Taobao sellers on the car before the baby how to optimize

as long as there is a certain advantage of the goods in order to support the cost of the entire train, it will not lead to the store in the process of advertising spending greater than revenue. Then the optimization of advertising goods is every owner must do one step, so as to enhance the conversion rate of the product, (conversion rate = volume / browse volume *100%), train to the store to bring accurate views, but cannot guarantee the store volume, want to enhance the turnover of the store, must be in the commodity the picture, described efforts.

first on the train must be based on the goods into the shopping habits of consumers to optimize the general consumer through the car advertising click into the shop, first of all, three points of concern.

is concerned about the picture of goods

is concerned about the sales of goods

is concerned about the store’s credit rating.

according to the consumer’s attention habits, we can sum up the goods must be on the train through the picture to buy points outstanding, good sales, the last is the high praise rate. Of course, the profits of the goods must be objective, it is difficult to pay the risk of direct advertising costs.

first, the goods on the vehicle profits

to train single product advertising is not a loss, it will take profits of goods for accounting, such as our goods is 89 yuan, the cost price is 39 yuan, the profit is 50 yuan, then this is the goods we support train advertising costs 50 yuan, as long as the goods are traded within a click to spend 50 yuan a commodity, so we are profitable, so the train of goods must be profitable goods, this advantage can enable us to open a higher price for keyword bidding, to improve the display quantity.

two, the demand for goods on the train

to ensure that the real-time demand is the largest car, a very simple example, we can not go on a summer winter clothes, because few people in the summer to buy a dress to wear winter wear. Therefore, the demand for commodities should be abandoned. How can we accurately grasp the needs of the commodity market, the information can be obtained through the promotion of Taobao products. For example, the focus of Taobao home page, there are shops do sunscreen today, then we can get, the demand for sunscreen products is relatively large demand in real time.

three, on the train goods pictures

along with the revised version of the car as a comprehensive ranking, with a picture of the goods to highlight the location of the purchase of goods in this rise, occupied the important place to display the selling points. Commodity picture is the first picture to upload goods. Because the car is called the first picture of goods, so focus on optimizing the first picture of the goods. The picture should focus on the selling point of the goods, whether it is emphasized in the way of text or with the characteristics of the image of the way, are prominent selling point for the optimization objectives. For example, the goods on the car is a virtual recharge system, virtual recharge system is emphasized after sales service, so the goods should be written in order to highlight the service of goods >