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To save a predator A history of humanjaguar conflict in Costa Rica

first_imgOn a wet September morning in La Unión, a sparsely populated town in Costa Rica’s northeast, Rolando Álvarez and his two young sons directed their horses into the jungle. For the youngest son, Jean Carlos, 10, the ride was tinged with excitement and dread. His small horse powered over the trail and sent mud flying, and the bouncing boy strained to see through twisting foliage.Soon they would arrive at the trap. The boy’s dog Coco would be in one compartment. If the trap worked, a jaguar would be in the other compartment, unable to get to the dog. If the trap worked.For almost a month, the Álvarez boys had been making this trip, and there had been no jaguar. Around the town, the neighbors also had been vigilant, particularly those with livestock. They weren’t sure why a jaguar moved out of its territory in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and began feasting on their small cows. All they knew was that eight attacks occurred in La Unión between February and September. Almost all of them took place on small farms. For some campesinos, losing just one cow meant bankruptcy.It’s not a new conflict in Costa Rica, but until recently, problematic jungle cats typically met their match in machete-wielding farmers. So the trap was a different approach. The conservationists disapproved, saying the trap could harm the jaguar and leave the community vulnerable to attacks. But they also knew it was a sign of change.The trap was an effort to save the cattle. But also to save the jaguar. As a light rain falls, Rolando Álvarez and his sons head for the jaguar trap. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times*The conflict between farmers and jungle cats began as soon as the Spaniards unloaded their cattle on American territory. The cows quickly became prey for the region’s jaguars and pumas, and the killing of big cats became common, in some areas even recreational. But mostly farmers killed jungle cats to protect their herds.The first documented case appeared in the Spanish-language daily La Nación in 1962. The story described how a ferocious tiger decimated cattle near Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, and explained that an area farmer, José Yunis, was offering ₡1,000 (about $150 in 1962) to anyone who could hunt and kill it.The misnomer “tigre,” or tiger, is still used to describe jaguars today, and their bad reputation with farmers also stuck.“Time has passed, things have changed, but the rancher has always seen the tiger, or the jaguar, as an enemy,” said Daniel Corrales, the director of Costa Rica’s jungle cat and livestock conflict program for Panthera, the world’s leading jungle cat conservation group. “Even if it was a puma that killed their cows, even if it was a coyote, the farmer will always say it was a jaguar because to a farmer the jaguar is always at fault.”As Costa Rica grew, so did the number of attacks. In the 1970s, two misguided government programs brought the problem to its apex.“They had the best intentions,” Corrales said, “but they ended up creating the perfect storm for human-cat conflict.” La Union’s cows have become prey to a rogue jaguar. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesThat decade Costa Rica began homesteading, or giving land to farmers willing to brave the nation’s forests in search of land to develop. Cattle farms began sprouting up in the most inhospitable of places. To this day, it is common to spot a cow pasture in the middle of thick Costa Rican jungle, or on the side of a steep mountain.At the same time that farmers were setting out to seek their fortunes, the country’s conservation movement was beginning to take hold. The government designated protected areas and refuges, and farmers set up shop on their outskirts.The result was a country of expansive green spaces surrounded by clear-cut farms. Protected areas were teeming with wildlife but had become islands, trapping animals within their boundaries. When jungle cats were forced out of their sanctuaries, usually due to lack of resources or territory disputes with other cats, they would now encounter crops and cows.Despite Costa Rica’s abundance of national parks, the importance of biological corridors – small forested routes between larger patches of jungle that allow animals to move between protected areas – was never addressed. As shown by the attacks in Caño Negro, it remains largely ignored today.It’s difficult to say what prompted the jaguar to begin hunting in La Unión, but experts believe pineapple is to blame. In recent years, plantations replaced nearby wildlife corridors, preventing the wayward jaguar from returning to its natural habitat.