From an acre of land crisis look at the plight of the development of agricultural electricity suppl

7 at the end of the southern weekend, an in-depth report on the agricultural electricity supplier was widely disseminated, thus an acre of farmland into the people’s vision, and is regarded as a well-known representative of entrepreneurs. But recently, this is touted by investors B2B companies first caught in the storm of data fraud, and then involved in the vortex of layoffs.

an acre of land crisis

since August 28th evening, WeChat public account of brand marketing of agricultural products of the Hu Langqiu published an article entitled "out of anger! Second dismissal of 2000 staff! Why agricultural Internet giants want?!" the maxed out WeChat circle. Informed sources said the layoffs, the size of more than 1500 people, and is still expanding, but before an acre of land to the media publicly admitted more than 3000 employees, which means that an acre of land suddenly cut off at least half of the employees.

why an acre of land will be massive layoffs? According to a mu of farmland in August 30th issued a statement, the reason is found irregularities and dishonesty in sales, so we had to take "guagu healing" approach, some employees quit.

agricultural electricity providers are facing the development dilemma

first regardless of this explanation is not convincing, in my opinion, an acre of land is now the crisis response of the embarrassment of the agricultural electricity supplier situation:

first, the online consumer habits in rural areas have not yet produced, but also need to be educated. Online consumer habits are the basis of agricultural electricity supplier, the user’s network consumption habits in rural areas, in fact, take a long time to develop, and even need a lot of infrastructure investment. Nowadays most of the rural labor force in the strong have to go out looking for work, leaving mostly women and children and the empty nest state. These people arrived at a relatively low level of education, is not the true sense of the Internet users, let alone the habit of online consumption. Although the line acquisition mode was not developed with the vast blue ocean, but affected Internet thinking shallow rural residents often prefer to sell agricultural products trust traders, which is decided by the traditional habit, and cannot be a change.

secondly, the industrial model has limitations, can not be a large area to promote. Under the premise that the per capita arable land area is limited, the products provided by a single peasant household are not large enough to form a scale. In addition, there are differences in the Chinese vast territory and abundant resources, between regions, not all are suitable for rural electricity supplier. In my opinion, can do the rural agricultural electricity supplier must have several conditions: first, have their own characteristics of agricultural products; two, planting area of the formation of industrial scale; three, with a sound infrastructure, such as network communication and convenient traffic conditions. Obviously, most of the rural areas do not have these conditions, it can not be a large area to promote.

finally, logistics short board, it is difficult to integrate the formation of industrial chain form. Logistics is the most critical part of the integration of agricultural electricity supplier to form the industrial chain, but for now the rural areas, and some places are not even logistics >