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Judge praises sexassault victim sentences womans former supervisor

first_imgHALIFAX – He was her supervisor and sexually abused her for months — repeatedly groping her and making sexual comments, all under the guise of joking around.Now a 51-year-old Halifax man has been sentenced to eight months for sexual assault — and the judge is praising the courage of the young woman, who couldn’t get other managers to help her.“The victim, in spite of an unsupportive business environment in terms of her sexual abuse complaint, came forward with her complaint. This was courageous,” said Judge Marc Chisholm of Halifax provincial court.Chisholm handed down a sentence of eight months’ incarceration to be served conditionally. The judge said he would take submissions on those conditions but such a sentence often entails house arrest.The man pleaded guilty to two sex-assault charges, for incidents during the 2015 Christmas holidays.His name, and that of the victim, are protected under a publication ban. The firm’s name was redacted from the written ruling.The young woman, who is in her mid-20s, is still suffering from his abuse, the judge said.One of the incidents was caught on video — he was seen pulling her onto his lap, and putting his hand under her skirt. A few days later, he asked for a hug and fondled her breasts.The judge noted the man often remarked on her appearance, and told her he’d like to have sex with her. One time, he tickled her until she dropped to the ground.“On at least one occasion, he opened her blouse and looked down at her breasts,” said Chisholm. “On every occasion (she) told the accused no or stop.”The judge also heard from another young female employee who described being hoisted over the man’s shoulder, having to fight him off as he slid his hand up her skirt.In an effort to get him to stop, the women noted there were cameras recording the scene, but he told them he controlled the recordings, the judge said.Both women complained to a manager, the judge said, but “their complaints fell on deaf ears.”A written version of Chisholm’s sentence, handed down Sept. 15, was released on Friday.The judge said the victim in the sex-assault case has suffered psychologically. She felt alone and vulnerable, and told him she suffers from PTSD.“She stated that she was confused, in disbelief, fearful, uncertain what to do. The accused was a much older man, a supervisor at her workplace, who abused his position of authority,” Chisholm said.“She voiced her objection to the accused. She told the accused no, to stop. He repeatedly ignored her objections.”Chisholm noted the man was fired, but has since been hired elsewhere, and is even up for promotion. The defence presented 10 reference letters praising his work ethic and honesty.The man apologized, and said he never meant to hurt anyone.“The accused portrayed his conduct as joking around which, on occasions, went too far. He said he is not a bad person,” said the judge.“I do not accept that the accused was joking around and just went too far. His behaviour was a pattern of abuse which he knew she objected to and he continued unabated.”The accused — who has a common-law wife and four children — is a permanent resident of Canada, and faces possible deportation.The defence had sought a conditional discharge, but Chisholm said that wouldn’t properly denounce his behaviour.“Women’s sexual integrity must be respected. Sentences for persons who sexually assault a woman must reflect this,” he said.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version wrongly said the sentence was to be served on weekends.last_img read more

ChineseCanadians have varying reactions to Canadas handling of Huawei case

first_imgVANCOUVER — As an international story about a Chinese tech executive wanted by the United States began unfolding from a Vancouver courtroom, the phone lines for a local Mandarin-language radio program began lighting up.AM1320 host Sunny Chan said calls have doubled to his afternoon program after Meng Wanzhou’s arrest Dec. 1 while she was changing flights at the Vancouver airport.“I cut some of the calls because we don’t have time,” Chan said.Meng, who is chief financial officer for Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, was released on $10 million bail on Tuesday. She is facing possible extradition to the U.S. over allegations she and her company misled banks about business dealings in Iran. Meng has denied the allegations in court through her lawyer.The story has sparked varying reactions within a diverse population that identifies as Chinese-Canadian, ranging from recent immigrants to lifetime Canadian citizens. Some, like the callers to Chan’s program, are passionately critical of Canada’s actions, while others say they fully support the judicial process.“My feeling is that the Chinese-Canadian community is divided,” said Guo Ding, a commentator and producer at OMNI BC Mandarin News.“One group of people, they criticize Canada, they say, ‘Well, America is just closely linked,’ ” he said. “Another group, they think we have to respect the law because Canada is a country of law.”Those opinions also tend to fall along regional lines, he said, with those from mainland China supporting Meng and those from Hong Kong or Taiwan supporting her extradition. Ding said he believes the split is about 50-50. Meng is being held on a provisional warrant and the United States has 60 days from the time of her arrest to make an extradition request.On Chan’s program, eight or nine out of every 10 calls shared the perspective that Canada has erred in its handling of the case, he said.“Most of them are overwhelmingly supportive of China’s call for Meng to be released,” Chan said.The general perception is that Meng has been treated poorly, he said.One called Canada a “fool” for becoming involved in a trade dispute between China and the United States. Most see the case as politically driven, especially after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested he could intervene in the case if it would help reach a trade deal with China. “I think some are very emotional. Some are very angry,” he said.Protesters who gathered outside the court holding signs in support of Meng appeared to share that opinion, with one saying Canada is helping the United States do its “dirty work” by arresting her.Protester Ada Yu, who lives in Vancouver and is originally from China, said the case against Meng appears to be politically motivated. Yu said Meng’s arrest is a violation of a Chinese citizen’s legal rights.But Cheuk Kwan, a spokesman for the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, said he believes most Chinese-Canadians are just observing from the sidelines and, if anything, are supportive of Canada’s actions.“There’s obviously a faction of the Chinese-Canadian community who are in full fledged support of what China’s causes or grievances are, so it’s not surprising they would come out and protest the arrest of Ms. Meng Wanzhou,” Cheuk Kwan said.“But I would say those are in the minority.”Kwan questioned whether media coverage of the protesters has amplified their voices in a way that skews how common their perspective is.“The majority of people are quietly saying ‘Look, this is Canada, we have our sovereignty, we have our judicial process, we’re not going to be bullied by China.’”As China’s largest tech company, Huawei has become a symbol of national pride for some, so the perception that it is under attack by Western forces has inspired resistance among those factions who believe Meng should not have been detained.“It rouses up a bit more of a nationalistic kind of fervour. This is no different from what happened with the 2008 Olympics in Beijing,” said Kwan, adding that many Chinese-Canadians were divided on whether the Games should be boycotted because of a history of human rights abuses in the country or celebrated as evidence of China’s progress.On a personal level, he said he believes Canada has reacted entirely appropriately.“I think Canada has handled it as best as it could, because we believe in the independence of the judiciary. Let the judge worry about whether the Americans have proof or not,” he said.“We have a treaty with the U.S. we need to respect and if there’s a legitimate request and it’s proven with sufficient proof, then we need to extradite her back to the U.S.”Steven Shi, senior adviser to the University of British Columbia’s Chinese Students Association, said while he couldn’t speak on behalf of the entire club, the members of its executive have discussed the case.They generally respect Meng as a strong female business leader and found her arrest “abrupt,” he said. However, their main concern is that the case might contribute to mounting tensions in a trade war between the United States and China.“Because quite a few of those students are business students, they are a bit concerned with the treatment this will bring and the possibility of prolonging a trade war between the two countries,” Shi said.Amy Smart, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Deadline for cabinet to decide future of Trans Mountain expansion is today

