size, it’s comforting to see that Vulfpeck has maintained its foundation as a sarcastic collection of music nerds who are at once serious about their artistry and instrumentation while not taking themselves seriously at all.And considering all the support and inspiration that Brooklyn has provided to Vulfpeck over the years, it was only fair that the group return the favor while taking the next step forward as an act of expanding repute.“The Sweet Science” (with Michael Winograd) → “Fugue State” → “Cory Wong”[Video: bebop Pete]“Smile Meditation” (with Alice Stratton and Dave Koz)[Video: bebop Pete]“Aunt Leslie” (with Antwaun Stanley)[Video: bebop Pete]“Wait for the Moment” (with Antwaun Stanley)[Video: bebop Pete]Setlist: Vulfpeck | Kings Theatre | Brooklyn, NY | 9/22/18The Sweet Science, Fugue State, Cory Wong, Animal Spirits, Daddy, He Got a Tesla, Smile Meditation (w/ Dave Koz), Baby I Don’t Know (w/ Joey Dosik), Game Winner (w/ Joey Dosik), 1 for 1 DiMaggio, 1612, Aunt Leslie, Funky Duck, Wait For The Moment, Back Pocket (Peck-a-pella), Beastly (w/ Louis Cato), Christmas in LA, Dean TownE: Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together, Outro, It Gets Funkier Load remaining imageslast_img read more

5 key questions for Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Arguments are set to begin Tuesday in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump on allegations that he incited the violent mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. It appears unlikely that he’ll be convicted after being impeached by the Democratic-controlled House. While many Republicans were harshly critical of Trump for telling supporters to “fight like hell” and go to the Capitol after a rally near the White House on that January day, their criticism has since softened. Most Republicans have avoided defending Trump’s actions. Instead, GOP lawmakers have argued that the trial is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer in office. Democrats and many legal scholars disagree.last_img read more

SMC honors Earth Hour

first_imgFor one hour, the entire earth will be dark. Tomorrow, the Sisters of the Holy Cross will participate in Earth Hour with millions of people worldwide by turning off their lights. From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., the Sisters encourage members of the Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame communities to turn off their lights and other electrical devices in an effort to promote ecological sustainability. Sr. Veronique Wiedower, vice president of the Division for Mission, said Earth Hour has an important humanitarian element tied into its focus on sustainability. “The idea is that we are a global village, and the same is going to be true about water as with oil in that there are not endless amounts,” she said. “We need to know what it means to be responsible for those resources, or responsible in our use of those resources.” The Sisters’ participation in Earth Hour stems from their mission of standing in solidarity with the less fortunate of the world, Wiedower said. She said one community can have a significant impact when united with other communities across the globe. “It is important to be in solidarity with poor who do not have access to these resources everyday,” Wiedower said. By shutting off lights this Saturday, the Sisters hope the conservation of resources will spark further efforts to share with those who need them desperately, she said. “During this time of Lent, when we give up, we give an opportunity to give someone access to resources,” she said. “What each person can do is important.” Sr. Wiedower encourages participation in any form. “If you can’t shut off everything, do a little bit. Each person makes a difference,” she said. “You never know what the tipping point might be, and you might be that last person needed.”last_img read more

Homework habits

first_imgBy Cat HolmesUniversity of GeorgiaSchool is almost back in session and with it comes homework. Unfortunately, many children think of homework as punishment, and sometimes, so do parents.How can you reduce homework headaches? “When adults nag children to get their homework done, children look for ways to put it off – and the whole process can become a power struggle,” said University of Georgia Extension human development specialist Don Bower. A positive attitude and good homework habits can prevent power struggles between parents and children and generally reduce household stress.Homework helps children practice, reinforce or expand the skills they learn during the school day. Teachers say completing homework assignments is as important as attending school.That’s why it’s important to establish “homework time”, Bower says. A consistent quiet time for homework lets children know it’s a priority. It also cuts down on arguments about when to do the work.To determine when homework time should occur, it’s important to consider the child’s personality.“Some children are better off completing their homework before they play outside or watch television,” Bower said. “Others need some relaxation time after school before they are ready to do homework. Choose the time and place that works best for each child, even if they end up doing homework at different times.”The child’s needs aren’t the only consideration when determining homework time.“Make sure an adult will be available to help during ‘homework time’,” Bower said. “Adults can read, pay bills or other quiet activities while the children study.”Helping a child do their homework doesn’t mean doing it for them, Bower said.“Essentially, homework is a contract between the teacher and her students,” he said. “It’s the child’s job, not the parents. Does that mean you don’t help at all? Of course not. The question isn’t if, but how.”Many adults struggle with how much help to give children. Bower says it’s fine to work through a question or two, but make sure your child is doing most of the work himself. “Doing your child’s homework for him may seem like the easiest short-term solution,” Bower said. “But it will wind up hurting your child down the road.” Organization is the key for long-term projects, Bowers says. “Many children don’t know how to break a large assignment down into manageable steps,” Bowers said. “They don’t start on it until a few days before it’s due.”Parents can help by sitting down with the child the first night and helping them plan out a strategy. Choose specific dates to have information gathered, to complete a first draft and to finish revisions.Research shows that completing appropriate homework successfully is a sure-fire way to promote academic success, Bower said.“When you make homework a priority in your home, you are offering your children support, helping them deal with mistakes, teaching them to take responsibility for their own learning and helping them develop problem solving skills,” he said. (Cat Holmes is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Pesticide training