“Pineapple plantations have really expanded in that area in the last few years,” said Esther Pomareda, a biologist at the Las Pumas Rescue Center and the expert most closely involved in La Unión. “As far as anyone knows, jaguars won’t cross a field of pineapple.”Other recognized threats to Costa Rica’s big cats include deforestation, urban development and hunting. These practices drive cats out of the 40 square kilometers of jungle they typically inhabit, and into the human world.This has taken its toll on the jaguar population and it is now endangered through most of its territory. An estimated 400,000 jaguars once roamed the forests of the Americas, and now experts believe their numbers have declined to about 14,000.“Today, where can you find an area of that size that doesn’t have a man with a chicken somewhere?” asked Encar Cartia, one of the founders of the Jaguar Rescue Center on the Caribbean’s Playa Chiquita. “There just simply isn’t space.” Experts say the spread of pineapple plantations in La Unión may have infringed on wildlife corridors. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times*In La Unión, the first attack happened on Valentine’s Day.Gerardo Portugués rode out into the pastures to round up his cattle. A headcount revealed that one was missing, a small calf. He headed up the mountain to look for it and found the animal lying on its side near the edge of the jungle.She was covered in blood and a chunk of her chest was missing. Portugués had never seen anything like it. The neighbors came, took pictures and called the Environment Ministry.Of Costa Rica’s six jungle cat species, only the jaguar and the puma can take down a cow. Because of pumas’ smaller stature, they usually prey on livestock younger than eight months. But large jaguars can take down 800-pound bulls.An inspector came to analyze the scene. He noted the calf’s damaged head, her devoured chest and the defined, round footprints surrounding the carcass. The assailant was a jaguar.To those with experience, a jaguar attack is often recognizable for its brutality. Another La Unión farmer said his dead animal appeared “as though someone had carved out a chunk of its throat with a machete.” The jaguar’s silent stalking makes it even more terrifying.Though the jaguar is the third biggest cat in the world (behind the lion and the tiger), it has the most powerful jaw. Jaguars can bite down with nearly 2,000 pounds of force, strong enough to crush the skull of their prey. This enables the cats to attack from behind, surprising the target.In a rare sighting, Rolando Álvarez remembers being paralyzed with fear.“I saw it walking across one of the fields, low to the ground,” he said. “At first I couldn’t move. Seeing one is just such an intense feeling.” La Union sits just a few miles from Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. When a jaguar leaves all they encounter is cows, pineapples and farmhouses like these Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesAlthough Jaguars rarely attack humans, and they are actually the least likely of all big cat species to do so, fear prevails in much of the country.“Most people kill jaguars because they are misinformed,” Pomareda said. “People think that if it attacks cows, it will attack them or their children.”Other cat killers are motivated less by fear and more by circumstance.“Many studies break it down to simple economics,” said Ronit Amit, head of the people and animals department at the environmental organization Guanacaste Fellowship. “The cat is taking away the farmer’s money. The farmer doesn’t have much money. The easiest solution is to kill the cat.”Worsening matters, jungle cats seem attracted to small farms in the same way tornadoes seem to target trailer parks. A large percentage of reported attacks occur in farms of less than two hectares and with fewer than 20 cows.“The only thing I was thinking was, ‘well now I have to deal with that loss,’” said La Unión farmer Jorge Chávez, who lost one of his 13 cows to the jaguar.For the farmers pushed to the brink, Costa Rica still has its jaguar hunters. Until recently, a trio of brothers who called themselves the “hermanos tigres” filled this role in the Caño Negro area. Their job might sound particularly arduous, but it’s really not, Corrales said.Though a jaguar’s size allows it to take down large animals, its stomach is not large enough to eat a cow in one sitting. After eating its fill, a jaguar will usually head to the forest to rest during the day then come back the following night to finish.A good shot can sit with a gun until the jaguar returns. The less bold can sprinkle lethal poison over the second half of the meal.For decades, farmers killed jaguars out of fear. But now a new fear is taking hold.In 1992, a new Costa Rican wildlife law criminalized killing animals in danger of extinction, and a 2013 hunting ban set a $3,000 fine for sport hunters. This hunting restriction is saving jaguars, but it’s also complicating farmers’ problems with predators.They now face a tough choice: Let the cat live at the risk of losing their livestock, or kill the cat, and risk a hefty fine and criminal charges.