2010 second session of the China Electronic Commerce Cultural Festival forum 15

Moderator: please have the following afternoon hosted guests, Chinese Electronics Association Lu Jianxin.

Lu Jianxin: first of all, thank you for coming, to talk to you a little feeling. From the end of September last year, after the first electronic commerce Cultural Festival, we and Yuhang district government after close contact with us and Yuhang’s leadership in more than a year of work, and finally determine the electronic commerce in Yuhang Cultural Festival held. Yuhang not only provide material conditions, beautiful scenery, comfortable accommodation, fine cuisine, what is more important, the e-commerce platform in the industry in which a China gathering area is built, all of you remember, we may have a new Silicon Valley was born here, but not the old Silicon Valley new Silicon Valley, this is our Association for the positioning of Yuhang Electronic Commerce we do here, not only to set a bit, but to establish a China first e-commerce platform in the industry gathering area, this is of great significance, who is the first to who has the opportunity, morning Guo Zong also said that at that time we started in 90s, it would now be in vain, the period is very important, now is what period, Yuhang district to the Feng Shui out, and took out a lot of money, big A try, who first who will be able to get money, but no money in my pocket, in a man’s pocket, we have to recognize that the next meeting we must first get to know him, to know him is to recognize the money, now in terms of money in his pockets, who will be the first take the first who. This sentence is true or false, please more people to verify. Below we use the warm applause, please our current Cultural Festival Executive Chairman, is also the Yuhang District Bureau of development secretary Chen Bingxin comrade for our speech.

Chen Bingxin: Thank you very much, not to mention the speech, we love watching TV, I just want my commercials, advertising is also wonderful. The first session of the cultural festival held in Changsha e-commerce, we forged a bond, also know electronic business excellence leader, and then went away to Yuhang, how do some what kind of things in the field of electronic commerce, the electronic commerce how this cake bigger and we do some research. Why we hold the electronic commerce culture festival, first we Yuhang District in 2009 in the financial crisis situation the introduction of e-commerce plan of action for three years, our region’s more than 2 thousand and 70 companies, 16000 companies go out of trade enterprises, how do we use three years of time, full coverage of the use of e-commerce, it is the first year annual fee we are all free, so that we in the electronic commerce application process, we created a condition, I want to know is not in place, you give the money in place, we spent a year’s time, all the enterprises in Yuhang can be said to have used the tools of electronic commerce, people don’t pay. It is a bit easier, and we take this thing to go further, we build a platform is Yuhang Ali, Ali Yuhang is a commercial platform, I Our aim is to lead the electronic commerce, we hope that we Yuhang e-commerce walk in front of the country, this platform that has this feature, and