first_imgSpring rains and summertime heat have sparked insects and lawn diseases across the state. That may send some landscape lovers looking for someone to apply a few chemicals to protect their interests.Before asking landscaping companies to apply pesticides, homeowners need to ask them if they’re properly certified, said Paul Guillebeau, an entomologist with University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. Companies don’t have to hold a certificate to mow lawns or trim hedges, but they do have to be certified to apply chemicals.“Whether they’re applying ant bait or Roundup, they have to have a license so they know how to use chemicals safely,” he said. “Too much pesticide or chemicals used in the wrong place, it all could cause problems.”Georgia lawTo purchase and apply pesticides on another person’s property and collect a fee for it, the business the pesticide applicator works for needs a commercial pesticide applicator’s license, according to Georgia law.The fee for applying pesticides without a license is up to $1,000 per violation.Private pesticide licenses are available through county UGA Extension offices. This license is limited to farmers and allows them to apply restricted-use pesticides on their land. The key difference between a private and commercial license is that private license holders can’t apply pesticide for money. Toxic conditionsPeople who are not licensed pesticide applicators don’t have access to restricted chemicals, but they do have access to many products available at home improvement stores.“It just seems to be a real human tendency to use more instead of less,” Guillebeau said about pesticides. “And if they’re a landscape company, they probably want to make sure the homeowners don’t see any insects out there.”Even private homeowners can go overboard. Guillebeau remembers one caller who had a bird lice problem. A nest outside his front door was home to more than just birds, and he and his family were getting bit by hungry lice.“He ended up spraying so much pesticide that he and his wife could not stay there,” Guillebeau said, “all because he didn’t know.”Too many chemicals can make any environment toxic. “If they’re applying pesticides around where kids are, you do want to know they know what they’re doing,” he said.While pesticides are designed to kill harmful insects or plant diseases, they can also be bad for humans and pets.Pesticide trainingPesticide certification exams are available at Georgia technical colleges through the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Instead of requiring each person applying pesticides to be certified, the license covers an entire business.UGA offers training for the pesticide licensing exams through study guides and county Extension offices. Local Extension offices can provide information on exam locations.UGA Extension also offers a training program for pesticide applicators who work for a business, but are not themselves required to have a license. The Georgia Competent Applicator of Pesticides Program, or GCAPP, is a voluntary program. The GCAPP program is available at county Extension offices throughout the state. Participants view a PowerPoint lesson and take a 37-question test. Twenty-six correct answers results in the student being awarded a GCAPP certificate that is good for five years. They also gain knowledge that will help them apply pesticides in ways that won’t harm themselves or those around them.“I would like for anybody using pesticides to go through the program,” Guillebeau said, “especially if they’re working at a school or a park. They may not be trying to put anybody at harm, but they may not know.”For more information on the GCAPP program, call 706-542-9031 or e-mail Guillebeau at [email protected]last_img read more

