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SA, Europe in Earth observation pact

first_img10 December 2012 The South African National Space Agency and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre have signed an agreement to collaborate in using remote sensing technologies to monitor the environment to help improve international disaster risk management. According to a statement released by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the agreement aims to “better exploit remote sensing technologies for monitoring atmospheric, terrestrial and marine environments”. The JRC is the European Commission’s in-house science service and is actively involved in working with national and international partners on crisis management technologies; analysis and application of remote sensing data; natural hazard modelling; information mining and analysis for vulnerability assessments; and civil engineering. The collaboration agreement was signed in Brussels, Belgium last Thursday at a high-level meeting on scientific collaboration to improve disaster anticipation and resilience. The meeting was initiated by commissioner for research, innovation and science, Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, and included senior officials of the European Commission. the World Bank and the United Nations. “Science and technology offer key solutions to improve preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters, including those related to climatic change,” the JRC said. “The scope of this agreement is to work together on a better understanding of dynamics and evolution of our natural environment through optimal exploitation of Earth observation data and to develop technologies and services which support not only national policies – [such as] agriculture monitoring – but also international issues and policies for disaster risk reduction, early warning and emergency management.” It was also expected that the signing of the agreement would assist in “fostering partnerships to advance international scientific collaboration”, the Commission said. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

The gift of freedom of expression

first_imgNina Hastie celebrates South Africa’s progressive Constitution and how the right to freedom of expression is a pillar of democracy in South Africa. Nina Hastie is a permanent fixture in the South African comedy industry and hosts the popular talk show, Trending SA. (Image: Nina Hastie , Facebook)Nina HastieI’m a professional comedian. That’s my job. It’s my right to have this job. It would not have been possible before 1994. Gathering in groups of many races, late at night, talking politics and dissecting the government! Our world-class Constitution has paved the way for the youth to be able to work in the fields of their choice.Before democracy we were censored on many levels – the music played on our radios, the shows and movies that were allowed to be played in our cinemas. We are finally making and playing our own films, telling our own stories – we even have our own actors playing our own heroes as with Thabo Rametsi playing freedom fighter, Solomon Mahlangu.The knock on effect of our own stories being taken away left a nation with a low self-esteem… everybody thinking that they didn’t deserve to be heard. What a travesty, as the only democratic country that has had a moderately peaceful transition into democracy in the world!We need to make sure we protect this Constitution and make sure that the guardians of our Constitution maintain our freedom because without being able to express ourselves, we are not free.There is also a fine line between freedom of expression and hate speech, freedom which needs not be abused. Your freedom does not allow you to oppress another person. I read a tweet that Khaya Dlanga posted regarding a Microsoft study about South Africa’s digital behaviour – that South Africans treat each other with the least amount of respect and dignity online.This made me very sad, it made me realise that we confuse our freedom with power. We have a long way to go, and the only way we are going to get there is by honouring our magnificent Constitution, that was written by our struggle forefathers ensuring that we would truly be a free country. Let’s empower ourselves with knowledge, and respect for our Constitution. It was put in place not only to free us, but to protect us, from ourselves.#InspiredByMyConstitutionWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

SaaS: More Numbers Pointing Towards Growth

first_imgSaaS continues to grow rapidly.  ACA Research’s recent study (sponsored by Salesforce.com) estimates that the SaaS market will double in 2007.  Problems that could delay adoption cited in the survey include security, bandwidth, and loss of control of data.  But many companies struggle with qualified staff shortages and with managing software on-site.  The SaaS model can help these companies reduce the total cost of ownership.Also of interest are new numbers from SaaS trail-blazer Salesforce.com.  Salesforce.com reported results yesterday for the quarter ending January 31st.  Sales of internet-based business software rose 58% and revenues were just short of half a billion dollars.  On the negative side though, quarterly profits plummeted 91%.  During the quarter, Salesforce added 90,000 new subscribers, bringing their total subscriber base to 646,000 from 2,700 customers. Salesforce has more than 47 customers with more than 1000 subscribers each.  Among these, Cisco has 25,000 subscribers, and Dell more than 15,000.  CEO Marc Benioff’s plan is to invest in both R&D and sales to battle more traditional competition coming from Oracle and SAP.  In the short term, profits have taken a hit, but longer term, Salesforce could extend its lead in becoming the dominant player in the on-demand world.last_img read more

