Month: May 2017

How to find a shop for men’s clothing store treasure

as men are more emphasis on the dress, the investment in the men’s shop began to start more and more entrepreneurs. Since it is necessary to open men’s stores, then take this site is very important step. So how to find a shop for men’s clothing store treasure? I believe entrepreneurs can find skills from the following.

According to the characteristics of mens

Mens is the franchise stores for personalized investment, location, investigation and research, such as the preparatory work in the practice of TCM "pulse", "pulse" transfer through the collection of information, the investment case analysis, change men’s intuitive judgment franchise investment for scientific decision, and take the right strategy, has strong ability to rent clothing stores. Men’s clothing stores "pulse" a lot of information, investors in the "pulse", from the following aspects, collection, analysis, induction, reasoning, and judgment. read more

He received millions of mining campus tourism opportunities

part of the college students are busy looking for work, but there are also many graduates hope to be able to graduate travel, and then re-enter the community. Now college students are very excited about tourism. Do campus travel agency project, is also a very good way.

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ce queen selection of high nutritional value

did you think it was only in the heat of the summer to eat the best and most delicious ice cream? Indeed, the queen of the ice and snow in the brand has not launched the market, it is difficult to eat delicious ice cream. How about the ice queen? Exclusive innovative process formula, the exclusive creative ice cream creative personality, very well recognized by the market. The queen of ice and snow color is gorgeous, elegant and delicate, the market is booming. Join venture to choose it, get rich worry free! read more

Xinyu set up the first Youth nnovation Business ncubator

as a business incubator, this model was introduced to China, a variety of business incubators have been established, the public space around the establishment of technology and experience is also more and more mature. Xinyu in the recently established the first youth incubator to help young entrepreneurs.

in response to "peoples entrepreneurship   mass innovation" appeal, recently, the city’s first innovation incubator by the Xinyu Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League led to build the fulcrum of innovation and entrepreneurship incubators officially launched. read more

How to achieve the integrity of retail business operators

every special holiday, are the major shops business hot time, but also the owner of a big time. In short, during the Spring Festival period, the consumer market will usher in an unusually hot sales boom. In the eyes of the retail merchant, prime time is not only an excellent opportunity to do cigarette sales, but also increase the critical period of economic benefits. For retail businesses, a rare opportunity to make money should not be missed, but more important than making money is the ability to adhere to the integrity of the business philosophy. read more

See how to start a small business after 80

in the eyes of many people, after 80 90 seems to be better, think 80 will just silly work or engage in some It is sheer fiction. things, these are actually Overgeneralization that 80 many aspiring young people, many of them have their own business and achieved success, today the guy after 80 is a representative of the the.

80 after the unknown entrepreneurial story and real life

when the eyes of ordinary people "80" also represents the impetuous and naive, sing and dance "super girl" or "fast men", this word has quietly with wealth, dream soon, whether it is the children of farmers start empty-handed, or the successor of "two rich generation", they create a new wealth group — "80". How do they create the myth, how to realize the dream, today we look at the Shenzhen Jiuzhou commercial telecommunications founder, a 86 year born guy Peng Qi, see if he has the kind of unknown story and real life. read more

Outstanding entrepreneurs who have the super ability

for many early into the road of business entrepreneurs, they are eager to seek how the secret of success, and senior business experts will tell them, in fact, the secret of success in every entrepreneur’s body. Below, we look at the outstanding entrepreneurs who have super powers, perhaps in your body.

and their ability to get on the Learn  to  be  happy  alone

alone is a kind of ability.


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Let the chain industry to achieve your dream of wealth


chain is a strategy that many big companies want to make the brand chain through a greater share of the market, which appeared in the successful cases such as Hot pot shops and supermarkets, and how to let investors to get rich on the road to see the choice of investors!

list of reasons: to change the traditional service industry chain model, can reduce the cost of learning, brand promotion, first mover advantage with the "China consumption" concept has been pursued in the foreign capital market, the traditional brand chain innovation in the service industry has been attracting the attention of the investment community. Merrill Lynch Investment Banker RobertJohn has said that the simple concept of China has been unable to impress the United States investors, consumers will be more favored by the concept of the enterprise. read more