first_imgThe project was mostly reviewed during the tenure of the former government. After the Liberals came to power in 2016, they extended the review period for the pipeline to undertake additional Indigenous consultations and asked the NEB to also look at the impact the pipeline would have on greenhouse gas emissions. It was still not enough to satisfy the court.If cabinet approves the expansion again, it may impose some additional conditions on the pipeline to address the concerns of Indigenous communities, including possibly changing the route in some places. The NEB added 16 more conditions in February when it recommended approval after considering the impacts of marine shipping.Ottawa is under intense pressure from the energy sector and the Alberta government to approve the pipeline. They argue existing pipelines are at capacity and the oil sands need more ways to get product to market. There is also pressure on the government because Ottawa bought the existing pipeline almost a year ago for $4.5 billion, when Kinder Morgan Canada investors got cold feet.The company didn’t want to proceed after multiple court challenges from environment groups, Indigenous communities and in 2018, the newly elected NDP government in British Columbia. So Ottawa stepped in to buy the pipeline and planned to expand it and then sell it back to the private sector.The court decision upended that plan.READ MORE: Oil and gas sector cautious as clock ticks down to TMX decisionThe existing pipeline was built more than 60 years ago and runs 1,150-km between Edmonton and Burnaby, B.C. The expansion, first proposed seven years ago by Kinder Morgan Canada, seeks to build a second pipeline roughly parallel to the first. Eleven per cent of the route for the expansion requires new rights of way to be established.Conservative House leader Candice Bergen is skeptical even with government approval that construction will get underway on the expansion.“Over the last four years, though, the Prime Minister has done everything in his power to destroy jobs in Canada’s energy sectors,” Bergen said.New Democrat MP Peter Julian said Monday he was expecting a “rubber stamp approval” of the project. The NDP, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, and major Canadian environment lobby groups, argue that the Liberals can’t approve the project if they have any real intention of meeting Canada’s climate change commitments.Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the government not only intends to meet existing commitments on emissions but to exceed them in line with the requirements that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says are needed to keep the planet from getting too hot.The National Energy Board in 2016 said the production of another 590,000 barrels of oil to hit the capacity of the twinned pipeline could generate 14-17 million more tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. However the board warned that production may happen with or without the pipeline.Canada’s current commitment under the Paris climate change accord is to cut emissions to 513 million tonnes annually. In 2017, the most recent year the measurement is available, emissions were 716 million tonnes. The Alberta oil sands accounted for about 70 million tonnes of that.To meet the United Nations’ suggested targets, Canada would have to get to closer to 385 million tonnes. OTTAWA — The federal government is widely expected to green light the Trans Mountain expansion project a second time today but, even with a Yes vote, construction is likely weeks, if not months away.The federal cabinet will be reconsidering the project at its weekly meeting this morning, nine months after the Federal Court of Appeal shelved the original approval. Any decision isn’t likely to be announced until after the markets close for the day.International Trade Minister Jim Carr said Monday, the pipeline decision is “very significant.”“It’s all about moving our resources to export markets but doing it in a responsible and sustainable way in consultation with Indigenous communities and with an eye on environmental stewardship,” he said. “Those are the pillars we have been talking about and that we will honour and continue to honour.”Construction halted after the court decision last summer.Trans Mountain Canada, the federal Crown corporation now running the pipeline and which will oversee the expansion, said in a statement Monday that an updated construction schedule for the project won’t happen unless the government approves the project. Construction also won’t restart immediately.“There are regulatory and commercial steps that need to be completed before we can get shovels in the ground, including re-mobilizing the contractors, distributing required notifications and ensuring we’ve met all our pre-construction conditions,” the statement said.READ MORE: Majority of B.C. residents support Trans Mountain: pollThe government approved the expansion in 2016 but after the court decision last summer, Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi ordered the National Energy Board to look at the impacts more oil tankers will have on marine life and hired former Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci to oversee a new round of consultations with 117 affected Indigenous communities.The court cited a failure on both those fronts as the reasons for overturning the original cabinet approval.Sohi said Monday the government has been moving ever since the court decision last August, and blamed the former Conservative government for the delay.“One of the reasons that project was stalled is that when the process of review was started in 2013 under Stephen Harper’s government, Conservatives failed to include the impact of marine shipping on the marine environment,” said Sohi.“We are changing that. We are engaging with Indigenous communities in the right way to move forward on the project.” Mia Rabson, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Morocco Enhances Pharmaceutical Sector with New Production Facility

