Taobao University launched a million college students electricity supplier employment project

this year as "the history of the most difficult employment season, Beijing employment rate of less than 30%, less than 30% of Shanghai, Guangdong 50%. But for the electricity supplier industry, this year is the lack of people’s employment season. When youth meets the electricity supplier, changing the status quo of employment, which will be the best opportunity in the history of employment season".

May 22nd, Taobao announced the launch of "Hi Electric Power University million students employment project", through the combination of the major institutions and commercial enterprises launched the "training base", for the graduating students provide free employment training, for the business enterprise to create exclusive talent storage pool to protect students’ employment preparation. Taobao is expected this year, will help 100 thousand college students to solve employment, within 3 years to solve the employment of 1 million college students.

up to now, there are nearly 200 universities nationwide, the electricity supplier companies and reached a cooperation with Taobao University, of which there are many universities, Xiamen University, Chongqing University and other institutions of higher learning figure.

Taobao University, said Ni Liang, Zhejiang University and other 211 universities to join, not only for the electricity supplier companies to inject fresh blood, but more importantly for the electricity supplier companies to open up the road of high-end talent.

211 elite into electricity supplier talent training base

it is understood that, as of now, there are nearly 200 of all colleges and universities to enroll in Hello electricity supplier to help millions of students employment project, including Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Chongqing University and other elite figure.

Taobao university campus Department official Sun Shuihua introduction, the current Taobao university specializing in joint institutions around the country and well-known electricity supplier companies, launched a training base, talent customization and other electricity supplier personnel training model. "We are linked by the enterprise and school training base, the students through the school enrollment, enterprises directly accept the students practice," Sun Shuihua, "by way of talent customization, can help to enhance students’ practical ability to enter the electricity supplier, so that students have a preliminary business knowledge and skills, and business enterprise can also obtain" to with the talent "."

"Zhejiang University will train high-quality innovative talents as an important goal of personnel training, and actively promote the" University "combination of entrepreneurship education activities". Joining Taobao University "training base" project of Zhejiang University science department minister Jin Haiyan said, "Zhejiang will also be carried out in the school including university students in Hangzhou Taobao entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship salon, navigation, a series of entrepreneurial activities, to implement the cooperation between the two sides."

Taobao university head Ni Liang believes that the addition of 211 universities such as Zhejiang University, not only for the electricity supplier companies to inject fresh blood, but more importantly for the electricity supplier companies to open up the road of high-end talent."

on the enterprise side, has more than and 560 transactions amounting to tens of millions of enterprises submitted for cooperation, hope docking and college training base, to participate in training! Among them, there are 48 core enterprises (annual turnover of more than 50 million)