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Nile Rodgers Reveals He’s Cancer Free, Details Personal Triumphs & Losses In New Video

first_imgIn 2010, legendary producer and CHIC musician Nile Rodgers began a cancer battle following the discovery of a “mysterious growth on [his] right kidney.” In the time since the diagnosis, Rodgers has been living life to the fullest, finding widespread pop success with his collaborations with Daft Punk on 2013’s Random Access Memories in addition to his ever-fruitful career touring and in production. Happily, the iconic musician recently declared “100 percent recovery” following a recent surgery, noting to fans, “You can start dancing, singing and cheering now!”The Hitmaker: An Interview With Legendary Producer Nile RodgersIn an intimate and extended video blog post, Rodgers detailed to fans his journey since his 2010 cancer diagnosis. While the post has an undeniable optimistic tone, the guitarist explains the emotional gravity of and the personal loss during the last two years. As a former producer of other icons like David Bowie, Madonna, and more, he elaborated, “One of my greatest artists, David Bowie, died at the top of 2016; a few months later, Prince passed away; and then George Michael died Christmas Day, 48 hours after I’d just worked on his film and worked on his last record.” He continues, “My friend, musician extraordinaire Chris Cornell, would die this past spring. My young first cousin dropped dead of a coronary with no prior warning … and my mother is currently suffering from Stage-VI Alzheimer’s.”Listen To George Michael’s Reworked “Fantasy” With Nile RodgersWith so much loss immediately present in his life, this cancer-free diagnosis is an optimistic cap on the last few years. While the recent surgery forced Rodgers to postpone his touring plans for 2017, the guitarist obviously has his eyes set on the future, offering that “what will happen next year is beyond any of my wildest dreams.” He ends his post on a jubilant note, stating, “After the last seven years of amazing life, I would have never believed that my body would be invaded by another cancer. … CANCER REALLY? I’m done. 2018 here I come!”You can watch Nile Rodgers’ full video post below, and we’ll see you on the road, Nile! [H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Blood test for silent phase of prion disease reported

first_img After multiple repetitions of the process, any disease-causing abnormal prion protein in the blood sample will convert normal protein to the misfolded protein. Abnormal prion protein can then be detected by existing tests, such as a Western blot. The authors state that their procedure will detect 20 to 50 molecules of hamster prion protein, an amount that seems to correspond to a single unit of infectious prion protein. Aug 29, 2005, CIDRAP News story “Blood test for prion diseases reported” No abnormal prion protein was detectable before 20 days after infection. Abnormal prion protein was detectable during most of the presymptomatic phase, rising to a peak in animals tested at 40 days post-infection. Such a rise probably coincided with exponential replication of abnormal prion protein in lymphoid organs, according to the authors. See also: Jul 11, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – A blood test detected prions in animals during the asymptomatic phase of infection with scrapie, a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE), according to a study in the Jul 7 issue of Science. Saa P, Castilla J, Soto C. Presymptomatic detection of prions in blood. Science 2006 Jul 7;313(5783):92-4 [Abstract] In the study, 46 animals were inoculated with brain tissue from scrapie-infected sheep, and 38 control animals were injected with phosphate-buffered saline. Throughout the incubation and onset of clinical disease, infected animals and controls were killed and their blood tested for abnormal PRP. All tests were performed in triplicate. The authors write, “Although technologically more challenging, the PMCA technology has been adapted to amplify prions of human origin. The ability to accurately detect misfolded prion proteins in the pre-symptomatic stages of vCJD would potentially help to reduce the risk that many more people will be infected by this fatal and terrible disease.” Detection of abnormal prion protein during the early phase, therefore, was likely from replication in peripheral tissues, whereas abnormal prion protein from the symptomatic phase was more likely due to leakage from the brain. The authors say this is believed to be the pattern observed in many prion diseases. PMCA uses blood samples from scrapie-infected hamsters and control animals for the test. To start the test, researchers mix the “buffy coat” of white blood cells from infected animals with homogenized samples of hamster brain containing normal prion protein. The mixtures incubate at 37ºC, then are briefly subjected to sound waves and reincubated. The presence of abnormal prion proteins catalyzes conversion of normal prion protein to the abnormal, misfolded form. Sonication breaks up clumps of abnormal prion protein and facilitates conversion of more normal prion protein to the abnormal state. Abnormal prion protein disappeared from the blood by day 80, but it reappeared at the time of clinical disease onset at about day 110. The researchers suggest that the disappearance of abnormal prion protein coincided with a plateau in peripheral tissues and migration to the brain. Three human cases of vCJD linked to blood transfusions have been reported thus far, and a study in the British Medical Bulletin has demonstrated transmission via blood in experimental sheep-to-sheep transmission of scrapie, the article notes. The authors say the test offers the possibility of detecting other prion diseases, such as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) in humans. By detecting prions during the silent phase—just weeks after infection—the test could help identify infected blood and prevent disease transmission from those who are years from showing clinical signs of disease, the authors write. Development of a human test, however, awaits further refinement of the procedure, according to others. In a BBC News story, an unidentified spokesperson for the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency pointed out one barrier to applying the test in humans, saying, “A brain extract from healthy hamsters was used to undertake the test. Until a substitute is found for human brain extract, we cannot have a diagnostic test that can be applied to human blood.” Claudio Soto of the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston and colleagues from UTMB and Madrid, Spain, used a “protein misfolding cyclic amplification” (PMCA) assay to detect abnormal prion protein in asymptomatic, scrapie-infected hamsters. They previously reported successful use of the test in hamsters with clinical signs of scrapie.last_img read more

