B2C website design ideas of the first nine notices

recently took over the construction of a class of B2C video website project, early business colleagues propose to coincide with the assistance of the Ministry of technology, B2C on the whole shopping process and design requirements, by Technology Department of afternoon exchange, give a brief introduction to the project design and B2C shopping process, the design thought some ideas, outline of the meeting has not written with induction, consolidation, we hope to help colleagues.

this chapter is mainly talking about the design, and customer communication content and a brief idea.

small business website still need to communicate and think in advance, marketing type website, let alone. Do not understand the problem to go down to do, the more you do, the greater the deviation, in this regard, please do not hold any luck. Modaobuwukanchaigong that everyone knows the truth, have a clear idea, often is the most powerful factor to improve work efficiency and quality. In the video network as an example, I finish, telephone communication, Internet Literature column configuration, arrange the goods classification and so on, in a day and a half, was even during the game information website attractive news went in to see the lie half an hour later, I, from sketch, design to LOGO. The design is completed, only a day and a half of a morning.

clear thinking, move hands, fast, not only the home page. The following questions are what designers must fully understand before embarking on a marketing site such as B2C.

1, site name

usually, the designer can find the company’s name from the data, but the marketing site has its own specific site name, so this is essential. The customer to be called "Yunnan game network" my name, by considering that the game is not able to network content and accurate positioning of the interpretation of the site, and advise customers to change to "Yunnan game network", was adopted.

2, website Logo

according to past experience, many marketing site operators in the project before the implementation of the full preparation. In terms of design, may have been invited to advertising agencies and other institutions, the design of the site’s Logo, the whole project VI, and even set up a new company to operate the project. Therefore, the implementation of the site’s Logo has existed, especially important.

is ready to have a website Logo, and to the web designer, said that the Logo has been recognized by customers, then, must carefully analyze the Logo style, tone, the performance of the concept, clear these, extended this idea down, the design of the website will be more easily accepted by customers. The site does not have Logo in advance, the need for their own design, although the design of the Logo time-consuming effort, but by the end of our design to the site’s tone and style grasp, more controllable.

3, operating products and business scope

phone B2C for example, some companies only >