Jingdong transferred to the mother said the official transfer of high quality businesses can be sett

news July 15th, the day before, in micro-blog insiders broke the news, the Jingdong of the strategic deployment of maternal channels, and personal care, feeding, milk powder, diapers category to all proprietary.

sources said the Jingdong have started to call POP platform in maternal businesses, involving the categories of businesses will stop selling.

In addition, Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong, said in micro-blog, not all maternal and child businesses must stop selling, Jingdong will be based on the distinction between the brand to deal with

. There are businesses that Jingdong such acts belong to "burn the bridge after crossing it understand the needs of the market, began to expand its business.

billion state power network connection to the Jingdong to verify the rumors, the official Jingdong does not directly indicate whether it will start its business in the field of maternal and child, but on the platform in the future of the business class of maternal cases were responded.

Jingdong relevant departments, said: the state and the whole society of infant products, product quality and safety are very concerned about the requirements of infant products is also very high. Quality management and Jingdong has always attached great importance to maternal and child products platform settled merchants to control, Jingdong will further strengthen the maternal product platform merchants settled qualifications, purchase channel capacity and quality control review, let more excellent businesses to provide goods and services to consumers more at ease. There is no so-called maternal and child care and feeding businesses shut down all the problems. Later will also be screened high-quality brands settled."

insiders said the move is in order to enhance the Jingdong user experience, combat fakes, and predict the importance of proprietary business will be improved. At the same time, there are businesses pointed out that the standardization of products suitable for self, but it is difficult to self personalized products, and proprietary business will bring a lot of money and inventory pressure.