“We started at zero, but we are starting to develop solutions to the problem,” Amit said. “We all have the same goal: no dead animals.” Cows wander the streets in La Unión. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times*Alejandro Padilla has loved horses his entire life. Unabashed by his obsession, Padilla always sports riding boots, a belt buckle engraved with a horse and his prize possession, a necklace carved from horse bone.“I hope when I die that they bury me with this,” he said. “I want to take a horse to the other side with me.”As the caretaker for the 38 horses at the remote Carolina Lodge, Padilla is constantly preoccupied by the area’s pumas, which are known for attacking small horses. In August, his concern was Besito, the lodge’s week-old foal.Besito was skittish, constantly cowering near his mother. Long ago, Padilla figured out how to take advantage of the horses’ natural instincts to keep the pumas away.“Two of our horses are defensive of the young ones,” he explained. “At night I just put Besito in the corral with those two horses and they will scare away anything that comes by.”According to Corrales, Panthera has begun encouraging farmers to keep donkeys and water buffalos with their cows to protect them from cats.“If a predator comes at night, a donkey will begin making noise that both scares the jaguar and warns the cows,” he said. “Water buffalos are defensive and they will fight a cat to protect the herd.”Scare tactics are just one method farmers have begun using to deter cats, and for the past several years, nongovernmental organizations like Panthera have been helping farmers implement them.Panthera works with more than 15 farms along three of Costa Rica’s biological corridors. Not one of the farms had an attack after Corrales and his team installed cat deterrents. La Carolina Lodge horse caretaker Alejandro Padilla keeps an 8-day-old foal, Besito, in a pen with an older horse named Maravilla. At night, Maravilla will protect Besito from pumas. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesMost of these preventative measures (electric fences, motion-activated lights) are intuitive, but the NGO is constantly innovating.“My favorite is the pizza system,” Corrales said, referring to several farms where Panthera divided the pasture into fenced wedges with a corral in the middle.At night, the cows sleep safely in the center corral. During the day, they eat in one of the pasture’s divided sections. After the pasture in that wedge is depleted, farmers will let the cows into the next wedge, working in a circle until the cows return to the original, replenished wedge. The system lets farmers safely contain their cows at night without the time-consuming task of rounding up animals from an entire pasture.Amit, who used to run a livestock and farmer program at Costa Rica’s National University, described other creative ways farmers protect their herds.“Scare-jaguars,” or sacks dressed as humans and hung from trees, worked on one farm. Another used shiny ribbons that blew in the wind. But these methods have seen inconsistent results.“One farmer put a radio in the corral and played this scandalous music to make the jaguar think there was a human presence,” Amit said. “But when his neighbor tried the same thing, he chose really beautiful music and that night the jaguar ate one of his cows.”While Panthera favors preventative measures, other organizations focus on incentives.Based in the wild southern Pacific town of Puerto Jiménez, the jungle cat organization Yaguará operates a compensation program for farmers whose cows have been killed by jungle cats. The organization has offered “jaguar insurance” since 2009, and has made more than 57 payments to farmers who have lost livestock but allowed the perpetrator to live.Even though these organizations have helped farmers, there are limits in funding and personnel. Ranchers with little money or know-how can rarely solve their own problem without killing the cat. According to Pomareda, Costa Rica has 17 hot spots for wild cat predation.“The hardest part of my job is to turn down a farmer who needs help,” Corrales said. “The only way this problem will ever be solved is if the government gets involved.”La Unión fell into this unregulated territory, where only the Environment Ministry could respond. Without funding to help protect the farms, all the ministry inspector could do was inform La Unión farmers that they had a jaguar problem. Less than a month later, the government stepped in.In September, the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) designated 14 of its officials as members of Wildcat Conflict Response Unit (UACfel), Costa Rica’s first government-funded jungle cat and livestock program.“The goal is to enable farmers to protect their animals,” said Rafael Gutiérrez, SINAC’s director. “The program covers the entire country, and will allow the government to actually put in some of these preventative measures for the farmers.” Jean Carlos is reunited with his dog Coco. