Chuan shoes shoes network financing 30 million footwear B2C or will re ranking

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Le Amoy announced the completion of the fourth round of financing, another shoe business days before making shoes have been discovered had a secret to complete the A round of financing. According to the February 9th state power grid puliao: B2C document shoe making shoes have successfully completed the A round of financing, the amount of financing of up to $30 million, although not officially making shoes official came forward to respond. But this news came out, the electricity supplier is still closely related to the peer, the face of the arrival of the electricity supplier cold winter, who will get the capital to survive the development of the next capital.

has been concerned about the footwear business analyst at micro-blog authentic passengers also boldly predicted: 2012, Chinese vertical footwear B2C industry will erupt depth of war, the business competition will be fully upgraded, heating up, B2C is expected to re ranking footwear.

[good music to buy: deal with the challenges of department stores]

good music to buy in 2011 to get $50 million investment in Tencent, the expansion of the platform, in the category of clothing, bags, accessories, etc.. Insiders analyzed, good music to buy the clothing brand, completely independent of the original brand, is a new category of deliberate expansion, indicates that the development of good music to buy in the clothing category determination, department stores have good music to buy, is no longer purely vertical footwear B2C website. In the case of the venture capital market downturn, good music to buy whether the department store? Good music to buy the success of transformation?.

[le Amoy: valuation has shrunk, the decline has begun]

for music Amoy, 2012 will be a breakthrough year. In 2011, Le Amoy developed Applife series, not only opened up a new road for the footwear B2C marketing, also won hundreds of millions of eyeballs to le Amoy, fame. In spite of this, there is news that from the beginning of the second half of 2011, the Amoy traffic fell seriously, the annual sales is not ideal, leading to the fourth round of financing business valuation has shrunk dramatically, only to $15 million financing, the decline has begun.

placed in front of the music Amoy, only two road, and continue to equity dilution, continue to the fifth round, the sixth round of financing, with the integration of more capital, rapid completion of IPO; the other, rational operation thinking changed in the past to fight the breakthrough to strengthen the independent brand to seek new development. Overall, 2012, will be the key to the development of music Amoy, whether the change is to see the ultimate decline trend, as Bi Sheng team.

[best buy Network: Big Mac]

as the focus of BELLE to create new online channels excellent purchase network, from the line so far, has been the focus of the industry’s attention. With the exception of "the Milky Way battleship" as the operation team and strong capital, even more terrible is the BELLE occupy Chinese footwear distributors boss throne, the total number of stores under the line by the end of 2011 reached 1.4, and has a number of brand shoes exclusive distribution rights, this is any vertical footwear business to to touch the opponent.