Just Keep Going: Cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway

first_imgAs Julie hit the first steep incline, she wondered what in the world she had gotten herself into. This was the first hill of many, as she was part of a dozen riders cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end: Charlottesville, Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina. Julie was a 53-year old mother of two, an avid cyclist and climbing enthusiast with 4,000 miles under her belt for the year. This was without question the hardest ride she would ever do in her life.The Parkway has long been a top southern location for scenic driving, hiking and camping. In the last decade, it has become a prime location for cycling. Completing the entire 469-miles on a bicycle ranks as one of the toughest endurance tests in the Southeast, and cannot be done without a lot of training and support. The difficulty can be adjusted by the number of days spent. The fewer the days, the more difficult the ride. We decided to try it in six days, and added Mount Mitchell State Park to the route, making it an ambitious endeavor. We honestly figured that some riders would not make it.Even after making her way up that brutal first climb, Julie had a struggle of a first day. Fortunately most of the Parkway climbs are not nearly as steep as the approaching roads, but riding only up and down can wear someone down. The descents go too fast to get a chance to recover, and there are few opportunities for easier riding on the flats. Julie had to deal with other issues on that first day. She had shifting problems, which caused her to not be able to use her middle gears for half of the ride. On the Parkway, just about every gear is needed at some point. The first day was unseasonably warm. She ran into hydration problems thanks to the unexpected heat and humidity at the lower elevations in Virginia. It was a recipe for a bad day of riding, and Julie barely made it through. At this point she questioned whether she was really up for the challenge of the next five days.At night as we “camped” at a bed and breakfast, the first of many over the week, Julie tried to put the bad day behind her. Attempting something this difficult requires mental strength nearly as much as physical strength. Julie had to put the bad day behind her, regain some confidence, sleep well, and continue on the adventure tomorrow.The beauty of the Blue Ridge has a way of getting one’s head back in the game. A rainstorm came through just before rolling out on the second day. The roads were completely deserted, thanks to the weather and the government shutdown. Gorgeous, damp fall leaves were scattered across the road. The road became a wonderland. Climbing did not feel so bad knowing that it would reveal a breathtaking view at the top of each hill.The body has a way of adapting, as proven by Julie on this and subsequent days. She was able to settle in and get her climbing legs as she progressed further on the Parkway. She was careful not to overextend herself on the climbs, as she would need to save that energy for later. The toughest days were ahead of her. She also had her good friend Wes around for support. As they found themselves on a long and grueling climb, he would tell her to “settle in.” That gave her a sense of focus.As the group made their way into North Carolina, the personality of the Parkway changed. No longer was it just rolling mountainous hills through agricultural territory. With the higher elevations of western Carolina, the climbs proved longer, steeper, and the riding became tougher. Over that period they traveled up and down, reaching heights of 4,000-5,000 feet. Everything was challenging, but Julie and the group were able to cruise along, every day getting closer to Cherokee.The crew.The crew.It was on the final day when Julie started to feel herself really cracking. The week had finally taken a toll. All of the climbing and the calorie deficit left her weakened, with the biggest day ahead of her.She made it through the 13-mile climb from Asheville to Pisgah. It was when she climbed higher that she had trouble. The section beyond Pisgah has rolling hills, mostly uphill, but the inclines are a little steeper, and the temperature was getting warmer. When she reached Richland Balsam, the highest point of the Parkway, she was toast. That was the halfway point of the ride, but the majority of the climbing was already done.Most people would be jubilant when reaching the highest point of the Parkway. Julie was anguished, her face flushed, breathing labored, and her psyche shot. “Please let there be a long descent coming up,” she said as she reached the top. She was prepared to end her day and her voyage right then and there, with success a mere 30 miles away. Asked if she would regret stopping early, she shook her head no. “At this point it just isn’t fun anymore,” she said with disappointment in her eyes. This was coming from someone who lived for riding her bike, and did not accept failure lightly.Since she had done the work, she deserved to experience the exhilarating 12-mile descent from Richland Balsam. She expected to call it a day when she got to the bottom. After descending to below 3,000 feet, her mindset changed. She got a second wind, recovered, and found that she felt better than she had all day. She kept going. She somehow grinded out the eight miles to Waterrock Knob, which left one climb remaining – three miles to Wolf Laurel Gap. Running on fumes, she slowly made her way to the top.The final 10-mile descent made all the pain worthwhile. She bombed down to Cherokee in what seemed like an instant, and coasted over the Oconoluftee River bridge, which signified the end of the Parkway. All of the other riders and supporters awaited her there with congratulations and hugs. It was over. She had accomplished the task with tenacity, strength, and a little help from her friends.StatsMiles, Climbing & Calories: Day 1: 88 miles, 10,045 feet, 4,019 caloriesDay 2: 97.7 miles, 13,097 feet, 3,877 caloriesDay 3: 57.5 miles, 4,469 feet, 2,021 caloriesDay 4: 92.3 miles, 9,413 feet, 3,959 caloriesDay 5: 83  miles, 9,249 feet, 3,396 caloriesDay 6: 90.9 miles, 10.417, 3,884 caloriesGeography:Day 1: Nellysford to BedfordDay 2: Bedford to Rocky KnobDay 3: Rocky Knob to Meadows of DanDay 4: Meadows of Dan to Linville FallsDay 5: Linville Falls to AshevilleDay 6: Asheville to CherokeeBiggest Climbs:Mount Mitchell, North Carolina, 14.7 miles, 3,163 feetApple Orchard Mountain, Virginia 12.6 miles, 3,169 feetMount Pisgah, 12.2 miles, 3,415 feetWaterrock Knob, 7.2 miles, 2,071 feetLinn Cove Viaduct, North Carolina, 5.5 miles, 814 feetBent Mountain, Virginia, 4.8 miles, 1,402 feetBlack Balsam, 3.5 miles, 1,102 feetWolf Laurel Gap, 2.9 miles, 911 feetWildlife seen:2 black bears7 deer1 hawk1 rabbit100 squirrels1,000 bugslast_img read more