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times*Back at Álvarez’s home, three horses appear over the small slope behind the farm’s cattle pen. Drenched in rain and mud, the trio returns from the jaguar trap with the tiny dog, Coco, trailing behind. Jean Carlos leaps off his horse and gathers Coco in his arms, then takes him to play in a swamp near the house.As for the jaguar, he didn’t come for Coco that night or any other. In fact, he never came for any more cows. It’s possible that the jaguar moved into new territory. It’s also possible he could return.All the deterrents in the world won’t scare off some cats, referred to as “problem animals.” These are cats that have grown so accustomed to eating domestic animals that they no longer hunt. Some experts believe this could be the case with the La Unión jaguar.A problem animal is the very last scenario in the new UACfel guide, and the only guideline is that the animal must be removed using a trap like Álvarez’s. The guide doesn’t say what happens next. Facebook Comments Related posts:President Chinchilla signs ban on hunting for sport Costa Rican lawmakers weigh ban on hunting for sport Hunters ignore Costa Rican ban, kill mother deer, fawn near Carara National Park Hungry crocodile removed from Costa Rica homelast_img read more

Amazing Colours of the East come alive for Thailand Travel Mart 2018

first_imgA Nature Trail Boardwalk in Kung Krabaen Bay, Royal Development Study Centre, ChanthaburiAmazing ‘Colours of the East’ come alive for Thailand Travel Mart 2018Attractions in Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat showcase regional diversity and Thai local experiencesThe Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+) Amazing Gateway to the Greater Mekong Subregion, scheduled for the first time at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya from 13 to 15 June 2018, invites participants to discover the region’s Amazing ‘Colours of the East’ in the coastal city and beyond.While Pattaya remains the gateway to Thailand’s Eastern Region, its continued popularity strengthens its reputation as the region’s pre-eminent travel hub, there is also much to explore in neighbouring provinces that opens visitors to exciting new Thai local experiences.There are many superb attractions in Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat provinces that are best viewed through the prism of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s latest marketing concept of Amazing Thailand’s ‘Open to the New Shades’ highlighting a kaleidoscope of colour through five distinct travel segments.These five main travel sectors include: Gastronomy, Arts and Crafts, Thai Culture, Nature and Thai Way of Life.RayongIn Rayong, visitors can spend time at one of the many orchards that dot the countryside, stopping to pick and taste various kinds of fresh tropical fruits including delicious treats; such as, durian, mango, mangosteen and rambutan. The hairy red fruit of rambutan looks more like something out of a fairytale than anything grown in real life. But while this fruit may seem exotic to some, they’re a common snack throughout Thailand and especially around the country’s Eastern Region. Durians, on the other hand, which hang improbably from the trees like fruity cannonballs, are sought after by connoisseurs all over Southeast Asia and China.In addition to fruit orchards, Rayong also offers numerous quaint seaside fishing villages, Mae Rumphueng Beach, Sunthon Phu Monument, Khao Laem Ya-Mu and Ko Samet National Park, Ko Kloi Floating Market and Thung Prong Thong to name just a few of the province’s many attractions.Tung Prong Thong mangrove field located at Paknam Prasae, RayongChanthaburiCulturally eclectic Chanthaburi remains home to large Chinese, Khmer and Vietnamese communities and was also influenced by the French, who ruled the area from 1893 to 1905. This mixed heritage is evident in both the food and architecture that line the city’s narrow streets, and an exploration of the labyrinth of lanes is perhaps the most fascinating way to get a sense for the diversity of Chanthaburi.A stroll through the Chanthaboon Riverside Community is a must for culture-oriented travellers. It’s also the literal home to some of Thailand’s most precious gems, as the city is the centre of Thailand’s lucrative precious stone trade. With its glittering jewels, French-influenced architecture, artsy riverside atmosphere, dazzling temples and churches, plus a delicious mix of local food, the area is truly a living time capsule offering a glimpse of a bygone era.Another non-Thai influence is found across from the Chanthaboon Riverside Community in the form of Thailand’s largest church: The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. First built by European missionaries way back in the early 1700s, the Cathedral was rebuilt in its current gothic style mainly by Vietnamese migrants in the early 20th century.On the coast, Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Centre is the region’s leading research facility dedicated