Suning online offline goods to open a new era of cloud business

traditional retail, electricity providers and the transformation of the Internet topic, which is always the hot industry. Recently, Su ningyun officially announced that from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales, will implement the city with the price of the same product with As a result, Suning will show a new retail model in front of the industry.

a stone arouses thousand layer wave. The market believes that Suning has emphasized the collaborative linkage online and offline, the stores and Tesco products integration, integration services integration and price become represent the general trend of online and offline prices, is the most important step in the integration of multi-channel Suning, Suning O2O marks the overall operation mode.

yesterday (June 5th), Su ningyun, vice chairman Sun Weimin, Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd President Jin Ming and other senior told the "daily economic news" reporter said, Suning online price is established based on O2O fusion on the authenticity of experience and service under the existing O2O, and network promotion together, sharing resources in the inventory, logistics and service, all channels, full cost accounting, and has the advantages of scale, the formation of Suning O2O cost advantage.

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vendor support strategy

look at Suning innovative practice in recent years, we can clearly see a O2O integration development path. It is understood that earlier this year, Suning proposed innovative cloud provider model, which will be summarized as "stores + + retail service provider", the purpose is to integrate the Suning prospects background, the integration of online and offline, service industry, service customers. Around the cloud business model, Suning implemented organizational change and system development, a series of internal changes, solve the line under the price channel integration, resource sharing, cost accounting of three major issues. Hope that through the Internet retail, networking services, big data management, open a new model of integration of online and offline, to create new value for consumers, industry and social development.

has the industry said, Suning to do the "WAL-MART + Amazon", had been feel very far away, or can only be a good idea now, Suning opened the online price is more like the Internet Co.

online and offline price is a big deal for the development of our enterprise, we were nearly half a year of planning, planning and construction of the system, it can be said that from the end of last year the company has been doing this in terms of brewing." Su ningyun, vice chairman Sun Weimin said that in the past the line is two channels, and in operation for nearly 3 years, and the two channel is two, two, two and two brand operating system, from the beginning of the year, the company has such a pattern of the new comb that is a company, two windows, two platforms, shared background inventory, logistics, information and services.

Sun Weimin said that in the course of the operation gradually felt, the ultimate bottleneck of the integration of the two channels online and offline, real