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K. and the Broad Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts the Dutch team has adapted the technique to cancer The researchers grew mini-guts from tissue taken from tumor samples from 27 colorectal cancer patients The technique is surprisingly efficient growing organoids from up to 90% of patient samples the team reports today in Cell To see how well the mini-guts resembled the tumors the researchers sequenced the genomes of the organoids Although the match wasn’t perfect the mini-guts had most of the same cancer-causing mutations found in the original tumor sample Tumors are often composed of several kinds of cells carrying different sets of mutations And depending on which part of the tumor a sample came from an organoid may not include all the cell types present in the patient Nevertheless “they capture most if not all of the most important mutations” says Eduard Batlle at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona Spain The technique has advantages over the two leading techniques for studying patient tumors: creating immortal cell lines and transplanting human cancer cells into mice says Alberto Bardelli of the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment in Candiolo Italy Immortal cell lines often acquire new mutations as they adapt to growing in culture and so they are a less accurate model of the cancer Bardelli says Tumors transplanted into immune-deficient mice called xenotransplants are more accurate but they are expensive and hard to maintain “Xenos are wonderful but you can’t do large-scale [drug] screening on xenos” he says With the cancerous organoids in contrast the researchers were able to test more than 80 drugs and could measure how sensitive the mini-guts were to each compound The mini-guts “fill a critical gap” Bardelli says “It’s very exciting” Clevers says two clinical trials are already evaluating the usefulness of the cancerous mini-guts The first tests how well an organoid created from a person newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer can predict the tumor’s response to treatments A second will test whether the organoids can help identify drug combinations effective in people whose cancer has spread to multiple tissues” said the artist, He did his graduation in Fine Arts from the prestigious Baroda School of Arts. The goal is to create a "road map" and vision next year for how federal agencies should be restoring the wetlands. Oceanographer Robert Twilley of Louisiana State University, mostly banks,in. The fence is the boundary.” he says. which he called "an extremely complex phenomenon.

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