Month: March 2017

The delegation of Qinghai held a plenary meeting yesterday

March 3rd afternoon, attended the twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the Qinghai delegation held a plenary meeting of the two.

conference hosted by Luo Huining. Luo Huining was elected as the twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the Qinghai meeting of the delegation of the head of the delegation, Hao Peng, deputy head of the army, as deputy director of the.

, my delegation considered "the Twelfth National People’s Congress of the second meeting of the Presidium and secretary general list (Draft)", "the twelfth session of the second National People’s Congress agenda (Draft)", and agreed to go to the twelve National People’s Congress of the two session of the preparatory meeting. read more

Xining police busted two robbery Gang cracked robbery cases from 8

  recently, Xining City Public Security Bureau North Branch destroyed two gang robbery, arrested 7 suspects, cracked robbery cases from the beginning of the recovery of the stolen mobile phone, the 4.

15:13 on January 1st, Xining Tongren Road in a residential robbery occurred, the victim Chen was 4 young men forced to pull a van in the beating, robbed of cash to carry 400 yuan, mobile phone 1, and forced its has removed 15000 yuan in ATM and returned by bank card. After the incident, the Bureau of Interpol brigade to carry out the investigation Mopai work. January 10th, in Xining will be suspected of robbery suspects Liu and other 4 people arrested. After the trial, 4 suspects confessed since November of last year, the gang in Xining area robbery crime 5 cases, involving a total value of more than 5 yuan to the crime. read more

Xining Armed Police Command College 240 thousand yuan special membership dues to support disaster

Qinghai news network 5000 yuan, $2000……" On the morning of May 27th, "to the Sichuan earthquake" special membership "ceremony, Xining Armed Police Command College 312 party members and soldiers lined up, will be a" special membership package "envelope into the box.

Since the Sichuan earthquake

, college officers always pay attention to the situation of disaster, to help the people tide over the difficulties, reconstruction of family circle, officers and men to carry forward the fine tradition of "a difficult one, help comes from all quarters", best, generous, to donations, reflects the affection of blood is thicker than water. Received "on the part of Party members to pay special membership dues for notice" to support the earthquake relief work after school quickly to all Party propaganda, called on Party members expressed support for the disaster area wish by Party organizations. The party officers have a positive response, leading cadres take the lead to pay special membership dues, the majority of Party members and cadres to participate, some for the party members and party activists have the dedication of love, just a few minutes, then pay special membership dues 240 thousand yuan. The majority of Party members agreed to pay "special membership of the party" is a lively spirit of education, as a member of the Communist Party, at the crucial moment the country faces major disaster, the disaster area in urgent need of reconstruction, should play an exemplary role, with practical action to support the earthquake relief work. (author: Ding Zhengjun) read more

Xining to carry out financial supervision and inspection of small financial livelihood how much hear

Although Xining’s economic development over the years, but as a "small treasury" hold up "people’s livelihood" of the city, each spend a sum of money to the bottom, several. April 2nd, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal finance department, with immediate effect, the city of Xining will be carried out in the city’s financial supervision and inspection work, a comprehensive inventory of the various units of money.It is reported that

The new feeling of migrant workers on the first day of Spring Festival

Home, is a strong call in the hearts of everyone, the thick nostalgia, only to go home to dispel. So, year after year, people are not afraid of difficulties, carrying large bags, into the crowded spring tide. Xining evening news reporter, accompanied by the pace of return of migrant workers, and they set foot on the train sent to Chengdu, K1060, the first day of the Spring Festival, listening to the new expectations of migrant workers brothers.

feel a new: not so difficult to buy tickets

[live witness]: this year’s ticket is too good to buy, to go in January 26th, the first day to the ticket window to buy a ticket, there is no queue to buy a ticket!" In Xining to Chengdu K1060 passenger train on the Chengdu migrant workers Wang Jun happily told reporters that he has spent ten years working in Xining, ten years ago, it is difficult to buy a train ticket, especially buy a train ticket to a more difficult, but after ten years, again not for a return ticket to worry about. Although they use the most primitive way – in the ticket window to buy tickets, but in the new year, we must learn to buy tickets online, it will certainly be more convenient and faster! read more

Xining clean government tactics to prevent only not in command of the expedition

Since this year, Xining City, combined with the actual play combination punches, with clear responsibility and accountability, the responsibility will be responsible, accountable accountable, layers of conductive pressure, promote clean government implement the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities. As of August 27th, Xining has been the main responsibility for the implementation of the Party committee is not in place of the 6 people should be held accountable, play a role in the incentive and guidance system.

due to individual departments party leaders did not fulfill the main responsibility for honest government, focusing on verbal communication or in the form of a document to implement the main responsibility consciousness is not strong, fuzzy, not personally intervene personally checks, personally review on important links and key areas prone to corruption, anti-corruption risk prevention consciousness is not strong, the existence of "only now, do not set off" phenomenon. read more

Provincial Center Group held a seminar Luo Huining presided over and delivered an important speech

from May 26th to 27, the provincial Party committee held a learning center Luo Huining presided over and delivered an important speech to learn to implement the general secretary of the series of important speech spirit continues to lead

5 month 26 to 27, the provincial Party committee held a meeting of the central group, organized learning system, Xi Jinping, general secretary series important speech reader (2016 edition). Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining presided over and made an important speech, stressed the need to continue to play a high degree of political responsibility and history, the study and implementation of the general secretary of the series of important speech continued to deepen the spirit of the speech. read more

Qinghai to strengthen the first photo after the reform of the funeral after the supervision of multi

following the implementation of the first photo card after the reform, to maximize the release of the wide into the bonus, recently, the province’s commercial system reform and then a new lift, will strengthen the matter in the post regulation referred to a new height.

I, "on the first photo card after the reform to strengthen supervision afterwards things in the implementation of opinions", combined with the actual, from adhere to the administration, combined with the discharge pipe, clarify the responsibilities of departments, strengthen supervision and promote cooperative sector regulation, the implementation of joint discipline, promote social governance, put forward the specific comments, clear guiding ideology, basic principles and objectives and tasks. read more

Xining City the basic pension for retirees rose for many years

28, learned from the city social security, work is being carried out to increase the basic pension for enterprise retirees, February 2nd, enterprise retirees get pensions for January.

in accordance with the requirements of the provincial and municipal governments and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance, the spirit of the city from January 1, 2010 onwards, the basic pension for enterprise retirees increased. The city’s adjustment of the basic pension treatment of enterprise retirees is the three year of the implementation of the new policy of the transfer of the past third years, and before the Spring Festival, time is tight, the task is heavy, the situation is complicated. It is understood that the city’s pension adjustment involves a total of 105 thousand enterprise retirees, accounting for about the total number of retirees in the province’s total of 60%. The City County Social Security Bureau attaches great importance to this work, the adjustment of pensions to work as a political task, to elaborate organization, careful arrangements, make adjustments to the work programme from people formed a working group to convene a special meeting of pension for enterprise retirees increased in all aspects of the work information issued for the specific deployment and implementation, go all out do the adjustment of pensions work. read more

Public memo 48 trains in the spring to adjust the suspension ticket

recently, the reporter learned from the railway sector, due to the need to adjust in the spring of 2015, since January 17th, from the beginning of the year, the Xining Railway Station to suspend the sale since the year of March 17th, from, a total of 48 trips through the passenger train ticket. The railway department staff said that the recovery of train ticket sale time yet to be determined, the specific release time in Xining Railway Station railway department received the relevant notice, the first time through a variety of channels to inform the passengers. read more