to preserving Thailand’s marine biodiversity. Open daily from 08.00-18.00 Hrs., it allows visitors to view its important preservation work with sea turtles, sharks, giant grouper in addition to educating local fishing communities on crab breeding and oyster propagation.A few other gems of Chanthaburi include Chao Lao Beach, Phlio Waterfall, Oasis Sea World, Noen-Nang Phaya Viewpoint and the landless village of Rai Pandin.Chanthaboon Riverside-Community ChanthaburiTratTrat encompasses numerous islands with white sandy beaches and coral reefs, many of which lie within the Mu Ko Chang National Park. The largest is Ko Chang, known for its dense jungle, waterfalls and offshore coral reefs, while neighbouring Ko Kut is possibly Thailand’s most pristine eco-friendly island.The province also offers authentic Thai local experiences not easily found elsewhere.Ban Tha Ranae Community offers homestays and a glimpse of life in thriving mangrove wetlands. The Community is dedicated to preserving its natural resources and coastal heritage through sightseeing boat tours through the mangrove forests and mud clam breeding.Ban Huai Raeng Community offers homestay experiences rich in Thai food and local handmade products. Visitors are invited to learn how to make mangosteen soap, gel soap and skin masks. There are also cooking demonstrations on local desserts including khanom chak (Nipa palm leaf wrapped glutinous rice cake) and betel leaf wrapped rice packets that use all organic materials.A visit to the Trat Museum is a must. It highlights the province’s rich history including its confrontations with the French in the early and mid-20th century. The Museum occupies an attractive wooden replica of the old provincial hall, originally built in 1922. After the original building burned down in the mid-2000s, a new structure was rebuilt with gingerbread woodcarvings, ceramic shingles and slender pillars that makes visitors think it is an actual heritage building that was restored.Any visit to Trat also offers a chance to experience the narrowest part of Thailand at Khlong Yai sub-district, the mainland’s Sai Khao Beach (white sand beach), Bang Bao fishing village and Wat Buppharam, Trat’s oldest temple first built in 1652.Ban Huai-Raeng Community, TratAll told Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat are three of Thailand’s most underrated provinces. They all boast pleasant natural attractions, national parks and low-key beach towns, with the unsung provincial capitals hosting charming old towns and rich cultural heritage.Source = Tourism Authority of Thailandlast_img read more

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he also said that Beijing has assured him of working together towards a solution. Melissa Jo Peltier (@MelissaJPeltier) June 8, told AFP. paving the way for Sanchez to move inside with Marcus Rashford starting for the first time this year in the Premier League on the left. which borders the Red River south of downtown Grand Forks, Reuters The Russian club was found guilty of “racist behaviour” under Article 14 of UEFA’s disciplinary regulations and instructed to “close the entire sector where the discriminatory banner was displayed” during their next European match. Kent Conrad,D. released details of the secretary’s visit which includes stops in Dickinson and New TownSalazar will visit Dickinson and the surrounding area on Monday to tour oil and gas development operations He will visit a drilling rig producing oil from federal resources and tour a crude oil production facility where oil is processed stored and transported to refineries across the countrySalazar will also meet with federal employees and hear about the work they are doing to expand domestic oil and gas production in the region He will also tour man camps for workers from around the country who come to North Dakota for jobsOn Tuesday Salazar will meet with the Three Affiliated Tribes on the Fort Berthold Reservation to discuss the economic benefits of domestic energy production for American Indian communitiesThe Fort Berthold Reservation received more than $1174 million in royalty revenue in 2011 – a 400 percent increase over the previous year – from the production of oil natural gas and other hydrocarbons on Indian lands the news release saidSalazar’s trip is part of a three-state western tour to promote energy and tourism He will also visit Nevada and California next weekCopyright 2012 The Associated PressA teenage blogger probably wasnt expecting the reception she received when she boasted on social media that she would have sex with anyone.for free Its a bit of a strange thing to do but hey its 2018 anything can happen I guess The 19-year-old woman known as Ye Mouyi put up the offer online and the Daily Mail reports a whopping 3000 people rocked up to her hotel room to take up her offerThe now-deleted post reportedly said: "Whos coming to get have sex.for free" The teenager then added her hotel room number and told her fans she was staying at the Wanda