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website sina.com.cn reported that domestic group purchase has exceeded more than 5 thousand, and by the end of 2011, there are more than 1400 websites to stop updating or abandon the group purchase field, that is to say, from the current data, in a short time, nearly 1/3 of the group purchase website to operation failure, then the group purchase website really cannot withstand a single blow


2011 is destined to be a turning point of the group purchase website, beginning early in the year, the industry has faced the challenge of the stampede in group purchase website, voices of doubt was soon drowned in the crazy in the end, group purchase website, boomerang group who has lost the reason. Let us look at some of the key elements of the failure of the buy site


logically, China 5000 group purchase site if the vast territory and abundant resources, in accordance with the geographical division, not too much, afraid of the single mode operation. A large group purchase website development is people eager a remarkable example. Launched in April, June in the country to carry out a wide range of branches, from scratch, in personnel management quickly soared to thousands of people. I am afraid that no business will be in a year to grow to such a scale. The expansion is the inevitable result, make ends meet, September yellow Xie, the group purchase website began downsizing, in addition to toss in the personnel on the outside, how many have a real time

in business?

years old in the Internet by K, when there are so many people looking for him to do group purchase website. "I’ve had my heart too, in the past few years the Internet has withstood the bubble of torture, group purchase website is good stuff, but, in accordance with the enclosure of the way now to engage in, no future!" the old K group purchase website in the group purchase website with many flawed, pioneering territory the venture of people’s money, many vendors in the even within one year and a lot of group purchase is easy to deal with the site, tilt the balance between supply and demand, thus caught in a vicious cycle of competition.

buy site in order to attract the user’s attention, in the positioning of certain commodities, buy low prices outrageous, and even shoddy fake goods. Baidu keyword search "buy", the negative news about buying everywhere. This is the result of the group buying site into a vicious competition, virtually let buy site lost credit, but also indirectly lost customers.

in addition, group purchase website there is a mistake is large, almost from the goods to traded commodity in the "group purchase", e-commerce has the commodity circulation reduced a lot, its profits can not drop down the point itself, some e-commerce sites there is a fierce competition, the that is the competition between the website, also have the same site between businesses and business competition. So, there are some goods almost lost the meaning of the group, and many domestic buy site does not have a clear positioning of the buy goods, only consider the price, but ignored the cost, which is undoubtedly fatal.

feedback from the current market point of view, the local group buying site is relatively stable operation. The reason >