Ten optimization methods of B2C e commerce website

with the development of online shopping, online payment of the maturity and recognition, the electronic commerce develops more and more attention, especially the independent B2C e-commerce website without platform restrictions is more popular, so how to optimize the B2C electronic commerce website has become many owners need to understand and apply.

B2C e-commerce website construction mainly in the following ways:

in a mature platform shop, such as Taobao, eBay and so on; yes, have their own technical staff according to the corresponding need to develop; the CMS system use the free open source especially set up electronic mall store system such as ECSHOP, shopex, osCommerce etc.; as for how to set up the electronic commerce website I will introduce my "Search Engine Optimization SEO 1 day".

with the above three ways, naturally have to have corresponding optimization methods, but each kind of different B2C e-commerce website construction has different search engine optimization seo method, to analyze specific issues.

, however, remain the same, here are the ten basic B2C e-commerce website optimization method:

home page optimization, to follow the "web site optimization" principle;

product classification page optimization to product category name as the key words, very good dispersion;

category title is best to "product category name – site name" this form for title;

product details page is best to "product name – category name – site name" this form for title;

product details page to the product name and the corresponding key words to expand keywords;

to solve the problem or session, the address bar, how to try not to dynamic, and do as little as possible;

to generate static, or pseudo static; Web site at the top of the main navigation is simple, easy to click on the sub classification;

at the bottom of the navigation to unify the station, easy to find, to give customers a sense of security;

product classification if more, reasonable arrangement, put the left side is more appropriate, and do not have a customer service hotline what cover;

products lower classification put left, there is a need to pay attention to search engine optimization is not very good, to learn how to use div to realize the display effect is on the left side, but in the source code is pushed back to


B2C e-commerce website optimization is a system work, more than ten SEO optimization method is just about the general introduction about the specific operation, is the need of professional personnel analysis, there are many other details of the special optimization to do, such as how to optimize the shopping flow, how to optimize your shopping cart function, how to optimize the user experience, how to arrange the classification of products, how to write optimized product >