The rise of the e book market readers are not necessarily happy

recently, Jingdong mall announced that it will enter the field of e-books, the introduction of paid downloads. Prior to this, Dangdang has been one step ahead of the field, simultaneously launched an e-book reader with electronic matching. Jingdong and this quarrelsome lovers or will trigger a new round of competition frenzy. But in the face of the end of the product delivery chain audience groups, the author intends to readers from the point of view of this emerging business analysis one or two, the right to complain.

texture – only a difference between good and bad

is currently on the market is the choice of many electronic readers a superb collection of beautiful things. The main advantage is portable, easy to use, no traditional books and weight problems; electronic ink technology has been widely used in the more general readers reading vision, no reflective shortcoming of LCD screen, the effect is almost as. These attractions are the focus of business advocacy, but is precisely the "advantage", probably in the turning moment, has become "chicken ribs".

traditional reading is the pursuit of a three-dimensional feeling, electronic ink can realistically imitate the visual effects of paper pages, it will not easily make people feel tired of reading. But reading, not only lies in the vision, when holding the books, the weight of the book makes people feel calm, this is a visual page of paper; hear rustling sound, this is the hearing; when the desk and sit, even can smell the faint smell the smell of pulp and paper.

reading is not only literacy literacy, more willing to immerse in the atmosphere. The extension pattern of electronic reading is rooted in the fast – speed above, just like to see about, these include some of this style are entertainment element in the. But this is precisely the nature of reading needs therefore merits, draw further apart, not eternal.

localization content selection

printing industry is basically electronic publishing, in the issue, the electronic version is just a format, from the technical point of view is not difficult to achieve, but also in one fell swoop. But there are still limitations, a considerable degree of the horizontal, the realization of electronic publishing of books for readers to use all digital content; vertically, more professional, rare books and no great reader market, electronic publishing is not cost-effective requirements.

E-book Industry in the final analysis, but also an application in the field of electricity providers, the same will be constrained by the input-output ratio conditions. The reader market less books to conduct large-scale digitization is not realistic, it will cause the e-book market to provide content is limited in the popular view, or even a dinner conversation that level.

foreign model – domestic does not necessarily fit

abroad has a successful model similar to the Amazon Kindle, the perfect combination of network content and hardware together, complement each other. But the country does not yet have such a mature environment, the domestic electricity supplier experts Connaught network nuo>