Fixing a Hot-Water Problem

first_imgJohn Metcalfe’s San Francisco renovation included the installation of two tankless water heaters and a small circulation pump in his four-story, 3,200-sq. ft. home. The water heaters, connected in series, are located on the second floor, which is a more or less central location.His hot-water problems should be over, right? Except they’re not.“We now wait for up to two minutes for hot water in the kitchen and upstairs shower,” he writes in a Q&A post at GreenBuildingAdvisor.The reasons for the long wait, and the best ways to correct this problem, are the topics for this Q&A Spotlight. Tweaking the circulation system may helpWhile Holladay likes the D’Mand hot water circulation pump, Dennis Heidner suggests a competing product: the Chillipepper pump.“Easy solution that I used, Chillipepper on demand circulating pump that stops pumping when water temp at the pump reaches your desired setpoint,” Heidner says. The pump is only activated by a low voltage contact closure switch/relay, he adds, with the relay controlled wirelessly or when a bathroom light is turned on.“By triggering the circulation pump to run when the bathroom light is turned on, the water is hot and ready at the sink when you want it,” he says. “Not all circulating pumps will trigger a tankless to heat. You need to exceed 1 [gallon per minute]. And you need to check the manufacturer’s warranty. Some will not cover you unless you add some kind of moderating tank.”Heidner says he had a nearly identical problem to Metcalfe and would typically waste 2 gal. of water before it was hot enough to use.“Now the water is almost always at temp when you want it,” he says. “Water use is very low, energy use is low (I measure both!).” Holladay writes that Metcalfe should make sure that his circulation pump operates by a switch located in the kitchen or bathroom. This is a less wasteful option than either a continuously operating pump or a pump on a timer. Switched pumps bring hot water to the point of use without wasting water. Holladay suggests that Metcalfe consult a Fine Homebuilding article on hot water circulation pumps. The article recommends the D’Mand pump manufactured by ACT Metlund.Jin Kazama agrees that a water heater should be located close to the fixtures it serves. “To [reduce the delay], one needs to install the tankless water heater in close proximity to the usage point,” Kazama writes. “So you should’ve installed small tankless heaters near [the] kitchen sink or a close by embranchment serving many points, and another close to the shower.”In Kazama’s view, the only reasons for choosing a tankless heater are low water use or reducing the delay for hot water (“which you obviously didn’t implement correctly”). Hot-Water Circulation LoopsGreen Basics: Hot-Water CirculationGreen Basics: Efficient Supply LayoutsGetting Into Hot Water — Part 3Waiting for Hot Water Inefficient Hot Water Piping Layouts Waste Hot WaterAll About Water HeatersAre Tankless Water Heaters a Waste of Money? The Difference Between Storage and Tankless Water Heaters GREEN PRODUCT GUIDE Fuel-Fired Residential Water Heaterscenter_img Why connected in series?When two hot water heaters are connected in series, it means one follows the other on the same water supply line, and to David Meiland that doesn’t add up.“I’ve never seen two tankless heaters in series,” he says, “and I’ll got out on a limb and say it makes no sense to me. Each should be large enough to provide for part of the load, and they should be piped separately. So, one heater serves the first two floors, the other one the second two floors…or something like that.”When connected in series, he adds, both heaters are trying to supply hot water for the same demand, “however small it might be.” A single unit running at a higher load all by itself would probably be more efficient, he says, and locating the heaters close to each other all but guarantees that piping runs will be longer than necessary.“What your plumber probably should have done was install at least one tank, if not two, put them farther apart, piped them separately, installed small-diameter home runs to the sink fixtures, and installed circulation pumps to keep wait times down at the farthest fixtures.”Nor does Richard Patterman understand the plumber’s thinking.