Rabat – Morocco inaugurated on Saturday a new metered dose inhalers’ (MDI) production facility in Ain Aouda, near Rabat. The factory that represents a 60 MDH investment, is the first of its kind to open in Morocco, according to state-owned media outlet Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).Cipla Morocco, subsidiary of the Indian pharmaceutical group, Cipla Ltd, is responsible of the production facility and plans to produce 15 different MDIs among which eleven will be commercialised for the first time in Morocco. The 4,000 square meter facility is set to produce over 1.5 million MDIs annually.The investment is the result of cooperation between Cipla Ltd and Moroccan pharmaceutical firms Pharmaceutical Institute, and Cooper Pharma which pushed for the offshoring of MDIs manufacturing. Morocco is striving to further develop the pharmaceutical industry, which grew quite significantly over the last years. According to Anas Doukkali in a speech at the inauguration of the production facility, Morocco covers over 70% of the national health system’s needs, and exports 10% of global national production to Sub-Saharan African, European, Scandinavian, and Gulf states.The country already counts 50 production facilities and is currently striving to attract more investments in the sector. read more

California wildfire risk motivates newsrooms to collaborate

REDDING, Calif. — After the Carr Fire tore through our community of Redding, California, last summer, we mostly avoided the “what if” question.Lines of cars tried to get out of the neighbourhoods near the Sacramento River. A fire whirl the likes of which few had ever seen — a towering beast with 143-mph winds, the strength of an EF3 tornado — bore down on us.It stopped just short of the cars that crept along, bumper to bumper.What if it hadn’t stopped?That was in late July, and by November, we had an answer.When the Camp Fire struck, people in Paradise, 85 miles south of Redding, didn’t have time to get out. The cars were found in burned-out lines. Eight bodies were recovered from vehicles, two others were found near vehicles, and dozens of other people never made it out of their houses.In all, 85 people perished. This is how bad it can be.Tragedy, as we all know, brings people together. Journalists are no exception.After the Paradise fire, Sacramento Bee Editor Lauren Gustus drove to Chico to meet with David Little, then editor of the Chico Enterprise-Record. Gustus is the top editor for McClatchy’s western papers, and the Enterprise-Record is part of MediaNews, which publishes papers throughout the state.They decided the critical issues surrounding wildfire in California were big enough to merit an ambitious partnership.Soon the USA TODAY Network, where I work, and the Associated Press joined. We would tackle the issue from several critical perspectives. Our goal is to illuminate problems and point to potential solutions. We wanted to spark life-and-death policy discussions and to inspire Californians to get involved, to hold their leaders accountable and protect their own families and communities.Two weeks ago, the first collaborative stories revealed the extent to which construction standards determine the destruction or survival of homes. These articles incorporated sophisticated data analysis, identifying 10 California communities at high risk as the next dry season arrives.The second half of our reporting work is focused on how we get out.In California, there are no statewide standards for evacuation planning, and most of the high-risk communities we surveyed had either no plan of their own or had one that was minimal or secret. A data analysis showed many existing exit routes are inadequate.More traffic jams like those in Redding and Paradise are nearly inevitable, and they will happen throughout the state.But the problem need not paralyze us.We hope after reading these stories you’ll feel more empowered to take action. California can’t afford to live through another year like the one we just had. And we must do better at getting people to safety when the fires do come.___Silas Lyons is the executive editor for USA TODAY Network newsrooms in Northern California, Nevada and Utah. The USA TODAY Network includes The Redding Record Searchlight, The Reno Gazette Journal, The Ventura County Star, The Salinas Californian, The Visalia Times-Delta and The Desert Sun in Palm Springs.Silas Lyons, The Associated Press read more

Drought hunger forcing thousands to flee southern Madagascar– UN agency

“A dramatic crisis is unfolding in the south due to the worsening drought,” Bodo Henze, WFP Country Director for Madagascar, said yesterday. “About 80 percent of harvests have failed and most people have sold their livestock and even their cooking utensils to raise money to buy food, and in extreme cases, to migrate to other areas where survival is more certain.”WFP has already been targeting 175,000 people affected by the drought in the south as part of a larger emergency appeal for Madagascar – one of the poorest 40 nations in the world, where the majority of the population survive on less than $1 per day – that was launched last November. However, the appeal has only been 52 per cent funded, forcing WFP to focus on only 55,000 of the most vulnerable people.“We need a much better response from donors because clearly food needs do not go away if they are not addressed,” Mr. Henze said. “Furthermore, we need to get food moving now before more people are forced to leave their homes and before malnutrition rates start soaring in all districts and before we’re appealing for donors to fund a national emergency.”The Government estimates some 600,000 people are now in urgent need of food assistance. An estimated 12,000 people have already moved from the district of Ambovombe and another 5,000 from the district of Tsihombe. In addition, an estimated 30 per cent of children in some areas are showing signs of moderate to severe malnutrition.The drought has been exacerbated by lower-than-expected rainfall during the planting season. As a result, WFP now estimates it will need at least an additional 8,000 tons of food as traditional foods such as cactus fruit and reserves of cassava, manioc, sweet potato and maize have nearly all been consumed.WFP’s November appeal included $8.1 million to buy 18,400 tons of food for 395,000 people affected by political crisis, cyclones Kesiny and Fari , as well as the 175,000 people that were affected by drought in the south at that time.WFP has already sent 1,090 tons of pre-positioned food to the worst affected districts of the south. A further 4,463 tons, donated by the United States and European Union, are expected to arrive in the next few months. However, this will mean diverting funds from other parts of the emergency appeal to meet the needs of the south. read more

