Li Guoqing Gao Suning the Jingdong took the price of 8 points


technology news (Le Tian) April 25th news, Dangdang books cut profits in Jingdong Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong discovered that evening, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing to fight back, broke the news of Gome and Suning in the procurement cost is low 8 most Jingdong, Jingdong in the field of 3C will encounter challenges traditional 3C hypermarket.

it is understood that Jingdong 2010 revenues of more than 10 billion, most of which come from the field of 3C, in the case of multiple rounds of venture capital, Jingdong accelerated to the department stores, books and other fields to expand the scale of expansion. Dangdang revenue mainly from the field of books. In the case of Jingdong to enter the field of books, the two sides broke a number of book wars.

today, Liu Qiangdong broke the news that online selling book profits from the typical long tail. He quoted Jingdong’s price index comparison system diagram, said the map can clearly see the non top5000 part of the book price and sales of the largest top5000 prices gradually coincide. Dangdang’s long tail was cut off by Jingdong.

in this regard, Li Guoqing will be directly burned to the fire not resigned to playing second fiddle, Jingdong headquarters 3C, said Gome, into the electronic commerce, found on their website of home appliances and 3C varieties are half lower than the Jingdong website. From home appliance brands learned that Gome Suning in the procurement costs are lower than most of the 8 points."

Li Guoqing also revealed that last week, chairman of the board of directors in Nanjing to visit the headquarters of Suning, Suning learned last year online sales of 2 billion, in his view, Suning online sales this year, is certain to get the 10 billion. Li Guoqing said: competition is good for customers, not only the price and service."