#DayOne INTRODUCING LECTURERS: Berislav Sokač RUN Croatia – Croatia as a racing destination

first_imgIn the last 6 months, the auditing company Kulić & Sperk, Bonk restaurant on Zagreb’s Britanski trg, has joined the Run Friendly platform, and the declared best pizzeria in Croatia, Franko’s Pizza & Bar, has joined the platform. Split hotel Dioklecijan Palace will join the already existing certified hotels, LifeClass Sveti Martin na Muri, Malin, Vitality Punta LHV. Run Friendly employers Neos, Undabot, Business Intelligence and Bagatin polyclinic, which is also Run Friendly polyclinic and Run Friendly distillery Duh in Boca. This year we will get a dozen more new partners on our platform. Do you also have the first domestic line of food supplements that strengthens domestic honey producers? When you look from the beginning until today, you have achieved a lot, you have given extra momentum and started a running style as a lifestyle in Croatia. When you look back at how you look at the current situation where you are and what you have achieved? In the end, how do you look at this conference and what do you expect? What is the plan for the future, how will you continue this “marathon”? He will speak on the topic of Croatia as a racing destination at the conference Berislav Sokač which is an opportunity to talk and get acquainted with the RUN Croatia platform. When I look back on the last 4 years we have achieved a tremendous amount. Zagreb Advent Run race was the third largest Advent race in Europe last year, Run Friendly platform attracts exceptional quality partners and products, we are the platform with the most races in Croatia throughout the year, we are a leader in innovation in promoting active and quality living. We are the first to start exporting the lifestyle of running outside the borders of Croatia through the French model. One is Run Friendly World and we are proud of that brand that will be a platform in the future for 500 million people. Can Croatia become a top running destination in Europe and how? We go further step by step. If we take a marathon that is 42 kilometers, we are now at the fourteenth kilometer. We have just entered the working temperature of expanding and hiring new people. There are still a lot of challenges ahead of us, but with the marathon mindset that adorns my team, rest assured that we will reach the goal we set for ourselves. Run Croatia has also chosen the Concorda travel agency as its partner in support of organizing tourist and team building arrangements for 15 races this year. Concorda is adorned with a young professional team full of innovation and passion for creating an unforgettable active experience. This makes Concord an ideal partner to support our races and even stronger promotion of the destinations we work with. Our first race in which we cooperate is the Lun Novalja 2.5.2020 half marathon. As far as races are concerned, we are especially proud that this year, in addition to our standard existing races, we have three new ones: 25.4. Crikvenica Health Run, 30.5. Lidl Royal race of the city of Knin, Lidl 2. Varaždin trail 12.9 and 26.9. Funghi trail Lonjsko polje in the Lonjsko polje Nature Park. The following remain in the calendar: 2.5. Lun Novalja Half Marathon, 16.5. Lidl Cross Hill Run in Križ, 30.5. Lidl Royal race of the city of Knin, Lidl Mountainmadness Ravna Gora 6.6., Lidl Glow Run Split 13.6., Lidl Run Brač 22.6., Lidl Nerezine Glow Run 1.8., Lidl 2. Varaždin Trail, Lidl Malinska Run 19.9., 3.10. Lidl Sveti Martin na Muri MountainMaddness 17.10. Runfest as part of the Sportfest event in Poreč and 13.12. Zagreb Advent Run.center_img In partnership with the company Hedera from Split, we launched the first domestic line of dietary supplements for Bee Run athletes. The special feature of Bee Run preparations is that they give all athletes completely natural strength and endurance. This means that you will be able to consume it every day, without fear of negative side effects, with an extremely strong and positive health and fitness effect. Bee Run food supplements are made from bee substances: propolis, burdock pollen, royal jelly, with the addition of plant and mineral substances and vitamins. In this way, we want to bring a quality Croatian product closer to the active community and, by consuming it, strengthen the beekeeping cluster in order to start exporting. I consider participation in the conference extremely important because I primarily consider the invitation to the conference as a confirmation of the quality work of my team and me personally. With my lecture, I want to point out the size of the market, which Croatia has not yet addressed in a quality way. The healthy active community in the world does not know which pearl is hidden in the heart of Europe, and Croatia does not know at the moment what benefits it can get if it addresses that community. However, Croatia has Goran Rihelj, who is fighting on a daily basis to change that, that Croatia deserves better quality tourism. See you at the conference! So the goal or plan is for Run Croatia to be the undisputed number 1 brand in Croatia for the quality of life, for Run Friendly World to be a platform for a globally active community and for it to be known that it started from Croatia. The list of races is as long as the tourist and team building arrangements. Also, Protime, with the help of the Run Croatia team, will work on the popularization of Slovenian races among Croatian runners, and will also advertise Run Croatia races among Slovenian runners in over 150 races in Slovenia where it measures time. With this partnership, Protime and Run Croatia open and connect two markets that have not yet had the establishment of official communication to promote races and destinations. Just over 200.000 people in Slovenia are actively running, which will mean an increased number of Slovenian runners in Run Croatia races.  Another area of ​​cooperation is that we have sold the distribution Glook.me applications with a Slovenian partner so that the motivating application for movement will now have a richer offer for runners in both markets. In Croatia, we gathered 33.000 users on the application. Together with the Slovenian market, we intend to transfer 100.000 users this year. What are the further plans? Run Croatia is unstoppably expanding its eco friendly system Run Friendly, so that next year Croatia can be declared the first Run Friendly country in the world. It is already due to its climate, the beauty of the landscape, the quality of food, the quality of some races, but in order to be adorned with this title, it is certainly necessary to have better quality communication in the public-private area. It won’t work without it. We have also been actively working on the development of a franchise model, which we were the first to sell to neighboring Hungary, and these days we are signing a contract with a partner in Slovenia. This will connect three markets that will get a single communication platform for an active community in all three countries numbering 600.000 people. Furthermore, we have further strengthened cooperation with neighboring Slovenia in two areas. Run Croatia has chosen Slovenian Protime, Professional Timing as a partner for measuring time in its races in 2020. The Protime team has many years of professional work in the field of measuring races, and their team measures over 150 races in Slovenia and over 30 in the region. Protime will provide support for registration via the web, provide a payment system and measure results and process data on 15 Run Croatia races, and one of these races is the Zagreb Advent Run, which last year was the third largest Advent race in Europe with 3150 runners. last_img