UN envoy warns Afghanistans disarmament programme in serious jeopardy

In a statement welcoming the handover yesterday of 400 heavy and light weapons by a former mujahideen commander, the head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), Jean Arnault, also expressed serious concern that the Afghan Defence Ministry’s plan to disarm some 40,000 irregular fighters by 30 June has otherwise stalled.”There is no valid reason to delay the implementation of this important Government initiative,” his spokesman, Manoel de Almeida e Silva, said at a press briefing in the capital, Kabul. “The military units that are to be decommissioned or downsized…are not active in the protection of the country’s security – neither in combating terrorism nor in fighting organized crime or drug trafficking.”Quite the contrary,” he added, “many of them have been, in the past two years, involved in factional fighting, which is a continuing cause of instability – and of suffering for the communities affected by it.”The Defence Ministry adopted the plan at the end of March, but five weeks on, the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) programme has not yet started, and, according to Mr. de Almeida e Silva, “the possibility that it will be completed in time is now in very serious jeopardy.”Less than two weeks ago, UNAMA voiced concern that some militia commanders were slow in handing over lists of their soldiers, posing potential stumbling blocks to efforts to begin the programme in earnest.Mr. de Almeida e Silva stressed that the plan had been “no small factor” behind the confidence and support expressed by the international community at a donor conference held in March in Berlin – where some $8.2 billion was pledged towards Afghanistan’s reconstruction over the next three years, with $4.4 billion set aside for the first year. “Further stalling of the DDR programme is bound to have very negative consequences,” he warned.”The Afghan people know from bitter experience that the country will not enjoy lasting peace until rival armies have demobilized and been replaced by one national army under central government control,” he said. “They have stressed again and again that a national election could be a genuine exercise in free political choice only after guns cease to be a tool for influence and interference in the hands of local power holders.” read more

Kinder Morgan says BC spill plan not required to be public unlike

VANCOUVER – An emergency response plan for the proposed $5.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will remain secret in British Columbia — even though a similar plan was recently made public in Washington state.Kinder Morgan president Ian Anderson defended his company’s decision to publish a heavily redacted version in B.C., saying disclosure of the plan wasn’t required by the National Energy Board.“We in no way want to have this perceived lack of transparency around our emergency response plans as any indication of us wanting to hide anything or keep anything a secret,” Anderson said Friday.“There are very real security concerns that we have with respect to posting our full and complete plans where critical valves and critical access points to the system are delineated.”He said regulation is different in neighbouring Washington, where the Department of Ecology recently published online Kinder Morgan’s detailed emergency response plan for that section of the pipeline.The company has promised to make its full emergency response plan available to the B.C. government, as well as municipalities and first responders along the pipeline route — but not to the public.Anderson said he’s aware of the public’s concerns about transparency and vowed his company would work with industry and regulators to define the public disclosure of response plans in the future.The NEB rejected a demand from the B.C. government in January to compel Kinder Morgan to provide more information about its emergency response plan. A number of municipalities, First Nations and environmental groups supported the province’s request.But a spokesman with the energy board said Friday that although the government’s request was declined in this case, the board would like energy companies in Canada to make their emergency response plans public for existing pipelines.“Our chairman is not very happy that there’s a lack of transparency around these emergency response plans,” Darin Barter said. “Canadians deserve to have that information. There’s a public will for that information. Industry needs to find a way to make that information public.”Companies are not required to disclose their emergency response plans under Canadian law. Barter said the board is not calling for a legislative change, but for a commitment from industry to be more transparent.He said chairman Peter Watson sent a letter on Feb. 5 about the issue to the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association. A spokesman for the association said it received the letter and will be discussing how to meet the NEB’s expectations.The proposed Trans Mountain expansion would triple the bitumen-carrying capacity with the laying of almost 1,000 kilometres of new pipe near a pre-existing pipeline that runs from Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C.In Washington, the pipeline would cross through to Puget Sound. The state’s Department of Ecology posted Kinder Morgan’s emergency response plan online between Jan. 9 and Feb. 18 as part of a public consultation process. Members of the public remain free to request it at any time, said preparedness section manager Linda Pilkey-Jarvis.The 383-page document includes information about every section of the pipeline, including wall thickness, where it crosses water and peak volumes. It also details response timelines, locations of shutoff valves and “worst case scenarios” for different areas.B.C.’s Environment Ministry said the province continues to call on Kinder Morgan to release more information about its emergency management program.A statement from the ministry said the company has committed to consult with the province, as well as other parties, in developing its emergency management program.— Follow @ellekane on Twitter. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Laura Kane, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 20, 2015 5:56 pm MDT Kinder Morgan says B.C. spill plan not required to be public, unlike Washington read more

