Registered CN domain name has five stars

was initiated by the "Convention" Internet address resource self-discipline 2008 "service agencies registered Internet credit rating unit launched" results announced, a total of 40 Internet address service won the "star sign", the Guangdong times, the Guangdong internet mutual exchange and other 9 companies were rated as five star service, in addition also selected including Guangzhou city statue, Guangdong Jin Wanbang, Guangzhou famous company, four star registration services 26, Guangzhou one network, Guangzhou city dragon company 5 three star registration services.

CN domain name service

for star sign, will hang out on its website star sign electronic certificate.


rating activities covers most of the domestic domain name registration authority, the public activities through the questionnaire survey, expert assessment combination, service level, technical ability and development ability to address service assessment, according to the results it will be divided into five-star, four star, three stars several stars.