The future operation mode of wireless music from the perspective of music development

wireless music, although the operator LED industry, but the bottleneck is the same as IPTV, the user experience is the main reason restricting the development of wireless music.

users either download or download the WAP customized ringing tone, step less to three or four or more, the user experience is poor, music is a kind of experience economy, or impulsive consumption, poor user experience weakened consumer enthusiasm, hindered the development of the wireless music market.

has a lot of songs in the copyright library, allowing users to find the fastest and most likely to download songs become the primary problem! This time the search has become the core application, which is why Baidu has become the boss of the digital music industry, but not the reason for a record company.

search is the core application of wireless music, it is necessary to do a search system.

      search is not only an important application of the Internet, but also the core application of online music, but also the core application of wireless music. I have had the experience of love, wireless music platform, through a few simple steps to complete mobile phone download, do not go looking for trouble. So it is necessary to do a set of convenient wireless music search system.

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look at the future of wireless music from the development of digital music

      what is the future of wireless music? Let’s look at the development of traditional music, from which to find out the rules of the future of wireless music.

music began to rise from the beginning of primitive tribal ritual, to the theater, to the development of radio, television and music, (MV and concert), spread more and more to the popularization of development. The user from only focusing on the music, to the fans, pay attention to music related content. Records from the first black cover of a plastic cover, to the tape with only a cover, the back is the lyrics, and then to the current record in addition to the cover