Online shopping to protect the customer does not go

one thousand Taobao one thousand customers, no matter how fast the electricity supplier who play, electronic commerce or consumer in the world, only endless to meet the different needs of customers in order to achieve the maximum value of electronic commerce. In the increasingly fierce competition in the e-commerce market stage, how to better meet the needs of consumers, access to a strong reputation has become a headache for the majority of the electricity supplier problems.

virtual transactions, consumers are more vulnerable to

Beijing News reported the Ministry of Commerce — survey report released the association in charge of Electronic Commerce Committee China service trade association, the current electricity supplier industry, the overall service level is not high, logistics and distribution services, goods lost, return to emerge in an endless stream of events. 70.99% of consumers do not pay attention to the phenomenon of shopping site map is most concerned about, and of which 54.40% of consumers expressed dissatisfaction with the extent of the map."

looked at the picture dressed like a princess, hand found rough workmanship, inconsistent size." Such complaints often appear in online shopping.

network transaction is invisible real transactions, consumers of all goods rely on the product perception judgment pictures, through image processing technology to cause consumers to buy has become the network business trick. The survey shows that 70.99% of customers are most concerned about the phenomenon of shopping site map, but in which the degree of customer satisfaction with the map expressed a strong dissatisfaction with.

electronic commerce based on Internet, electricity providers are all dreaming of all the people to pull into the virtual shopping platform, the virtual reality completely, the true mingled with the false no separation. We know that when the online shopping just started, businesses provide what buyers can only buy what is sometimes not satisfied with the things you can only buy bad luck. But now, when many businesses in Taobao came to skin, thought it exclaimed Taobao traffic can bring considerable benefits for their bonuses, and customers can not afford to offend, "kiss" to "kiss", not only to be bad. Can be seen, no matter how the business environment changes, customer base is ultimately based on the long-term business.

on the benefits of not going to say NO, no customers do not say YES

e-commerce in our country has been in a period of rapid expansion, the industry has been basically set the rules of operation, the early period of no profit to the end of the chaos war, return to the customer is the ultimate principle. The only immediate, holding each consumer only one single at the deception with luck the merchants finally eliminated the end is universally condemned. Monthly sales break 100 million trading treasure CEO Zhang Xiaowei said the sale of treasure success cannot do without differences in customer demand for the marketing strategy, for example, for different regions of the user, the introduction of different website interface, recommend different goods "and the user behavior data mining and analysis.


Ma Yun busy for a while, even the show, did not buy online shopping? ""