Domestic express intends to open to foreign investment the first license or settled before June

Nandu news reporter Tian Aili had been "not bad", indirect intervention domestic express business foreign express delivery companies this year is expected to reverse the current situation of frustration. The State Post Bureau said in 2012 working conference, the State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng days ago, some foreign enterprises have already submitted the courier business license, the postal department is to accept the application, China will gradually open its domestic express market.

"the State Council has approved the foreign express delivery business in domestic express business, now the State Postal Bureau is in conjunction with the express association to accept wildly beating gongs and drums to access." Recently, a courier industry close to the State Post Bureau revealed to reporters, according to industry spread, is expected to be the first license to operate before June this year will be able to come down.

reporter learned that, in the middle of last month, Deng Bohua, chief operating officer and chief executive officer of international operations, visited China’s State Post Bureau Director, Mr. Ma Junsheng. Earlier FedEx, U PS submitted to the State Post office.

in the first half of this year or the results of

in accordance with the promulgation and implementation of the new postal law in 2009, all express companies must obtain a business license to operate, foreign investment is no exception. At the same time, foreign companies are not allowed to participate in the delivery of letters and documents.

it is bound to open up the domestic express delivery market international express delivery giant hands. U PS executives have said the company domestic express only for part of the existing international delivery requirements, there are Chinese domestic express demand contract customers, but the proportion is very small. Reporters noted that the early years of the U PS had been eyeing Shenzhen D S express, trying to take circuitous policies to expand the domestic express delivery business, but ultimately did not succeed in D. FedEx is relying on its acquisition in China joint venture partner field express network to enter the domestic express business, while D H L has combined before the hands of Sinotrans acquisition of private express, domestic express business development.

at present, the domestic express market in general is still in short supply situation, especially the rapid development of e-commerce, the courier companies to meet market demand brings great pressure. Vice president and Secretary General of the association Chinese express in Dawa before the "2011 Chinese express forum" has revealed that the State Post Bureau is studying to foreign enterprises, further opening up the domestic express delivery market, and plans to release courier operations permits to foreign enterprises in the near future, allowing its operations including "express", "city express a number of courier services.

this year will enter the formal implementation stage. In accordance with the current spread of the industry, said in June this year, it is likely that the first license will be issued a business license." Close to the State Post Express Industry said.

foreign express pleasure and pain

China joint market research data show that in 2010 foreign courier companies accounted for domestic express market share >