Five poliofree years in SouthEast Asia Region announces UN health agency

“This is a remarkable achievement in view of the continued threat of poliovirus importation from the remaining polio-endemic countries,” said World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, in a statement. “Countries in the region have been making commendable efforts, stepping up vigilance against polio and continuing to protect children against the crippling virus,” he added, noting that the last case of wild poliovirus reported by WHO in the South-East Asia Region was in West Bengal, India, in 2011. The UN agency is underlining that completing half a decade without any case of wild poliovirus is “yet another achievement” and a reminder that efforts need to continue until the disease is eradicated globally. “We need to ensure that our efforts and investment over the years to eradicate polio do not go to waste,” warned Dr. Singh. “Globally, polio transmission is at its lowest ever levels. However, the risk of importation of the poliovirus into all polio-free areas persists.” As part of the Polio End Game strategy, a long-term plan that addresses what is needed to deliver a polio-free world by 2018, countries in the region are accelerating the introduction of one dose of injectable inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) in childhood immunization schedules, along with plans for a globally synchronized, phased and sequential withdrawal of oral polio vaccines from the programme. WHO says these strategies are aimed at addressing all polio – including the rare cases of vaccine derived polio. “Our efforts to stop polio and now to keep the region polio-free, have been possible due to numerous innovative strategies that helped strengthen immunization and disease surveillance, and promote community ownership,” Dr. Singh explained. “While these lessons learnt are now being adopted by the remaining endemic areas, countries in the region need to replicate these strategies and optimally use the polio programme resources for other public health goals, particularly in the areas of immunization, surveillance and emergency response.” He added that a polio-free world “is in sight,” and that the international community must continue to make efforts to rid the world of the “crippling disease.” WHO’s South-East Asia Region comprises Bangladesh, Bhutan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor-Leste. read more

Brock Media Clips for Monday July 30

Here’s a look at some of the media attention Brock University received recently.Tiny robot made of gold could help with tuberculosis treatment: Brock researchers created a microscopic robot that has the potential to identify drug resistance to tuberculosis faster than conventional tests. Newsweek wrote about the project, which aims to help solve a complicated problem in tuberculosis treatment. Also covering the story was India Today.Geologist leads effort to update Earth’s geologic time scale: Three geological time periods during which the Earth saw significant environmental changes have now been made official thanks to the work of an international subcommission chaired by Brock University Earth Sciences Professor Martin Head. covered the news.Brock University student digs her way through Cuban history: Caroline Jovetic, a Brock Classics student, went on her first archeological dig in Cuba in hopes of uncovering a piece of the country’s history of slavery in the 19th century. CBC Hamilton wrote a story about her experience.Vineyards welcome hot and dry weather: Jim Willwerth, a senior scientist in Brock’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute was quoted in a CBC Hamilton article about the impact the summer’s dry, hot weather is having on vineyards.Brock names first director of human rights and equity: Brock has appointed its first Director of Human Rights and Equity, Leela MadhavaRau, who will take on new role, effective Sept. 5. Niagara This Week wrote an article about the new position.Kissi joins Raptors 905: Brock men’s basketball coach Charles Kissi’s one-year leave to become an assistant coach for Raptors 905 — the NBA G League affiliate of the Toronto Raptors — was featured in a story by BP Sports Niagara.Brock summer orientation aims to assist new students: The benefits of the University’s summer orientation programs were highlighted in a St. Catharines Standard article. Fourth-year Political Science and Sociology student Kailene Jackson was quoted in the story, sharing her experience as a participant and program leader.Celebrating cool-climate Chardonnay: A story by The Grower looking at cool-climate Chardonnay quoted senior scientists Jim Willwerth and Belinda Kemp, both from Brock’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute.If you know of an appearance or story about a Brock faculty member, student, athlete or alumni, please drop us a line with a link to the story at read more

New Zealand Wine To Display Carbon Footprint On Label

first_imgA New Zealand wine has become the first in the world to list its carbon footprint directly on its label. Every bottle of Mobius Marlborough sauvignon blanc will display what the carbon footprint for each 125ml glass, letting consumers know exactly how much carbon emissions it took to get the wine into their glass.What’s especially interesting is that the number changes depending on where the bottle is being shipped to. For instance, a bottle sold in New Zealand will list its carbon emissions per glass at 140g CO2, while those sold in neighboring Australia will list 190g. Meanwhile countries that are much farther away, such as the UK or US, will feature much higher numbers.AdChoices广告Via The Guardian.last_img read more

Cargo TK Bremen les travaux de démantèlement commence demain

first_imgCargo TK Bremen : les travaux de démantèlement commence demain Les travaux de déconstruction du cargo TK Bremen, échoué le 16 décembre sur la plage d’Erdeven suite à la tempête Joachim, ne débuteront que demain. Le site doit être complètement réhabilité avant le 6 avril prochain, date limite fixée par les autorités.On n’attend plus que l’installation de la grue sur la plage d’Erdeven pour démanteler les 2.000 tonnes de ferraille constituant le cargo. Elle “sera terminée jeudi soir et les travaux de démolition pourront commencer soit jeudi soir soit vendredi matin”, a expliqué le préfet maritime de l’Atlantique Jean-Pierre Labonne. “La déconstruction se fera de l’avant vers l’arrière” du bateau, a-t-il également précisé. Les plus gros blocs, de 10 à 20 tonnes chacun, seront cisaillés en premier puis posés sur une plateforme de travail, sur la plage de Kerminihy.À lire aussiTempête Joaquim : des dizaines d’oiseaux mazoutés recueillis Au total, l’opération de démantèlement du cargo de 109 mètres, “ne devrait pas dépasser trois semaines”, estimait hier sur place le capitaine de frégate Marc Gamber. Toutefois, elle nécessitera l’intervention de quarante hommes qui travailleront en se relayant 7 jours sur 7 et 24 heures sur 24, à moins que la météo ne s’en mêle. Les intempéries pourraient en effet retarder l’avancée des travaux. Par ailleurs, tout est entrepris pour préserver le site classé Natura 2000. “La décision a été prise de ne pas désamianter à bord du navire ou sur la plage” mais sur un site spécialisé à Caudan, a déclaré Mireille Créno-Chauveau, la directrice de l’unité territoriale de la Direction régionale des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation et du travail. De plus, le chantier, dirigé par l’entreprise néerlandaise EuroDémolition et financé par l’assureur de l’armateur, reste toujours sous la surveillance de la gendarmerie, afin qu’elle assure la protection du site et qu’elle empêche les curieux de piétiner les dunes des alentours. Des barrières de 2 mètres de haut délimitent d’ailleurs toujours un périmètre de sécurité.Le 5 janvier 2012 à 12:40 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Geek Pick Beats Powerbeats Pro Are the Better Apple Earphones

