Escape from the burn era a new business model to test the water market China bid treasure

From 618

to Jingdong headed by the electricity supplier war to double eleven big promotion, inexhaustible price war speculation, most of the advertising to allow electricity providers to win great attention, even sixty years of age old lady also began to consider is not online shopping more affordable.

electricity supplier industry flourishing behind followed by a variety of game burn high threshold start-up costs, operations, which make it "not fondle". How to jump out of the burn of the mud in the electricity supplier tide, model innovation has become a lifeline of the.

electricity supplier status: burn is the growth of the price

eleven Tmall single day to create a myth of the sale of $618 Jingdong single day orders exceeded 3 million; ranks among the top three in Guangdong business… Electricity business in the past 2013 is filled with a variety of figures of the year. The magnificent figure for all of the growth of electronic commerce and began to believe that the sit up and take notice, to replace the traditional commerce predictions.

but under exciting data, to hide the high input and low margin gains. In the face of the increasingly intense competition in the electricity supplier, wantonly invest resources price promotions, self built logistics, covering the full range of advertising to become the three tools of mainstream business success.

At the beginning of the traditional retail electricity supplier

occupy the most lethal weapon is the price advantage, so that the electricity supplier price promotions set the price advantage, but the continued price war also let the upstream suppliers cost of sales surge, rapid decline in gross margin gross profit or even negative operation.

logistics is the basis to improve the quality of service, in order to control the quality of logistics services, the major electricity providers have started to enable development of "the last kilometer" self built logistics service to improve the threshold, but to hold up a national express network, the electricity supplier website must have a huge amount of orders to support, otherwise it will become a self built logistics business a huge internal friction.

advertising is the most direct way for consumers to receive electricity, is not difficult to find that every major node and promotional price war, business advertising is overwhelming to attract the attention of consumers, according to iResearch statistics, in June last year, the electricity supplier monthly advertising costs up to four hundred million.

Continue to show explosive growth Chinese

online retail market, but behind with high cost, low flow margin to allow electricity providers to achieve profitability difficult, thoroughly become synonymous with burn.

sword easy road to seek a way out of business model adds recruits

in fact, burn out of electricity is not muddy, the key lies in innovation. Rich in micro-blog and popular Fauvism florist, community representatives, business Tiexue Comtech core city operating industrial components have been successful and profitable business representatives. It is not difficult to find out from their success stories, model innovation is to deal with the current hot competition, homogenization of the serious electricity business prescription for entrepreneurs to enter the electricity business hope.

electricity supplier model of a dark horse who is likely to be the answer is still fun shopping >