Today’s headlines launched today sale in business electricity supplier shopping guide

July 18th, the controversial information aggregation applications, today’s headlines to launch personalized products today sale electricity supplier shopping guide, to get involved in the electricity supplier shopping guide personalized.

today’s headlines now accumulated 90 million users, "today sale is the personalized commodity recommendation based on data mining, different users can receive different recommendation.

businesses can recommend products to different users through personalized today sale, is currently recruiting merchants low-key beta. Internal investment standards include Tmall store number of concerns, credit rating, visibility, monthly sales and the lowest price and other dimensions.

invited businesses, today sale "is used in the form of pictures: the promotion of electricity supplier shopping guide users to click on businesses in today sale on, will jump to the business in the Jingdong, Tmall,, No. 1 shop business platform shop. Specific process is: the user clicks on the promotion of business activities to enter the channel page, and then click on a single product to enter the details of the page, and finally click on the link to jump to other electronic business platform to complete the purchase.

today sale is the biggest characteristic of personalized commodity recommendation based on data mining, different users will receive different recommendation. Today’s headlines to invite businessmen said that every sale flow basically fixed, so positioning business to target users more accurate, traffic conversion rate will be higher. "Today’s headlines" commitment to the beginning of the business to show 300 thousand, the general click rate of around 5%.

today announced the sale of online merchants: Tmall store standard is concerned about the number of over 10 thousand Taobao stores or credit rating in the 1 crown above, and keep the DSR score of three (all higher than the industry average standard). Businesses need to recommend each commodity must be in line with visibility, the monthly sales of over a thousand, is the history of the lowest three standards. Do not receive health care products, adult products, Internet financial products, beauty equipment and other categories of goods.

charging mode, online, today sale using the Taobao customer commission mode, in CPS mode of settlement.

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