first_img Here’s a tech conspiracy theory for you. Did Apple make AirPods bad on purpose? Think about it. When people aren’t talking about AirPods as obnoxious self-branding fashion accessory, they are talking about the device’s shortcomings as practical wireless headphones. And what does Apple gain? The ability to offer a better but even more expensive alternative, the $250 Beats Powerbeats Pro. Geek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone KitGeek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls Stay on target Geek Pick: JBL PartyBox 300 Is a Huge Karaoke SpeakerGeek Pick: Apple AirPods 2 Let You Take Your Beats On The GoGeek Pick: Dell XPS 13 Leads Dell’s Computex 2019 Lineup We didn’t mean to make you paranoid. Even before AirPods you could expect to pay premium for Beats branding. And even without the comparison to its Apple siblings, these wireless earphones impress.Powerbeats Pro wrap around your ears with a fit that’s deep and secure. You won’t have to be anxious about them falling out during a workout. The light water resistance will also protect against sweat. The H1 chip makes it easy to pair with iOS devices. And while we aren’t fans of the auto-play feature that triggers when you put these on, the mirrored controls on both sides are otherwise very intuitive.And considering these are audio products hip-hop legend Dr. Dre continues to put his name on, the Beats Powerbeats Pro feature exceptional audio quality. The bass packs a lot of power without compromising the full range for the headphones to go higher. Our reviewer noted that the sound signature sounds “sculpted” in how it highlights vocals over the rest of the track, but this kind of meddling will only bother you if you’re looking for the purest version of the source music.For more on the Beats Powerbeats Pro check out the extensive review on our sister site For more cool audio tech check out the Marshall Stanmore II Voice and this Ikea/Sonic speaker/lamp.More on read more

Gracia not focused on qualifying for Europe

first_imgAhead of Chelsea’s visit at Vicarage Road on Wednesday, Watford manager Javi Gracia says qualifying for European football is not in his radar.Watford are currently seventh in the Premier League table after their 2-0 win at West Ham on Saturday, but manager Gracia has dismissed any talks of qualifying for European football next season.“I prefer to work day by day, to enjoy the road, every moment, not only one result, not just at the end of the season, I like to compete with all the teams,” Gracia told Sky Sports.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“Like against West Ham [Watford won 2-0], they have a very good coach, very good players, we are in a good moment and we can compete with all of them.“Against Chelsea will be the same, I prefer to think that way than to focus only on the position of the table because we are in December and football changes day by day.”last_img read more

PAGCOR boss declares support for Manila Strip casino concept

first_img“And we’ve given them that, which means that there cannot be any casino operating, another casino operating there, until after February 2022 which is just about the end of the term of this administration.“But I really think there should be a critical mass in Entertainment City making the area more contiguous and each IR more accessible. I really believe that.”Domingo’s comments come after President Rodrigo Duterte effectively blacklisted a potential fifth operator, Landing International, by ruling invalid a land deal for its proposed US$1.5 billion NayonLanding integrated resort. Duterte fired the entire board of Landing’s local partner, Nayong Pilipino Foundation, on the same day as the company held its groundbreaking ceremony in August before later ruling the land lease deal for a plot of land between Solaire and Okada Manila invalid.Domingo told IAG she “cannot tell” if more operators will be welcomed into Entertainment City in future because “land is very limited there.”“There’s new land in nearby areas and if the President, or the next President, will lift the moratorium, but I cannot foretell what will happen,” she said. G2E Asia officially announces new Philippines expo RelatedPosts Load More PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Andrea Domingo has revealed that she supports the idea of creating a casino cluster, similar to that found along the Las Vegas Strip or Macau’s Cotai Strip, in Manila’s Entertainment City precinct. But that dream looks unlikely to become reality anytime soon due to opposition from current operators.Asked about the concept of creating a cluster in an exclusive interview to appear in the upcoming October edition of Inside Asian Gaming, Domingo said, “I wanted to do that, but the four original IRs there are very adamant in having, you know … they’re opposed to a fifth operator and they’re asking for the moratorium of five years for the industry to mature. Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August PAGCOR revenue to hit Php75 billion in 2020last_img read more

Towns Economic Development Committee Ice Rink Recreational Facility Committee Begin To Meet

