The last bastion of electricity commodity expansion Tobacco

departure from the main line, we can see the different development of electricity supplier road. If the main line from the point of view of the size of the transaction, the transaction size of the electricity supplier showed an increasing trend year by year. If the electricity supplier brand, the electricity supplier brand from one to many, Taobao from a single large Jingdong, Suning, Tmall zhuluzhongyuan. We can also improve the degree of service, warehousing and other main line to investigate the development of electricity supplier. However, can not be ignored is a main line of electricity supplier inclusive category. Taobao was originally the main categories of clothing, the first Jingdong mainly sell electronic products, Suning Gome is the home appliance chain, but now the electricity supplier has become a comprehensive business platform, to expand the category has been completed, it is difficult to have a large-scale industry can be absorbed by the electricity supplier. If so, tobacco category, the electricity supplier is willing to try.


tobacco category two reasons

into electricity supplier

regulations limit: according to our current law, China’s tobacco monopoly system is implemented, under this system, the tobacco monopoly bureau is the monopoly of the tobacco sales force, from the supply to the channel, from the logistics to the retail terminal, all need to obtain approval for the tobacco monopoly bureau. The electricity supplier simply can not enter the tobacco sales system, not to mention one of the channels of sales of tobacco. The existence of tobacco monopoly laws and regulations, limiting the electricity supplier inclusive tobacco category. However, with the advance of the legal system of our country, tobacco sales by the electricity supplier, is not monolithic.

trading rules: the implementation of tobacco monopoly, one is for the needs of national finance, on the other hand, tobacco has externality, such as damage to human health, especially for teenagers health damage, the monopoly system can ensure that the youth can not come into contact with tobacco products. Once tobacco into the electricity supplier, young people can easily get tobacco. So, how to prevent young people through the electricity supplier to buy tobacco is also the future of tobacco may enter the electricity supplier, important issues need to be considered. Electricity supplier in the United States, for the purchase of tobacco is a real name system, only the accurate registration of age, and at least 18 years of age to buy cigarettes. But there are still some young people registered false information from the electricity supplier platform to buy cigarettes. How to develop a set of young people can not buy tobacco through the electricity supplier is also the future of electricity providers to contain tobacco problems.

despite the above two huge obstacles, it seems that each one is difficult to break, but no matter for the electronic business platform, or for the tobacco companies, have the impulse to enter the electricity supplier channels.

electricity supplier impulse: huge market size

nearly 300 million of smokers in China, the number and the number of users of WeChat is equivalent, and is loyal users. China’s annual retail sales of nearly one trillion yuan, this figure is close to the sum of the annual retail sales of Taobao Tmall. China’s annual output value of tobacco industry is astronomical, is China’s annual income of 10%. If a letter like this