Through the Baidu Chinese Search Ranking speculated that Taobao sells goods

I communicate with a lot of friends Taobao shop, there are a lot of friends asked me what to sell Taobao to make money, what is the hot selling goods on Taobao, those goods are popular on Taobao. Honestly, I’m not particularly clear webmaster, I found that Baidu Chinese Search Ranking one ah search ranking, the ranking can speculate on the network selling products, and recommend to everyone as a reference.

Baidu Chinese search list access address: first, paste a few key search rankings data.

the first hot list

: Yeah.


second: cosmetics brand list


search list conjecture analysis:


through the door of the picture, we can find that there are many people in the search for digital products, cosmetics, clothing, mobile phones, these should be very popular catalog.

: and then we look at the cosmetics brand ", can be found, DHC, MaryKay, L’OREAL and other popular brands. In this way, we will be able to sell the goods wholesale.

: the last guess is Trump coffee sales network is the statements of a school, risk, please must consider carefully before making decisions.

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