NetEase koala sea purchase raid jumei com shock beauty electricity supplier list

South Korea FTA landing on the occasion, the NetEase CEO Ding Lei was invited to Korea to negotiate cooperation beauty. Prior to the departure of Ding Lei, NetEase koala sea purchase has won dozens of South Korean beauty brand licensing. As a mere 5 months on the line of integrated self cross-border electricity supplier platform, NetEase koala sea to buy the top of the trip to Korea is considered to be a strong symbol of its beauty market.

Ding Lei’s trip, reminiscent of in February of this year’s trip to korea. At that time, has just announced the cosmetics business quality supervision more difficult of the third party platform, all become self-employed, and transition to the United States to speed the duty-free shop, the focus of overseas purchase business, while South Korea also became the first United States turned the fulcrum.

now, NetEase and have purchased the koala sea territories, equally optimistic about the self model, will also be regarded as an important entry point for South korea. As a platform for cross-border electricity supplier NetEase gave birth to the NetEase by the koala sea purchase huge capital investment and the impact of self business before three of the target, and have already hit melee. For, the NetEase koala sea purchase is a junior, but has been able to clearly hear the pace to catch up.

after two weeks, the koala and sea purchase NetEase launched a new round of large-scale promotional activities, compared to the previous main imported baby goods, Korean cosmetics category has become the focus of this round of promotion, not only a large number of on-line makeup products, the price is as low as 9.9 yuan, from the category and price, fully raided In an important window of the development of cross-border electricity supplier, according to the current development speed of NetEase koala sea purchase, beauty electricity supplier in the first position I’m afraid in jeopardy.


sea purchase category expansion speed over the United States and NetEase koala sea purchase has set foot in South Korea, expand the beauty category, confirmed from the side of the Korean cosmetics in Chinese market hot degree. The past two years, the cross-border electricity supplier with customs clearance and tax incentives, has become an important channel for the United States and South Korea to enter China’s makeup.

in this case, the domestic cross-border electricity supplier category expansion speed, as well as the supply chain will undoubtedly become the control of the magic weapon. In March this year, just two months on the line of the NetEase will get the koala sea purchase, South Korea L& P (strain) officially licensed cosmetics company, in the sale of Clinie type of mask far more than competitors. At the same time, the NetEase is the koala sea purchase only two of the authorized business enterprise, but did not appear in the first list of authorized.

recently, NetEase koala sea purchase once again demonstrates its strong channel development ability, take intensive LG life health, AHC, CLIO, PERIPERA, melonbaby, secret, Mizon, key, MYYI, natural dew bear family, Wei beauty shop, Clinie, Coreana (Korea Yana) and other dozens of South Korean front-line beauty brand authorization.

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