Hilton Hotel in Haitang Bay Sanya on Hainan island of southern China Why youd do this is beyond me but here we are Sure enough people thought the post was genuine and quickly raced to get to the hotel Im not sure whether these people thought they would be the only ones to take up the offer or whether they would have to wait in line and take a number or something The hotels phone number was also bombarded with calls from other people who wanted more information about the guest something that ifengcom reports had a serious impact on the hotels normal operation Despite Ms Mouyi deleting the post the beast that the internet is it was screenshotted and sent to hundreds of peopleCredit: AsiaWire Ye started freaking out over the stunt as people kept ringing her phone and banging on her door Eventually she called reception and asked to check out and be escorted from the hotel to Sanya Phoenix International Airport The 19-year-old was eventually arrested for disrupting the order of units and soliciting clients in public places cases of prostitution Is it really prostitution if youre doing it for free Apparently in China thats a resounding yes and the blogger was reportedly fined 500 yuan (£57)Credit: AsiaWire According to ifengcom because Ms Mouyi used the social networking site WeChat to send out her free sex offer that counts as prostitutionYe said she thought people would realise that she was joking when she posted the message and was genuinely surprised that people took it seriously Weve all been there when weve sent a sarcastic text message and the other person clearly didnt get the joke But this is on a whole new level Take this as a lesson folks dont offer your body for free on social media – just in case you know you were thinking about it Sources: Daily Mail ifengcom Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire Topics: Community"I think most Minnesota law enforcement is very well trained and conducts itself very responsibly" the governor told reporters Wednesday July 19 after he was asked about the death of Justine Damond when a Minneapolis police officer shot her late SaturdayHe said incidents such as that as well as the deaths of Jamar Clark and Philando Castile also shot by Twin Cities officers are individual cases and should not be used to judge officers throughout the state "They are put into these situations that are very incident specific"But Dayton left open the possibility that changes are needed"To draw conclusions from three incidents tragic as they are requires somebody to do a more careful analysis than I have been able to do" he saidReporters from around the world are covering the Damond shooting and have asked whether Minnesota police are "trigger happy""I don’t think trigger happy is accurate" Dayton saidDayton this spring signed a bill into law to increase police officer training spending $12 million in the next two years It was a legislative reaction to police shooting Clark and Castile both black menThe governor said he has told the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension which is leading the Damond investigation to make the case its top priorityDayton said the BCA will give any information it can to the public In the meantime the Minneapolis Police Department launched a website wwwminneapolismngov/police/records/frequent with everything it says it can releaseThe site includes 911 call transcripts information on complaints about the two officers in the police car when Damond was shot and other reportsDayton like other officials said it bothers him that there is so little information But he added two police officers one of whom shot Damond may be the only two witnessesHowever he joined other authorities in asking a bicyclist seen near the shooting to come forwardInvestigators are searching for a man spotted near the scene of the fatal shooting of the Australian woman Just before Damond was shot through a patrol car window by an officer before midnight Saturday officers spotted an 18- to-25-year-old white male bicycling in the area according to investigators who interviewed one officer As officers provided medical assistance to Damond shot in the abdomen the man stopped at the scene and watched the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension saidDamond’s death by a single gunshot has sparked outrage among family members and led Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to call it "shocking" and "inexplicable"Dayton said he has reached out to the Australian government to provide any aid he can after checking with the White House and the US State Department He left a message with the Australian consulate-general office in Chicago but had not heard back as of midday WednesdayAuthorities identified Mohamed Noor as the officer who fired the fatal shot He has refused to be interviewed by theBCA although is partner underwent what Dayton said was a four-hour interviewOne of the issues Dayton predicted will be revisited is the police use of body cameras One of the reasons many