Jingdong announced tomorrow to increase drug cloud health Pathfinder prescription


] August 17th news billion state power network, the state power grid to get the message, tomorrow will be officially announced the capital Shanghai pharmaceutical Jingdong’s "cloud health".

this is also the Jingdong in fulfilling its agreement with Shanghai medicine". Three months ago (May 17th), Shanghai pharmaceutical announced that it signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Jingdong. According to the agreement, the two will be within three months of joint replenishment on cloud health. Among them, Shanghai pharmaceutical in Shanghai Zhongxie Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 100% stake, capital on cloud health; and Jingdong will be in cash and related resources price increase on cloud health. From the date of the signing of the agreement from May 15th to August 18th, the time is almost three months.

related sources, in August 18th, the Jingdong will open the conference announced on the drug cloud health capital, but the specific amount of capital is not clear.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Shanghai medicine in April this year, formally announced the establishment of "cloud medicine health", Shanghai medicine health cloud Limited by Share Ltd, the strategic orientation of "prescription drug O2O pharmaceutical business, is committed to build three online platform: the electronic prescription drug platform, data platform and patient data platform.

from the existing pharmaceutical business pattern, strategic direction on cloud health significantly more in advance. Previously, the majority of the scope of the domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier focused on non prescription drugs, health care products, prescription drugs and electricity suppliers how to become a collective concern of the industry.

Jingdong’s old rival Alibaba has been in the field of prescription drugs continue to attack. By the end of 2014, the Alibaba through Alipay wallet with Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center, started the electronic prescription platform for the industry subversive revolution "".

from November 24th to 28, "Ali health mobile terminal (App) for a week third test in Shijiazhuang, patients in the hospital after the doctor’s prescription through the hospital information system into the electronic prescription Alibaba within the platform, if you want to purchase the patients outside the hospital, you can purchase issued by App request, App will purchase request distribution to nearby pharmacies, pharmacies can grab a single.

used Alibaba Jingdong is clearly not outdated standard in the field of medicine, the past in the field of medicine has a lot of action, but not smooth. Pure online retail, Jingdong has worked with good medicine, but eventually halted; O2O, Jingdong and deshengtang pharmacies, pharmacies, two Heaven, Meida re jewim pharmacy, jade civilian pharmacies, pharmacy, pharmacy, Hua Tuo in Huairen eight large pharmacy chain enterprises to achieve cooperation, try linkage line, offline.