Electricity providers to explore the blue ocean another way of evolution on the discount site


With the rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet,

ushered in a new development space. The domestic electricity supplier industry, Jingdong and Alibaba of the game, you sing me a great debut posture. Jingdong and the integration of the whole platform to find a way out in the category of resources, value chain; Alibaba to open ecological infrastructure, fast in 2B and 2C business. With the rise of WeChat payment, the electricity supplier website from the original fight traffic, fight price, turned into the current spell logistics, fight hard wide, fight channel. In wide and full electricity supplier industry, further to sale based electricity supplier website. Among them, the beauty said, shopping guide website mogujie.com, discount volume leather mesh to represent the beginning of seek blue ocean in the Red Sea, what is the discount site killer


burn is not essential, the user experience is king

after careful observation, it is not difficult to find, whether it is beautiful or mogujie.com, seem to fall into the crazy burn electricity supplier war. Two of the original success, from the user’s psychological insight and grasp of social marketing. However, this kind of marketing in addition to bring the brand awareness, to sales did not play much role. It is a burn war, more to stimulate the morale of both. For example, mogujie.com said the beautiful and generous frequent, beautiful refuge Tencent, using mobile QQ and WeChat advantage of advertising, while put various patches in the major video sites drama; mogujie.com natural unwilling to lag behind, take the strategy to follow, step by step beauty.

but when both sides fought bitterly, in fact, just ignore the website as one of the most important factors – the user experience. For example, beauty in the search engine user experience has been unsatisfactory, the author in search of some special words, always can not find a satisfactory answer for the first time, such a waste of time and a waste of energy. While mogujie.com’s product research and development capabilities have been criticized, although mogujie.com said professional business management software providers to cooperate with the company, but the stability and reliability are faced with questions from all walks of life.

In this

, I think the famous American electricity supplier website Amazon founder Geoff · Bezos, a famous saying: "for electricity supplier sites, good user experience is the fundamental driving force to retain users." Indeed, for the electricity supplier, not simply burn, a good user experience for the electricity supplier website will play a crucial role.

improve the self construction of discount site is flashed killer

In addition to mogujie.com and

will only beautiful crazy burn said, a lot of discount website have begun to realize the importance of user experience, and will focus on a more important level, such as vip.com and volume leather mesh is worthy of study. As everyone knows, vip.com in the sale, the logistics investment is large, especially to promote the "logistics" strategy, improve the warehouse in the expansion of the "last mile" force. In addition to net >