Tmall aliexpress attack 10 thousand domestic businesses to foreign trade linkage

news March 2nd, the day before, in the 2016 Tmall global business conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said, "in 2016, Tmall and aliexpress linkage, 1 to 10000 Tmall global enterprises to embark on the journey.


billion state power network to understand, aliexpress will continue to conduct research and Tmall business qualification in detail, to have business directed towards a global issue in translation, solicitation, selection of reference and a number of global sales tools and services for businesses, and a rookie for businesses to provide cross-border logistics solutions.

It is reported that

, aliexpress has been officially to more than 2000 furniture equipment to overseas market conditions Tmall settled merchants issued a directed invitation. At the same time, with immediate effect, based on the Tmall merchant library Ali supply center was officially launched, unified support for rural Taobao, fast selling and other electricity supplier business supply of goods.

billion state power network was informed that in December 7th last year, aliexpress announced the official launch of the platform investment access system, the access system provides 2016 aliexpress sellers business rules, and that in the whole aliexpress platform will operate according to different classes of charge fee. The seller to pay the annual fee, only to the end of the seller to have the opportunity to get the annual fee return. Fast selling side pointed out that it will be at the end of the year, according to the seller’s annual sales and continuing operations to return some or all of the annual fee.

In addition to this

system, aliexpress platform in early January on the line, the seller shops classification service level assessment target system, assessment of the professional ability of buyers in the seller service, the seller incentive operations to enhance the service level of each category.

In addition, the

side also pointed out that, in order to support the quality of the seller, by the end of 2016 the whole platform will achieve enterprise + brand transformation.