Month: September 2017

How to break the new love Shanghai period and sandbox period

new study period phenomenon: new online love Shanghai for a long time do not allow included. Probably more than 2 weeks time.

business experience: new sites through now is not very important, do a good job in accordance with the above three steps, can love rape of Shanghai in 1-24 hours for an arbitrary period of time.

3, every day to update the link, the best way is soft Wen was reproduced. Then is to find related sites and you exchange friendship, not progressing, many will continue to extend the sandbox period. read more

Love Shanghai against selling links quality content is the essence of Shanghai Dragon

purchase link is a kind of cheating, why this algorithm also master a lot of links for punishment? Love Shanghai will remind you to do in advance corresponding improvement in algorithm improvement, this is clearly tells us: "we would like to believe that most of the webmaster friends are in unknown circumstances of such operation. So want to have a similar intentional interference search results behavior of the station as soon as possible to be modified, if our site is selling links behavior, should be promptly removed, so as not to be punished. We found love Shanghai once the launch announcement, the implementation of the algorithm to date will not be far away, webmaster should make adjustments and prepare the site. read more

Novice to do need to pay attention to five issues of Shanghai Dragon

novice in Shanghai Longfeng often there will be a lot of uncertainty. The most common is often transform keywords modify the title, it is easy to make weight loss website even be right down. So we must do a good job in the site before the keyword analysis, to determine a good website title, do not frequent changes, occasionally modify problem. There is a situation of frequent changes to the template. Of course, the template can be modified, but not frequently do large-scale changes, small changes have little effect on the website. read more

Zhongguancun business report the entrepreneurial activity over 10 years ago boomNew three board priv

even worse market will be born champion. High income products, is ranked first in the capital’s red red Rong Rong capital CAITONG 2, fourth quarter earnings rate of 234.45%, the annual rate of return of 92.98%. Data show that the product was established in 2015 November, the average performance, in 2016 last month, suddenly soared more than 100%, and the new third market fluctuations; new Rong Sheng capital’s 2 products "Ding brother fund three new board No. 18 on" and "Ding Ming Wan on brother the new board No. 12 respectively won the runner up and second runner up, the annual earnings were 59% and 48.86%. read more

Keywords ranking day three Shanghai dragon to remain stable

increased the weight of the site itself

website weight from web poll from the user click stream, from the search engine for website evaluation, so divided into three.

1, to love Shanghai to adjust the direction of

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently, Shanghai has been in love adjustment algorithm, penalty low quality sites 6.22 and 6.28 is a big move, love Shanghai LEE club owners also talked about love in Shanghai in the near future to change the algorithm to provide better search results for the user experience. We recently in the Shanghai dragon, also found that the site keywords ranking a day three of the morning, sometimes ranked first on the afternoon of eighth, some even on page second, in the evening when some will return to the morning rankings, or have a certain improvement in the site keywords ranking is not stable, and exchange a lot of friends to discuss this issue, today is the result of communication and combined with some ideas of their own, to talk about how to ensure the stability of the rankings in Shanghai will continue to update algorithm environment. read more

Keywords analysis of another weapon love Shanghai index


We have said that Google I love the

C mainly has 2 blocks, one for most of the above trend, "

In fact,

in general A part can be subdivided into 3 pieces, by keyword comparison, through regional comparison, by contrast, were carried out to compare the generated in figure B trend chart, from which we can directly see the keywords, different parts of the same keywords, the trend of the time, only than Google keywords contrast trend further, we can make a more thorough understanding of the industry in the development and the trend of different regions in different time. read more

On the long tail keywords and keywords of Shanghai dragon core how useful

When the word length is 5

and length of four and five, a word about, we can see the poor flow almost half of the way, this is we need to pay attention to.

before we talk about the long tail keywords and key words, we must first understand that Shanghai dragon is used to do what, the answer is very simple: in order to solve the user encountered during the search problem. While we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, often have the following several kinds of forms:

through data background analysis, we analyze the following conclusions, read more

How to update the website optimization

is a few years ago, do not update the article does not send the chain do website ranking will fall, but now is 2016, the search engine algorithm has been gradually intelligent, love Shanghai search engine recently launched Baidu Spider3.0, will mean a new algorithm to change the current and future site update frequency what is it in favor of Dongguan

Summary: Many novice About

Shanghai dragon will have this question: how the update frequency is conducive to the website optimization? No matter what kind of small and medium-sized enterprise website, there is always the time write enough, but the article is not updated, the website ranking will be read more

Love Shanghai algorithm constantly change three master station to

, take time for

was K, after a period of waiting, then have to look at the site of the recovery, if still not what changes, the site index are not what great progress, then surely the love sea k you stand with you "joke", is with you really, all this time we should reflect on their own once did, to see whether they have done it sorry thing, and then according to their own mistakes to improve, so let yourself love Shanghai. This practice is.

two, stick to their Shanghai dragon optimization plan read more

The problem of website optimization Shanghai dragon Er have to consider

2. website. The weight of the website is a critical issue for the optimization of each site for. The site of high quality and high weight, flow naturally Everfount >

1. website snapshot not update. As the optimization of a website is to own website snapshot daily rapid updates, and ranked in the home page first love Shanghai. But the desire often is good, the reality is always not so satisfying. We often encounter website snapshot has not updated problem. How to do? If a snapshot of the site long time not updated, then the result can only be more and more low weight site, traffic is also decreasing. So how to achieve the website snapshot or even on the same day to be included? Website snapshot after all is Baidu spider can normally come to our website and grab fresh of useful information. As I love Shanghai spiders don’t grab our web content, only then that our website content is the content of no value or long time no update website. To know the love of spiders in Shanghai on a website is to grasp good content, but also daily are different, or you want to update today once and for all, the content of the website is long time no, so the natural outcome is the website snapshot update has to keep up with the. Then as long as our website optimization, every time the update website content. Go out to publish original fresh information website. It will naturally achieve overnight website snapshot update. read more