Boris Žgomba, Uniline: Slavonia has the opportunity to become an attractive year-round destination

first_imgGiven its natural beauty, historical and cultural sights and eno-gastronomic specialties, it is time for Slavonia to start using tourist potentials more intensively and eventually grow into a year-round and attractive tourist destination. We have positive examples nearby, from Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, and as for the tourist potential for year-round tourism in Slavonia, it is not questionable at all, the first question is whether we want, and then set it as a goal.And the time is right now, that’s why it was launched The initiative to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in 2018 in Slavonia. An initiative that has raised and launched the entire tourism profession and has already succeeded in one of its most important missions – the media focus on the development of tourism in Slavonia and the continent, awakening tourism workers in Slavonia, encouraging tourist arrivals in Slavonia, and animating travel agencies to start selling tourist packages to Slavonia.In the meantime, various arrivals were made, both by private individuals and business entities that organized their team building programs in Slavonia instead of the sea. For this reason, the Management of Uniline, the leading Croatian tour operator, has decided to visit Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem counties and consider the possibility of developing multi-day destination and daily excursion programs. “We chose Slavonia as the destination for our team building in order to give it business and social support considering our know-how and the sales channels we have at our disposal.” said Boris Žgomba, President of the Board of Uniline, Vice President of the European Association and National Associations of Political Agencies and Tour Operators, President of the Association of Travel Agencies at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and a longtime member of the Croatian National Tourist Board.Thus, Uniline’s top management from Wednesday 11.10.2017. to Saturday 14.10.2017. to visit the wider area of ​​Beli Manastir, Vukovar and Osijek and talk to the representatives of these two counties and individual cities and the offices of the tourist boards of the mentioned counties and cities. By the way, Uniline, which also has the Europcar franchise in its portfolio, a rent a car operation with more than 1.200 vehicles in its fleet, is a leading Croatian tour operator that annually provides travel services to over 350 guests in Croatia and the region of Southeast Europe. .Uniline as a One stop travel companyBy entering into the management of sales processes and the entire hotel business (hotel management), the company is transformed into a complete business tourism group, that is, one stop travel company.With headquarters in Pula, a business center in Zagreb, branches throughout Croatia and offices in Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, offices in China (Shanghai) and South Korea (Seoul) and offices in Japan and Thailand, the company has become a recognizable player in international scale. In recent years, a significant focus has been placed on the markets of the United States, Canada and Australia.Related news:GREAT NEWS FOR CROATIAN TOURISM! UNILINE OPENS OFFICE IN SEOOLUNILINE WANTS TO BECOME “ONE STOP SPORT TRAVEL COMPANY” ROBERT SEDLAR, UNILINE: GREAT SUPPORT FOR THE INITIATIVE STARTED BY UNILINE BECAUSE SLAVONIA HAS A LOT TO OFFER AND SHOWlast_img read more