Weekend Pick: Head Women’s Ski Camp at Snowshoe Mountain Resort

first_imgTime to hit the slopes, ladies! Show those boys how it’s done this weekend at Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia for the resort’s first ever Head Women’s Ski Camp. On Saturday and Sunday, January 24 through 25, top ski coaches and instructors will work with women of all levels to get you started or tune up your skills, and just have a great time in the snow. Head Women's Ski CampDiann Roffe, a guest coach from Head Ski, will team up with Snowshoe instructors to help give women the chance to meet their full potential. Roffe has held a spot on the US Ski Team for three Olympic Games, four World Championships, and one Pan American Games. Today, Roffe works out of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, as a renowned ski coach and motivational speaker. This camp will be an amazing opportunity to learn from such a talented sportswoman!The weekend’s events begin on Friday evening with a Meet and Greet followed by a night at the Connection Club. On Saturday and Sunday, warm up in the mornings with some yoga and get out on the snow in small groups throughout the day, then relax in Snowshoe’s massage chairs before a Private Evening Social on Saturday and a Farewell Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.The entire camp costs $219 for a weekend pass including lift tickets, and only $169 without tickets. Register now to make sure that you don’t miss out on the fun!last_img read more

Authorities Dismantle Clandestine FARC Broadcast Station in Eastern Colombia

first_imgBy Dialogo November 22, 2011 The Colombian Army dismantled a clandestine radio station operated by the FARC communist guerrilla group in a rural area of the department of Meta (in eastern Colombia), the military announced. The ‘Voz de la Resistencia’ [Voice of Resistance] station, which was located in a rural area of the municipality of Cubarral, was administered by the General Staff of the Eastern Bloc of the communist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), according to a statement issued by the Army’s 13th Brigade. In April 2010, this same station was dismantled, having operated in the region over the course of at least 15 years, but “a few months ago it had been set up again by the insurgents,” the report indicated. The station served for the “political indoctrination of FARC members at the same time as for launching harsh criticism against the institutions of the state,” according to the Army intelligence service. The service reported that the broadcast station was protected by “60 improvised explosive devices, and around 12 kilos of black gunpowder, six cans of liquid solder, and around 12 more kilos of explosive substances and shrapnel were also found at the location.” No clashes with guerrilla factions or arrests were reported. In the same area, the Army also dismantled nine camps with the capacity to house between 30 and 50 rebels, equipped with bedrooms, kitchens, ovens, and laundry areas. The Ecuadorean daily El Universo reported in February that a broadcast station operated by this guerrilla group was transmitting messages from Colombia that were inviting young Ecuadoreans in the province of Sucumbíos to enlist in the group and that its FM range even extended as far as a Peruvian town.last_img read more

#DayOne INTRODUCING LECTURERS: Berislav Sokač RUN Croatia – Croatia as a racing destination