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Town Manager Jeff Hull recently highlighted the work of two new town committees — the Economic Development Committee and the Ice Rink & Recreational Facility Committee — and the recently revived Inhabitant By-law Study Committee — in his quarterly Town Topics column:The Inhabitant By-law Study Committee is resuming work to complete a review of the Town’s Inhabitant By-laws. These by-laws cover a wide variety of topics including the date and time for Annual Town Meeting, the requirement that residents recycle, the process for disposition of town owned property, and procedures for earth removal to name a few examples. In cities these local laws are referred to as ordinances. Changing the Inhabitant By-laws requires a majority vote at a future town meeting. This committee is advisory in nature and is expected to make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen which may lead to articles being placed on a future town meeting warrant.It is expected that the first topic of discussion for the Inhabitant By-Law Study Committee will be whether to recommend a change in the date of annual town meeting. Currently the Inhabitant By-laws state that the annual town meeting “…be held at ten-thirty a.m. on the Saturday following the Election of Town Officers in the year for which the warrant is drawn.” Town elections are held on the fourth Saturday of April meaning that annual town meetings are currently held on either the last Saturday in April or the first Saturday in May. Suggestions have ranged from scheduling the annual town meeting to take place on one or more week nights to scheduling the meeting to occur earlier in the calendar year.The Board of Selectmen has appointed an Economic Development Committee to assess the current state of business in Wilmington and make recommendations to the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen about initiatives to pursue. Questions that the committee is expected to address are whether the Town should encourage a greater level of business activity and whether the Town should seek to encourage a different mix of businesses than currently exists. With vacancies existing for an extended period of time along the high visibility corridor of Route 38/Main Street, the committee will seek to develop an understanding of the factors including the private sector retail economy and the local government environment that may be contributing to these vacancies.Following the disposition of the court case involving the Elinor M. Ristuccia Arena the Town’s high school hockey program and youth hockey program continue to face the challenge of having a place to call “home ice.” The groups are seeking to have access to ice time that meets the demands of their programs, at times that are predictable and consistent and at rates in line with other ice rinks in the area. Additionally, there is a desire to investigate the opportunity for creating an indoor recreational facility either in conjunction with an ice rink or as a future expansion to a rink facility. Such an indoor recreational facility might offer batting cages or space for soccer, basketball, lacrosse or other activities. Selectmen have appointed a committee to evaluate the options for addressing these needs and report back to them with their results and recommendations.As Town Topics goes to print, these committees are expected to have held their first meeting and will meet monthly. The meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend. Agendas are posted by the Town Clerk’s office on a bulletin board at Town Hall and on the Town’s website at Input from residents is strongly encouraged.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE GETS TO WORK: 20 Building Projects Happening In Town RIGHT NOWIn “Business”SELECTMEN NOTEBOOK: 6 MORE Things That Happened At This Month’s Selectmen’s MeetingIn “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: New Board Has First Disagreement When Choosing Its Representative To Town Ice Rink CommitteeIn “Government”last_img read more

Ajiths Nerkonda Paarvai hit by piracy film leaked online before its theatrical

first_imgA movie still from Ajith Kumar’s Nerkonda Paarvai.PR HandoutAjith Kumar’s much-awaited movie Nerkonda Paarvai has been hit by piracy. The Tamil film has apparently made it to internet through backdoors following its overseas premiere.Nerkonda Paarvai had its special premiere in Singapore on Tuesday, 6 August. “I am truly blessed 9am IST today Premiere Show of @nerkondapaarvai will start in Singapore. I have managed to fullfil my wife Sridevi Kapoor’s dream It couldn’t have been possible without the support of #AjithKumar #HVinoth, entire cast & technicians. I shall always cherish this. [sic]” producer Boney Kapoor had announced about the special show.Unfortunately, the Tamil flick is believed to be leaked from the premiere in Singapore despite precautionary measures taken by the makers of the film. The low-quality video of Nerkonda Paarvai was uploaded by miscreants on social media sites, while the fans, who watched the film in the premiere, posted short clips of the key moments in the film on Twitter and Facebook.However, the team flung into action quickly to remove the illegal leaks. The fans of Ajith too have joined the hands to prevent the clips of the movie, directed by H Vinoth, emerging illegally online.Celebrities like Anjana Rangan are asking people not to encourage piracy. “It is so difficult to make a film and especially releasing it in theatres! So many families are affected by piracy. Piracy is equal to killing cinema and those who are dependent on it!! Pls dont share videos of NKP #SayNoToPiracy #NerKondaPaarvai #nkp. [sic]” she tweeted.Ajith Kumar’s Nerkonda Paarvai will have its theatrical release on Thursday, 8 August. The film, which is a remake of Hindi hit movie Pink, has Vidya Balan, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami Venkatachalam and Andrea Tariang in the key roles.last_img read more

Houston Summer Jobs Program Offers Summer Paid Internships

first_img 00:00 /00:47 – / 2Students between 16 and 24 can get real-world work experience in the “Hire Houston Youth” program in areas ranging from the Houston Police and Fire Departments to Information Technology. Mayor Sylvester Turner started the program in 2016 with 450 summer jobs that first year. The goal this summer is for 7,500 paid intern positions. To accomplish that, the mayor wants employers to step up.“I’m asking local companies and non-profits to sign up on the ‘Hire Houston Youth’ website. And finally, I’m asking Houston youth to visit to fill out your application for a summer job,” said Turner.The mayor said these summer jobs are not really about the money, but more about establishing a strong work ethic. Applications are being accepted through March 16th. When you dream big, big things can happen. In @HoustonTX if you can dream it you can do it! I encourage all Houston youth to apply for a summer job through EMPLOYERS: sponsor a young person at @HireHOUYouth— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) February 19, 2018 Mayor @SylvesterTurner & employers announce higher goal for this summer’s Hire Houston Youth— City of Houston (@HoustonTX) February 19, 2018 Xcenter_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share Listen Young people: apply for a summer job! Employers: find out how you can support youth employment here @HireHOUYouth— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) February 19, 2018last_img read more