“The logic of two tankless heaters in series completely escapes me,” Patterman writes. “The first heater heats water from 50 degrees to 120 degrees. What does the second heater do? And a circulation pump on a tankless defeats the purpose of a tankless. The heater should only come on when you turn on a faucet. I think your plumber owes you some serious repairs!” Our expert’s opinionGBA technical director Peter Yost had this to say:First, regardless of the domestic hot water power plant — tank or tankless — every system suffers or excels based on the efficiency of the distribution system. And just as there are ACCA standards (Manuals S and D) for forced-air, space-conditioning distribution systems, we really need standards for DHW distribution systems as well. Both types of systems deal with efficiently moving fluids around, and efficient piping is as important as efficient ducting.We do have the structured plumbing approach. For more information on structured plumbing, see this presentation from Gary Klein.In my view, either efficient piping or structured plumbing is a no-brainer in new homes; get the distribution system right and the need for a pumping or mechanical solution is either eliminated or easily achieved. Get the piping layout/pipe sizing wrong, and use hard 90s rather than soft 90s, and adding a recirculation pump is just brute force trying to overcome a design problem.In retrofit, adding an on-demand recirc crossover system (cooled hot water returning to the plant or tank by way of the cold water line) can make a lot of sense. There is more than one company employing the ACT Metlund system (and now there is the distinctly separate Chilipepper on-demand recirc system). The keys to these systems are high-speed, efficient pumps, on-demand operation, and thermostatically controlled shut off. The cooled hot water sitting in the pipes is sent back to the tank or plant while “new” hot water arrives at or very near all points of demand.The ACT Metlund system (including systems from Uponor and Taco, two companies that use the same base components) comes in three sizes, meant to be sized for the total system resistance or pressure drop, primarily the length of the runs. The Chilipepper has some significant differences compared to the Metlund systems, with the most significant perhaps being that Chilipepper has just one size of pump.Metlund lists which of their models should be employed for various plants (tank or tankless) and run lengths, but does not include resistance factors such as piping diameter changes, or number and severity of elbows or bends. I asked two plumbing engineers about this, and since they both have installed retrofit Metlund systems with good results, they felt that the piping run length guidance is probably all that is needed. But they did admit that it would be helpful to actually test different distribution layouts to determine the impact of resistance factors other than length.Another plumbing engineer expressed concern with any of the retrofit systems, given this part of the plumbing code:“604.2 System interconnection. At the points of interconnection between the hot and cold water supply piping systems and the individual fixtures, appliances or devices, provisions shall be made to prevent flow between such piping systems.”But he admitted that both the Metlund systems and the Chilipepper system claim code compliance on their websites and appear to be successfully installing their retrofit systems regardless.On the Chilipepper website, they strongly encourage use of a true plumbing professional for any tankless water heating system. Tankless water heating systems are much more complicated than conventional tank systems, and therefore adding an on-demand recirc system requires a stronger, deeper background to achieve a successful installation. Longer waits are the normTraditional tank heaters keep water hot all the time, leading to what are called standby losses but also making hot water available at the turn of a tap. Not so with tankless heaters, which begin heating water only when a faucet is opened and water begins to flow.“Different brands of tankless water heaters perform differently,” writes GBA senior editor Martin Holladay, “but in general you will have to wait a little longer for hot water from a tankless water heater than from a traditional water heater with a tank.”Holladay notes that Metcalfe’s wait for hot water would probably be shorter if he went back to a tank-style heater. “Other ways to decrease your wait include moving the water heaters closer to the bathrooms and kitchen, and decreasing the diameter of the hot water lines,” he says. RELATED ARTICLES last_img read more

