The first step join the entrepreneurial company

if you wish is to own a sushi restaurant, your first step is usually the first to go to a very bad sushi shop as an apprentice, until the rice vinegar, making sushi, raw fish, miso soup, cook, Che Rob S, and the guest observation expression conversation, remember a good many joy etc. The master must have the ability to practice for sushi almost, and then out to open his own sushi.

if you want to be a doctor in addition to opening, medical examination, read medical license, usually have to go to the hospital, when the hospital doctor practice, followed by great physician learning, until the doctor, interrogation, drugs, surgery, observe the patient’s reaction, talking with the patients, the patient’s mind the special status of numerous physicians must have the ability to practice almost, and then out to open their own small clinic.

in fact, most of the world’s industry, before opening his own shop, you will go to almost all the others inside the shop experience, learning skills and concepts necessary, until a certain extent, then consider self-reliance. But there seems to be a special exception to the industry, at least so far, in the minds of most people, to create a Network Inc, two or three college students together, directly engaged in it.

this is actually the legacy of 90s, and then became a social organization memory. At that time, due to the network industry has just begun, there is no big sushi shop can be honed, all people feel the stones together, so young people can really start to engage directly. But today, the network has become a very complex industry, whether it is customer development, user research, data tracking, data based marketing decisions, or search optimization, engine management, community marketing, Liuke virus effect, coupled with the new action axis, the network is already a very difficult for young people to do poineering work for the first time to get started, quite mature industry.

so I recommend more and more Internet business as the first step, the first step sushi restaurant, the clinic, not directly against the helmet on the battlefield, but go to people’s entrepreneurial company turns.

You should pick

especially powerful startups to learn (you do not pick a business bad sushi shop as an apprentice?), is a network industry than any other industry are also the winner of the Power Law to the world, a powerful Network Inc, you can learn the attitudes and methods of those 1% winners the day after, greatly enhance the success probability of their own business.

how to select a powerful start-up company to join? Here are some clues to your reference:

fans have an entrepreneurial company full of sound and colour – if the fans are more than 100 thousand people, TAT (about the) ratio close to 10%, that they are capable of

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