first_imgIn the last 6 months, the auditing company Kulić & Sperk, Bonk restaurant on Zagreb’s Britanski trg, has joined the Run Friendly platform, and the declared best pizzeria in Croatia, Franko’s Pizza & Bar, has joined the platform. Split hotel Dioklecijan Palace will join the already existing certified hotels, LifeClass Sveti Martin na Muri, Malin, Vitality Punta LHV. Run Friendly employers Neos, Undabot, Business Intelligence and Bagatin polyclinic, which is also Run Friendly polyclinic and Run Friendly distillery Duh in Boca. This year we will get a dozen more new partners on our platform. Do you also have the first domestic line of food supplements that strengthens domestic honey producers? When you look from the beginning until today, you have achieved a lot, you have given extra momentum and started a running style as a lifestyle in Croatia. When you look back at how you look at the current situation where you are and what you have achieved? In the end, how do you look at this conference and what do you expect? What is the plan for the future, how will you continue this “marathon”? He will speak on the topic of Croatia as a racing destination at the conference Berislav Sokač which is an opportunity to talk and get acquainted with the RUN Croatia platform. When I look back on the last 4 years we have achieved a tremendous amount. Zagreb Advent Run race was the third largest Advent race in Europe last year, Run Friendly platform attracts exceptional quality partners and products, we are the platform with the most races in Croatia throughout the year, we are a leader in innovation in promoting active and quality living. We are the first to start exporting the lifestyle of running outside the borders of Croatia through the French model. One is Run Friendly World and we are proud of that brand that will be a platform in the future for 500 million people. Can Croatia become a top running destination in Europe and how? We go further step by step. If we take a marathon that is 42 kilometers, we are now at the fourteenth kilometer. We have just entered the working temperature of expanding and hiring new people. There are still a lot of challenges ahead of us, but with the marathon mindset that adorns my team, rest assured that we will reach the goal we set for ourselves. Run Croatia has also chosen the Concorda travel agency as its partner in support of organizing tourist and team building arrangements for 15 races this year. Concorda is adorned with a young professional team full of innovation and passion for creating an unforgettable active experience. This makes Concord an ideal partner to support our races and even stronger promotion of the destinations we work with. Our first race in which we cooperate is the Lun Novalja 2.5.2020 half marathon. As far as races are concerned, we are especially proud that this year, in addition to our standard existing races, we have three new ones: 25.4. Crikvenica Health Run, 30.5. Lidl Royal race of the city of Knin, Lidl 2. Varaždin trail 12.9 and 26.9. Funghi trail Lonjsko polje in the Lonjsko polje Nature Park. The following remain in the calendar: 2.5. Lun Novalja Half Marathon, 16.5. Lidl Cross Hill Run in Križ, 30.5. Lidl Royal race of the city of Knin, Lidl Mountainmadness Ravna Gora 6.6., Lidl Glow Run Split 13.6., Lidl Run Brač 22.6., Lidl Nerezine Glow Run 1.8., Lidl 2. Varaždin Trail, Lidl Malinska Run 19.9., 3.10. Lidl Sveti Martin na Muri MountainMaddness 17.10. Runfest as part of the Sportfest event in Poreč and 13.12. Zagreb Advent Run.center_img In partnership with the company Hedera from Split, we launched the first domestic line of dietary supplements for Bee Run athletes. The special feature of Bee Run preparations is that they give all athletes completely natural strength and endurance. This means that you will be able to consume it every day, without fear of negative side effects, with an extremely strong and positive health and fitness effect. Bee Run food supplements are made from bee substances: propolis, burdock pollen, royal jelly, with the addition of plant and mineral substances and vitamins. In this way, we want to bring a quality Croatian product closer to the active community and, by consuming it, strengthen the beekeeping cluster in order to start exporting. I consider participation in the conference extremely important because I primarily consider the invitation to the conference as a confirmation of the quality work of my team and me personally. With my lecture, I want to point out the size of the market, which Croatia has not yet addressed in a quality way. The healthy active community in the world does not know which pearl is hidden in the heart of Europe, and Croatia does not know at the moment what benefits it can get if it addresses that community. However, Croatia has Goran Rihelj, who is fighting on a daily basis to change that, that Croatia deserves better quality tourism. See you at the conference! So the goal or plan is for Run Croatia to be the undisputed number 1 brand in Croatia for the quality of life, for Run Friendly World to be a platform for a globally active community and for it to be known that it started from Croatia. The list of races is as long as the tourist and team building arrangements. Also, Protime, with the help of the Run Croatia team, will work on the popularization of Slovenian races among Croatian runners, and will also advertise Run Croatia races among Slovenian runners in over 150 races in Slovenia where it measures time. With this partnership, Protime and Run Croatia open and connect two markets that have not yet had the establishment of official communication to promote races and destinations. Just over 200.000 people in Slovenia are actively running, which will mean an increased number of Slovenian runners in Run Croatia races.  Another area of ​​cooperation is that we have sold the distribution applications with a Slovenian partner so that the motivating application for movement will now have a richer offer for runners in both markets. In Croatia, we gathered 33.000 users on the application. Together with the Slovenian market, we intend to transfer 100.000 users this year. What are the further plans? Run Croatia is unstoppably expanding its eco friendly system Run Friendly, so that next year Croatia can be declared the first Run Friendly country in the world. It is already due to its climate, the beauty of the landscape, the quality of food, the quality of some races, but in order to be adorned with this title, it is certainly necessary to have better quality communication in the public-private area. It won’t work without it. We have also been actively working on the development of a franchise model, which we were the first to sell to neighboring Hungary, and these days we are signing a contract with a partner in Slovenia. This will connect three markets that will get a single communication platform for an active community in all three countries numbering 600.000 people. Furthermore, we have further strengthened cooperation with neighboring Slovenia in two areas. Run Croatia has chosen Slovenian Protime, Professional Timing as a partner for measuring time in its races in 2020. The Protime team has many years of professional work in the field of measuring races, and their team measures over 150 races in Slovenia and over 30 in the region. Protime will provide support for registration via the web, provide a payment system and measure results and process data on 15 Run Croatia races, and one of these races is the Zagreb Advent Run, which last year was the third largest Advent race in Europe with 3150 runners. last_img read more