Duchene, Columbus beat Bruins 3-2 in 2 OT, Tie Series 1-1 (Vid)

first_imgBOSTON — Sergei Bobrovsky stopped Patrice Bergeron at point-blank range in overtime. He also made an acrobatic save to stop a 90-foot dump-inthat took a bad hop straight toward the net.Whatever the shot, the Blue Jackets goalie was ready.“There’s not many goalies that stop that puck,” said Matt Duchene, who scored at 3:42 of the second overtime to give the Blue Jackets a 3-2 victory over the Boston Bruins early Sunday morning and tie the series at one game apiece.“It should’ve been over right there. Honestly, on a dump-in, which is insane,” Duchene said. “That guy — anything’s possible. He’s something else.”Bobrovsky stopped 29 shots — 10 of them to hold off the Bruins in a frantic first overtime — and Artemi Panarin had two goals and an assist on the game-winner for Columbus, which fell behind twice.Matt Grzelcyk and David Pastrnak scored for Boston, which won the opener 3-2 — also in overtime. Tuukka Rask made 36 saves.“We’re so evenly matched, I find, with the way we both play and there’s not much room out there. There’s no one really taking over the game,” Duchene said. “It’s such a stalemate out there and I’m not surprised it went to overtime back-to-back games.”And now the Blue Jackets are heading back to Columbus, where they have already finished off the No. 1 team in the NHL this season. Games 3 and 4 are Tuesday and Thursday nights.“I hope they have a ball tonight,” Columbus coach John Tortorella said. “And they should, they should feel really good about themselves.”Panarin’s second goal made it 2-2 with 12 minutes left in the second period, and it stayed that way through a scoreless third and a first overtime in which the Bruins killed off one penalty. But when Bergeron was sent off for tripping in the second OT, the Blue Jackets made them pay.Less than a minute later, Duchene kicked the puck onto his stick and slid it through Rask’s legs. As the Columbus players celebrated against the boards, the Bruins filed off the ice and many fans threw the giveaway yellow towels onto the ice.“You work hard to put yourself in a good position. Tie game. It’s on me, obviously,” Bergeron said. “The stick got caught. It’s one of those plays that you make many times and it’s not going to happen, but my stick shouldn’t be there at this point in the game.”The Bruins took the lead about eight minutes into the game with a power-play goal by Grzelcyk . It was still 1-0 at the end of the first, when Brad Marchand was called for cross-checking after the first-period buzzer.Sixty-three seconds into the power play to begin the second period, Panarin tied it on a one-timer from Seth Jones. But less than a minute later, Game 1 hero Charlie Coyle went behind the Columbus net and backhanded it off Pastrnak’s skate into the net.Then things started getting really physical.Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara was off for cross-checking when Columbus forward Josh Anderson, whose interference penalty led to the first Boston goal, was called for a high stick that left a bleeding gash under Sean Kuraly’s left eye.Anderson was given a four-minute minor, but there was still a minute left on Chara’s penalty and during the four-on-four Panarin tied it with a perfectly aimed, top-shelf wrist shot from the right side.“Their best player, Panarin, basically beat us twice on a power play. That shouldn’t happen,” Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy said. “That’s one thing we wanted to take away.”Columbus then killed off the last three minutes of the Boston power play.“It could have gotten away from us there,” Tortorella said. “I just liked our desperation.”NOTES: The Bruins honored Boston Celtics Hall of Famer John Havlicek before the game. Rather than a moment of silence in memory of the Celtics’ career scoring leader, the Bruins played a highlight video and asked fans to stand and applaud. A spotlight shone on his No. 17 on a banner hanging from the TD Garden rafters. Havlicek died Thursday at the age of 79, and news broke during Game 1 of the Bruins series. … Coyle has five goals in nine playoff games with Boston after scoring seven in 44 postseason games (six seasons) with the Minnesota Wild. … Panarin has a point in all six playoff games this year, a franchise record that surpasses the five straight by Boone Jenner in 2014. … Bruins forward David Krejci, a game-time decision, took regular shifts. … It was the seventh straight day there was an overtime game in the NHL playoffs.UP NEXTGame 3 is Tuesday night in Columbus.By: Jimmy Golen, AP Sports WriterTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Learning a lot from Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly, will use it during 2019 ICC World Cup: Shikhar Dhawan

first_imgIndia opener Shikhar Dhawan has said he is learning a lot from legends like Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly and would appropriately use that knowledge during the 50-over World Cup, starting May 30 in UK.Dhawan is currently playing in IPL for Delhi Capitals, coached by former Australia skipper Ponting while former India captain Ganguly is associated with the franchise as advisor.”Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly…I am very fortunate that I am working with them now. They both have been great leaders. It is very good to be close to them because I can get their insight, know what was their mindset, what was their approach when they used to play or captain their side,” explained Dhawan, who has scored 5,355 runs in 128 ODIs.”I am already learning so many things from them (and) it is helping me. I am grateful (for) that. I am sure those things are helping me in the IPL and I am going to take it to the World Cup,” he added.Dhawan, meanwhile, also heaped praises on his Delhi Capitals teammate Prithvi Shaw, saying he is the next big thing in Indian cricket.”So Prithvi, I would say it is a very big achievement to play for India at the age of 19, especially India is a dominating country for batsmen (and there are) lots of batsmen, so someone coming in at 19 is a big achievement and he has done very well for Indian team.”He is a very talented boy and I am sure he is going to do wonders for our country,” the dashing left-handed batsman said after being roped in as the brand ambassador of lubricants firm — GS Caltex India — at a function here on Wednesday night.advertisementShaw had shone on his Test debut against the West Indies at Rajkot last year.Also Read | No debate surrounding No.4 spot in World Cup squad, says Shikhar Dhawanlast_img read more

