SMC honors Earth Hour

first_imgFor one hour, the entire earth will be dark. Tomorrow, the Sisters of the Holy Cross will participate in Earth Hour with millions of people worldwide by turning off their lights. From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., the Sisters encourage members of the Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame communities to turn off their lights and other electrical devices in an effort to promote ecological sustainability. Sr. Veronique Wiedower, vice president of the Division for Mission, said Earth Hour has an important humanitarian element tied into its focus on sustainability. “The idea is that we are a global village, and the same is going to be true about water as with oil in that there are not endless amounts,” she said. “We need to know what it means to be responsible for those resources, or responsible in our use of those resources.” The Sisters’ participation in Earth Hour stems from their mission of standing in solidarity with the less fortunate of the world, Wiedower said. She said one community can have a significant impact when united with other communities across the globe. “It is important to be in solidarity with poor who do not have access to these resources everyday,” Wiedower said. By shutting off lights this Saturday, the Sisters hope the conservation of resources will spark further efforts to share with those who need them desperately, she said. “During this time of Lent, when we give up, we give an opportunity to give someone access to resources,” she said. “What each person can do is important.” Sr. Wiedower encourages participation in any form. “If you can’t shut off everything, do a little bit. Each person makes a difference,” she said. “You never know what the tipping point might be, and you might be that last person needed.”last_img