P2P lending firms upbeat SMEs can repay loan on time during pandemic

first_imgPeer-to-peer (P2P) lenders to small and medium enterprises (SMEs)  believe the coronavirus outbreak, which has disrupted most economic activities in Indonesia, will not affect their loan repayments.Aria Widyanto, the chief risk and sustainability officer of Amartha, a P2P lending platform that primarily funds SMEs owned by women in villages, said that he was sure that the financial technology (fintech) company’s borrowers would be able to repay loans on time because he believed the rural economy remained resilient despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s catastrophic effect on many other sectors.“The economies of villages are more resilient because they are more isolated,” he said on March 26 during a video conference. “These SMEs will conduct business as usual despite the turbulence in the macroeconomy.” “This is the best option given the current force majeure,” Aria said. “Hopefully, we can continue business as usual soon.”Amartha provides an insurance option for lenders to SMEs through its app. If the borrower cannot repay the loan, the insurance will cover 75 percent of the outstanding debt.Amartha has disbursed Rp 2.3 trillion (US$140 million) in loans to 490,000 borrowers with a 0.5 percent non-performing loan (NPL) rate.Another P2P lender, Crowdo said it used artificial intelligence to determine risk and provide lenders with more comprehensive information about borrowers’ businesses.The fintech system classifies businesses’ risk exposure to COVID-19. It classifies hotels and restaurants as high-risk. It also explains potential risks in business factsheets. “We have yet to see a significant change in our business,” said Crowdo Indonesia commercial officer chief Ikram Jeihan in a written statement. “The loan payment due date is still on schedule.”Crowdo has funded 5,000 projects in Indonesia and has an NPL ratio of 1.89 percent.Modalku has also implemented risk-mitigating measures such as tighter selection criteria for new and existing SMEs that want to raise funds through the fintech company.Modalku said it would examine food and beverage businesses, the travel sector and cross-border trade in evaluating loan applications since those businesses were the most affected by the pandemic.“We will also adjust each borrower’s loan limit and terms depending on their business profile to mitigate the effect of the spread of COVID-19,” Modalku co-founder and CEO Reynold Wijaya said on Tuesday.Modalku offers loans of up to Rp 2 billion to SMEs without a collateral requirement. The company also operates in Malaysia and Singapore under the name Funding Societies. As of March, it had disbursed a total of Rp 13 trillion in business loans in the three countries.According to the Financial Services Authority (OJK), fintech lending had grown 225.6 percent year-on-year (yoy) to Rp 95.4 trillion in February. P2P lending contributed Rp 60 trillion to the Indonesian economy last year, mainly by enabling wider financial inclusion of SMEs.Topics : Aria said that Indonesia had faced many crises but that people continued to buy daily necessities, which are often provided by SMEs.He added that SME entrepreneurs were resilient because their businesses were often the main source of their income and they needed to keep working in order to survive. “Some of them are producing clothes, but since they are not selling well during the outbreak, they can switch to selling tempeh the next day to have an income,” he said.He added that Amartha would not disburse or collect loans until April 6 to comply with government’s social distancing policy. Afterwards, the company would resume collecting payments only from the leaders of borrowing groups so borrowers could repay their loans with less physical contact.The fintech company disburses loans and collects repayments at a biweekly group meeting. However, since the government has urged people to stay at home, Amartha has decided to suspend its on-field activities.last_img read more