9 months agoEx-Man Utd No2 Rui Faria takes Qatari job

first_imgEx-Man Utd No2 Rui Faria takes Qatari jobby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Manchester United assistant coach Rui Faria is taking a job in Qatar.The Sun says the 43-year-old, Jose Mourinho’s long-time assistant, left Manchester United last season to spend time with family and start a career as a No1.And the Special One’s right-hand man has flown out to the Middle East where he will put the finishing touches on a deal for his first big job.He looks set to join Qatari champions Al Duhail Sports Club, who have been looking for a manager after axing Tunisia World Cup coach Nabil Maaloul.Maaloul had his deal terminated by mutual consent and the club have been looking for a replacement. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

a month agoSouthampton defender Wesley Hoedt: I regret leaving Lazio

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Southampton defender Wesley Hoedt: I regret leaving Lazioby Carlos Volcanoa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveSouthampton defender Wesley Hoedt regrets leaving Lazio.He is currently on loan at Belgian side Antwerp.Hoedt said, “I made a mistake [leaving Lazio]. I had a five-year contract with them. After two years, they offered to extend it for another five, with better conditions.“Italian football culture is very professional, but everyone wants to play in the best League in the world, the Premier League, and the Southampton offered me a contract that I couldn’t refuse.“Unfortunately, the club had two bad seasons and things didn’t go as I thought they would.” last_img read more

7 days agoRatcliffe: How I can sign Barcelona star Messi for Nice

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Ratcliffe: How I can sign Barcelona star Messi for Niceby Carlos Volcano7 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveEnglish billionaire Jim Ratcliffe says he wants to sign Lionel Messi for Nice.With tongue in cheek, Ratcliffe says it would be a dream come true to sign the Barcelona star – no matter his age.He told L’Equipe: “The player I would like to see in Nice? For me, the best player in the world is Lionel Messi. “If I can buy him? Maybe when he turns 45, but he will continue to score! “Bobby Charlton retired at age 47. Oh no, it was Stanley Matthews … He always said that his biggest regret was to have stopped too early!” last_img read more

North Carolina Basketball: Photos: This Charlotte-Based Cake Designer Makes Amazing UNC Basketball Cakes

first_imggrooms Cake of North Carolina's basketball court.IG/forgoodnesscakescharlotteSkilled pastry chefs and cake designers can make some amazing things out of their desserts, and Charlotte-based For Goodness Cakes definitely knows its audience. The business’ Instagram account has posted a number of amazing-looking cakes, including a number that are North Carolina Tar Heel themed. The always popular #heelshouse cake. #atleastinmyhouse #goheels #groomscakes #charlottecakes Inside: delectable peanut butter cake with milk chocolate ganache filling.A photo posted by For Goodness Cakes (@forgoodnesscakescharlotte) on Jun 5, 2015 at 9:21pm PDT  Here strictly for work. #heelshouse #deandome #carolinacakes #lovethisplaceA photo posted by For Goodness Cakes (@forgoodnesscakescharlotte) on Jan 24, 2015 at 11:33am PST  Not a wedding cake, but could be. Photo credit: @dreaphotoartist #carolinacake #tarheelwedding #nycskyline #uncchapelhill #goheelsA photo posted by For Goodness Cakes (@forgoodnesscakescharlotte) on Jan 24, 2015 at 7:54pm PST Don’t worry Duke fans, they’ll make you, and fans of other schools, cakes as well. Like I’ve always said, I’m an equal opportunity provider. Design piped by hand and by eye with buttercream! #dookcakeA photo posted by For Goodness Cakes (@forgoodnesscakescharlotte) on May 8, 2015 at 2:08pm PDT  Collage cake for a very lucky birthday girl. Sadly had to crop off the beloved sea turtle topper, but this one deserved a 360! #bruciesbirthdaybash #milestonebirthdaycake #collagecake #handpaintedandcreatedA video posted by For Goodness Cakes (@forgoodnesscakescharlotte) on Apr 11, 2015 at 7:09pm PDT  Who knew owning a cake business would be Sports Teams 101? #whodey #footballcake #charlottegroomscakesA photo posted by For Goodness Cakes (@forgoodnesscakescharlotte) on Jun 20, 2014 at 1:48pm PDT  “Chef’s choice” cakes start at $75: you choose 2 colors, flavors and theme and I come up with design, no fondant, all buttercream. #ugacake #graduationcakeA photo posted by For Goodness Cakes (@forgoodnesscakescharlotte) on May 23, 2014 at 5:26pm PDT If we were Tar Heel fans, we know where we’d go for our Dean Dome confectionery recreations.last_img read more