B2B travel online distribution platform the world room for ten million financing

for the hotel wholesalers and distributors to provide technical services to business world warehouse online distribution solutions has recently completed ten million yuan of PRE-A round of financing, the investment mechanism for this is the pine pine fund fund in the domestic online travel industry’s first investment project.

, headquartered in Shenzhen, was established in June last year to focus on providing online distribution system solutions for hotel wholesalers and distributors.

in the past ten years, penetration of the Internet and mobile Internet on traditional industries are based on "C" to the end (consumers), mainly to the transaction online moved online, to enhance the efficiency of C terminal. Relatively speaking, B terminal which is supplier or stay at a relatively primitive stage.

room CEO Xu Qing believes that in the field of hotel distribution, B end more backward. The hotel rooms or by many wholesalers, taking the paper form records and telephone quote with the The Upper Reaches Hotel and downstream distributors docking, operation mode and business process efficiency, procurement and sales room inventory is not enough time.

is the world warehouse for those who do not have independent research and development of system resources and the capacity of the hotel wholesalers and business rooms to provide a complete set of online distribution technology solutions, and help them with the major online distribution channel docking platform.

warehouse is currently charged to the supplier system annual service fees and charges charged in accordance with the transaction flow. In addition, they can provide data support for the B2B parties, such as Hong Kong and Macao Hotel, room reservation warehouse according to the heat of the next period of time every day, the regional distribution of the hotel, weather conditions and other data, the guidance of Hong Kong and Macao Hotel wholesalers more reasonable pricing, improve the level of revenue management. Xu Qing believes that the future of the housing market will generate more revenue in big data.

pine fund was established in June 2012, the founder of Liu Xiaosong, had an early investment in tencent. The pine in the early stage of investment positioning of Internet and mobile internet project, the focus of attention in the field: mobile games, electricity providers, brand entertainment applications, O2O project etc..