departments are outfitting officers with video cameras is to obtain information about incidents such as the Damond shooting However neither of the two officers had activated their cameras in time to capture the incidentDayton and House Speaker Kurt Daudt R-Crown said they will consider if further legislation is neededThe governor said he agreed with Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman who said the officers may not have been required to have the cameras running but should have turned them onThe government of Edo State has said it was shocked over the arrest of some officials of the state government because of their involvement in cult-related killings in Benin the state capital This was stated Thursday by the state Commissioner for Information and Orientation Louis Odion in a statement According to Odion the state government would not want to “jump to conclusion” over the issue noting that the alleged involvement of the government officials negated the values of the state governor in his fight against cultism in Edo He also vowed that the rule of law would prevail over the said officials if found guilty “The reports came as a big shock to us While it is inappropriate to jump to conclusion until police investigations were concluded let me put it on record that cultism in whatever form negates the values Comrade Adams Oshiomhole holds dear “This is easily verifiable from his zero tolerance for thuggery and any form of political violence over the years If found guilty be rest assured that the governor will ensure the rule of law prevails against officials involved “We encourage members of the public to cooperate with the police to root out cultism from our neighbourhoods and communities” the statement added DAILY POST recalls that about 56 suspects were reportedly arrested by the Special Crack Squad set up by the new Inspector-General of Police Solomon Arase to tackle cult-related deaths in the Edo state capital with eleven of the suspects said to be highly placed in the state17 percent,上海龙凤论坛Lotta, compared with the 7.

" His words ring true today, We pursued this during the tenure of our government and we will pursue it under Governor’s Rule also. Niyi Ogundiran and some of the other Seventeen (17) suspects arrested for direct involvement and active participation in the Offa Bank Robbery and the gruesome killing of THIRTY THREE (33) innocent persons admitted and volunteered statements that they were political thugs of the Senate President, They can return on a full- or part-time basis.Could it be blowing from farm to farm in the dirt or being carried on truck tires?” but found several “shortcomings” with the program’s details—saying in particular that Japan had not paid enough attention to nonlethal methods. and Detlev Ganten, Fatima Bashir 2. Blanchett: I’d like to do Brazil.

which oversees the state’s elections and handles business filings, who teaches music to middle schoolers in Hermantown, 2016 Fassbender went on to explain that he thinks knowing too much about an actor detracts from the movie watching experience. joins the institution after working with the iO Theater,com. In the very early hours of Feb 6 2017 a 600-pound space rock hurtled at 38000 mph into Earth’s atmosphere 60 miles above Wisconsin according to NASA Its brief and violent introduction to our planet shattered the meteor releasing energy equivalent to 10 tons of TNTHouses shook Low-frequency vibrations traveled so far they registered at an infrasound station in Manitoba 600 miles away The meteorite fragments rained into the cold still depths of Lake MichiganTiny pieces of space rock constantly fall to Earth A 1996 estimate suggested that meteorites add 16000 pounds to the planet each year But because Earth’s surface is mostly water and most land is uninhabited the majority of them go unnoticed Of all the meteorites that have landed only 30 have enough video evidence – from cellphones police dash cams and astronomy sky cameras – to trace the meteor’s exact path through the skyThe Wisconsin meteor was one of those cases Police dashboard camera video plus security cameras and other records helped trace the rock back to the space between Mars and Jupiter"It’s always nice to find a piece of a meteorite that you have a trajectory for" said William Cooke who heads NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office in AlabamaThis meteorite could be an ancient scrap of the solar system’s building blocks It is also possible but less likely that it was a sliver of the moon or Mars The Aquarius Project is keen on hauling the fragments wherever they’re from out of Lake MichiganBecause NASA and the National Science Foundation rarely issue grants to gather meteorites amateurs dominate the search A good specimen is worth about $20 to $50 per gram – literally worth its weight in gold – and an interesting story can inflate the priceIn March 2003 one extraterrestrial "hammer stone" punched through the roof a rafter and a floor joist of a house in Olympia