Month: November 2017

Shanghai dragon Er is directly proportional to the flow and how to optimize the click price income n

, a Shanghai love alliance and Google alliance income simple comparison

of Google alliance, I personally experienced, Chinese website price and love Shanghai almost, can refer to love Shanghai income. The author of several Chinese website also put Google and love Shanghai advertising, regardless of price and click rate are the same.

month income and clicks, CTR (thanks to YYY webmaster friends to provide Google alliance revenue picture)

first love Shanghai alliance and the Google alliance income photograph: read more

ndustry website members of the core or advertising as the core of the scheme

web page layout can be some advertising, these ads we don’t need to push. Just go with the flow, there needs to sell. We have a member of VIP, enterprise information supply agency, with all the home page to display, for VIP membership promotion. According to the ranking member update time, can do to give it a regularly updated, or you can make it by the way of information update. Of course this sort weights can also join the membership, such as VIP for second years, then display in front of more. read more