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when the Federal Administrative Court of Germany confirmed earlier decisions that the animal distress caused by Kreiter’s research is justified given its scientific significance. renowned for its science coverage,E. and the youngest were dated to the end of Chacoan society about 1130 Then the team used genetic analysis to look at mitochondrial DNA which can pass only along the maternal line They found that nine of the individuals shared the same mitochondrial DNA meaning they were related through the maternal line the team writes today in Nature Communications Where preservation was sufficient nuclear DNA studies also showed a mother-daughter relationship between two individuals and a grandmother-grandson relationship between two others "The fact that all of these individuals are in the same crypt and have the same mitochondrial DNA indicates that there’s a linkage through the maternal line” Kennett says “And the fact that it’s an elaborate burial crypt indicates that it was an elite matriline” That means that elite status—and possibly leadership—passed along from mothers to sons and daughters in Pueblo Bonito he says "I can see that this paper might generate some controversy in terms of using biological data to determine sociological structures" says Angelique Corthals a forensic anthropologist at the City University of New York in New York City who was not involved in the research "But the authors built their case very convincingly by using both archaeological data and genomics data" "These results are transformational in that they demonstrate the power of ancient DNA research and suggest that some members of a particular matrilineage formed an elite hierarchy with far more prestige than most members of the society" says Robert Hard an anthropologist at the University of Texas in San Antonio who was not involved in the research But it’s also possible that the remains represent the experience of just one elite family and not all of Chacoan society "Additional aDNA samples from other contexts at Pueblo Bonito would allow us to better appreciate the patterns represented by these nine individuals For example we would like to know if other burial clusters are from different matrilines or the same matilineage or other patterns altogether" Hard says from mothers to their sons and daughters. or else they’ll dry out and die. which could result in global spread.” said Richard Allen.

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