Yuantong Express direct change pains to join the game suspension

tact (micro-blog) business model changes from top to bottom to join to express direct mode, strong resistance in Fuzhou after a start on the part of the franchisee’s encounter.

since June 2nd, a number of Fuzhou Yuantong regional franchisee shutdown, caused by day twenty thousand or thirty thousand send pieces can not be served. According to reports, the site will be funded to Yuantong 889, Fuzhou Gulou District, Jinan District, Taijiang district and other back into direct, but who are willing to cultivate the market for many years hands? "


field is dominated by the Yuantong chairman Yu Weijiao’s business model change, the first implementation of the "North Canton City Center, and then gradually from the coastal areas of Fujian, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities, and finally to the national capital city promotion. Tact and franchisee interests of the game began, in addition to Fuzhou, a move also suffered Dongguan, against the franchisee.


" is not a well-known foreign courier companies are joining mode." China Express Consulting Network chief consultant Xu Yong told this reporter that this change will continue in China’s express industry for 5 to 10 years, and now has just begun.

Fuzhou shutdown event

tact is how? Network paralyzed? "In June 12th, the citizens of Fujian city in Fuzhou Province, Jinan District, Taijiang District, because it is not received on time Yuantong express parcels, express their dissatisfaction in the Internet posting.

express industry an insider told reporters that the beginning of June, Yuantong Fuzhou district a few sites franchisees have shut down, because the tact to recoup the franchise rights, spend 1 million -200 million yuan will join the business out of the operating system, from Fuzhou under several franchisees opposition.

"Yuantong Fuzhou regional operation has returned to normal, no net influence is so big, in fact only a few workers." In June 12th, a Fujian area general manager Yu Hongjun said in an interview with reporters.

but in fact, the shutdown is far from what the Red Army said. In June 5th, the general manager, general manager of Fujian Yuantong East District, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other places of the responsible person to Fuzhou fire "". In June 6th, Fuzhou Yuantong head open co chambers in the headquarters of the organization of each site masson.

June 12th, reporters call a telephone interview found that two sites in Jinshan District and Fuzhou Yuantong Cangshan district has resumed operations, while the area of Taijiang district has yet to resume operations.

is mainly Fuzhou under several site franchisees to go it alone, in a mood." Yu Hongjun then told reporters Tan Chen Dao, in April this year, Yuantong headquarters meeting, the main content of the meeting for Fuzhou Yuantong by the franchisee operation mode into direct mode, the franchisee into occupation managers, franchisees do not hold shares in tact. In June this year, Fuzhou two affiliated sites want to quit, these two responsible person responsible for pulling the other site, want to operate alone".


" (Fuzhou) to join the business conditions for the proposed, if you give up the site operation >