BTAUTO 11 11 half price models open grab comprehensive services to enhance the experience of Car Bu

today, the 11.11 car electricity supplier war last year won the formal war, easy to attack, in addition to the more than and 50 explosion models models are special offer on-line, but also provide car finance, second-hand car repo and other services to users. The official said that this year 11.11 relying on the mature · the benefits of buying a car, easy car mall two business platform, compared to last year, to achieve the product richness, price concessions, comprehensive upgrade services, will provide a new online service for the user experience and Car Buying.



11.11 event page display, easy car all day long 24 hours in 6 by the release of half wave cars, each time half car by a video begins, divided into "S group", "small group" and "painting group", "car group", "the boss group", "grass root group" the six group, whether it is video or other people are looking forward to panic buying activities.


activities in the explosion models and many super discount is very eye-catching, including the Infiniti Q50, FAW Mazda, Dongfeng Citroen C5, the Ford Changan Fawkes, dazzle GAC TOYOTA, dozens of car sales are all involved in the purchase price, single models the maximum discount amount up to 162 thousand and 900 yuan. Consumers can also "0 yuan – Chrysler seckill" guide, free light, Dodge Charger three classic models; with "1 yuan auction" Dongfeng off – scene 330, hippocampus -S7 participation; to "copy price" – buy Guangqi Honda Odyssey, Shanghai GM Chevrolet – Kopacz, Shanghai – the Skoda Octavia and other popular models.


earlier in 3 days choudaijiang activities and pumping the half car panic buying qualification" users, today will have the opportunity to purchase half price DS6 Changan, Guangzhou TOYOTA YARiS L dazzle, Saab D70 Comfort Edition, edition, hippocampus M3 colorful Mazda CX-7 five cars.

In addition to the rich

models and great efforts, BITAUTO also attaches great importance to the service to users, providing auto finance, second-hand car repurchase and other value-added services for users, upgrade the user’s online experience Car Buying. In BITAUTO 11.11 page BITAUTO car loan channels, in the user select models, the system automatically matched and recommended Car Buying loan scheme, and a list of related financial products on the Internet, allowing users to enjoy convenient and efficient automobile financial service.

It is reported that in 2013 11.11

, car electricity supplier war, BITAUTO has total orders for 11 billion 700 million yuan, far exceeding the number, dial. This year 11.11 BITAUTO "Car Buying Carnival" since its inception, more than 6 million 500 thousand people involved in the early warm-up activities, fully embodies the charm of BITAUTO activities. In view of this, this year 11.11 car sales are expected to hit a record high, and allow more consumers to enjoy low prices at the same time, enjoy a better quality of service and experience Car Buying.