202Creates Continues To Pave The Way For Creatives in The District

first_imgBy Charise Wallace, Special to the AFROForget hitting the town in Atlanta, Los Angeles, or New York where music, entertainment, film and more are widely known as the places to find creatives. Now, Washington, D.C.’s “202Creates” offers an opportunity for unique talent to dominate the industry.With a passion for the arts, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser launched “202Creates” in September 2016 offering opportunities for diverse, local talent and change makers to thrive in a middle-class economy. These opportunities are offered through digital media, content creation, original programming through DCTV, with Spanish-speaking programming, Sports and Saturday morning programming, youth programming and more.Angie Gates (Courtesy PhotoIt’s now bigger and better. With “202 Creates Month” in September underway, a kickoff event on Wednesday, August 29 at City Winery DC, and a one-year anniversary launch of the newly founded historic radio station 96.3HD4, that is just a glimpse on what the District has to offer.“202 Creates Month” is a celebration during the month of September for musicians, tastemakers, cosmetologists, fashionistas, filmmakers and more come together to engage through events hosted in the city.History making and Emmy Award winning Angie Gates, Director of Office of Cable Television, Film and Entertainment (OCTFME), and Interim Director of Commission of Arts and Humanities (CAH) plans to transform the politically-focused area into a “one-stop-shop” for entrepreneurs in the creative field.“I have a vision that continues to expand. I believe that D.C. has an opportunity to be the best and be a catalyst for things in the area for a creative economy… You don’t have to go to Atlanta, you don’t have to go to New York, you don’t have to go to LA… It all starts here,” said Gates during a media conference call.Working up to and beyond September, Gates works within the community to maintain representation of the city’s diversity through highlighting newly discovered talent and business owners throughout the year. Gates pulls from all 8 Wards, through expansion on community events like their monthly “202 Creates Co-Working Day,” which is a monthly event for residents and the DMV community to engage and network with like-minded individuals.“The only way we can keep this diverse, as well as keep it inclusive is not focus on us, but focus on the creatives of the District of Columbia…We’ve utilized our radio station, tv-station (DCN; DKN), it’s really the people’s station,” Gates told the AFRO.Gates, who founded 96.3HD4 and won an Emmy Award for “The 202” Bel Biv Devoe Episode, is continuing to open doors for the community. By doing so, it fosters more events and discussions surrounding fashion and event films representing D.C.; one such film, a Go-Go documentary, is expected to air this year.“This is long overdue…The Go-Go community deserves a launch that goes beyond DCN, so what my intentions are at this time is to do a community screening of that documentary,” Gates said. “It’s a way for us to really do a deep dive on what has been a national contribution from our musicians here in the District of Columbia.”To learn more about “202 Creates” and upcoming events visit read more

Are Stress Tests Still Important To the OCC They Are

first_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News May 17, 2016 457 Views Banks OCC Stress Tests 2016-05-17 Seth Welborn Are Stress Tests Still Important? To the OCC, They Arecenter_img Share Stress tests have come under some scrutiny lately as to whether or not they are providing any new, relevant information seven years after the Federal Reserve disclosed the results of the first stress tests.To the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), however, stress tests are still relevant and remain high on the OCC’s list of supervisory priorities for the rest of Fiscal Year 2016, according to the OCC’s mid-cycle report on its Committee on Bank Supervision’s operating plan.The Federal Reserve has said it will announce the results of the stress tests before June 30, 2016. Stress testing, or testing the banks’ ability to remain well-capitalized during severely adverse economic situations, is one of several initiatives the OCC will emphasize for the remainder of FY2016, which began on October 1, 2015, and will conclude on September 30, 2016. The Fed has been disclosing stress test results since 2009, right after several large financial institutions required government bailouts to stay afloat.In January, the Fed released a new set of supervisory scenarios for both the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Dodd-Frank stress test exercises. The CCAR’s purpose is to determine the adequacy of banks’ capital planning processes, while the Dodd-Frank tests assess the firms to determine if their capital levels are sufficient to absorb losses and still lend to households and businesses during economic shocks.“In adjusting the scenarios for our yearly stress testing program, we strive to assess the resilience of the nation’s largest banks in a variety of potential adverse environments,” Fed Governor Daniel K. Tarullo said. “It is important that the tests not to be too predictable from year to year.”Other areas of emphasis on the list included compliance, operational resiliency, interest rate risk, and credit risk management.“The OCC’s operating plan creates the foundation for developing individual bank supervisory strategies and policy initiatives.Grace Dailey, OCCThe report includes a list of key actions the OCC has completed through the first half of FY2016, such as balancing prudent credit risk management with the ability to reduce barriers to financing homes in communities that have been targeted for revitalization; issuing the OCC’s 21st annual Survey of Credit Underwriting Practices report, highlighting continued easing underwriting standards and increasing credit risk; issuing the eighth OCC Semiannual Risk Perspective report, discussing emerging risk that OCC-supervised banks face and what the OCC’s supervisory priorities will be; and implementing the Dodd-Frank Act and developing enhanced capital and liquidity rules.According to the announcement, the OCC uses the supervisory plan to guide supervisory priorities, planning, and resource allocations.“The OCC’s operating plan creates the foundation for developing individual bank supervisory strategies and policy initiatives,” said Senior Deputy Comptroller for Bank Supervision Policy and Chief National Bank Examiner Grace Dailey. “Publishing those results promotes transparency and frames our expectations of national banks and federal savings associations going forward.”The OCC will release the supervisory priorities that form the basis for developing FY2017’s supervisory strategies sometime this summer.“The OCC will continue to adjust supervisory strategies as appropriate, given meaningful changes in emerging risks and supervisory priorities,” the report stated.Click here to view the complete status report.last_img read more