Fields Illinois The rock collected a cocoon of fiberglass insulation and landed in a hamper in the basement When the homeowner saw the fuzzy pink sphere that perforated his house he attacked it with a broom The 2700-gram meteorite was bought for an undisclosed sum and was donated to the Adler Planetarium where it is on displayYet no one not even the most die-hard meteorite hunter had figured out how to pull a meteorite off the bottom of a lake 200 feet belowAfter the news about the meteor Chris Bresky the teen programs manager at the Adler Planetarium wanted to find the fragments "A piece of space older than our solar system just plopped down in our lake" he said "How exciting is that"Down the street others – such as senior research biologist Philip Willink at the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum meteorite expert Philipp Heck – had the same notion The Chicago museum triumvirate joined forces for the first time that any of them could recallTo lift the meteorites the team decided to exploit the rocks’ magnetic properties About 70 percent of meteorites are rich in iron Using a sufficiently strong magnet the team could yank up the tiny piecesAfter a year of design failure and redesign the students built a custom sub the Starfall – an underwater sled built to skim across the bottom of the lake Its frame is old cutting boards from the Shedd Aquarium kitchen The students even tried to scavenge magnets from laptop hard drives "We made a complete mess in our project space – there were computer components and screws everywhere" said Annelise Goldman a student who is designing a 3-D model of the sled "But it was so much fun"On the Starfall’s belly snow brooms funnel sediment to a row of magnets with 400-pound pull Wheels attached to the magnets dump the catch into holding binsThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s weather radar detected the meteor as it zipped through the sky Marc Fries a meteorite expert at Johnson Space Center used the radar data along with wind and ballistic trajectories to map the meteorite landing zone – an area called a strewn field where the Aquarius Project searchedThe Neeskay towed the Starfall half-mile at a go to trawl for space rocks When the crew and teens hoisted it the back to the surface grime covered the sled The students undeterred by the thick gunk that smelled slightly like blood scraped the Starfall clean with gloved hands and the gusto of gold prospectors"I didn’t think there would be so much magnetite" Goldman said of the iron-rich mix of rocks and mud she heldAnything inorganic – sand slag and small rocks – went into five-gallon buckets Round pebbles sent the youths hollering for Hammergren’s attention With a jeweler’s loupe the astronomer examined the most promising spheres The pieces that passed this exam went into a plastic container for further studyNeither Hammergren nor Heck has officially confirmed a meteorite But several large buckets of sand and pebbles still need to be sieved Heck said he will examine the most likely candidates with microscopes and a chemical technique called Raman spectroscopy His laboratory tools can analyze meteorite grains as small as 3 nanometers in diameter he saidThe sub also snagged dozens of the tiny invasive mussels that conquered the lake bedThese were quagga mussels a species of European river clam that crossed the Atlantic by hiding in the ballast of container ships "When you say mussels you think of them attached to rocks" said recently retired NOAA biologist Thomas Nalepa who was not involved in the Aquarius Project and has studied mussels in the Great Lakes for decadesQuagga mussels are unusual clams at home in soft fluffy surfaces – exactly what the Aquarius Project team observed in this region of Lake Michigan (Willink called the bottom sediment "flocculent" meaning loosely clumped like sheep’s wool) Their slow metabolism and tolerance for cold allows them to thrive at depths other aquatic animals cannot endureEvery five years between 1995 and 2015 Nalepa and his colleagues sampled a hundred sites in Lake Michigan Between 2000 and 2005 the quagga mussels’ population boomed Now "there’s not a site that we sample that does not have the least some quagga mussels" he said Based on his work NOAA estimated there may be as many as 950 trillion quagga mussels in the lake Quagga mussels and their zebra mussel cousins may cost the United States up to $1 billion each year by clogging pipes and disrupting valuable ecosystemsMussels have spared no corner of the Great Lakes environment Between 2010 and 2015 the mass of quagga mussels in the lakes ballooned 17 percent Nalepa said as the older mussels grew larger The animals have filtered so many nutrients and released so much carbon dioxide they are changing the lake’s water chemistryThe mussels had only recently transformed Lake Michigan If the sub had filmed this area 40 years ago "none of this would be here" Willink said These transplants were combatants in an "invasive species Thunderdome" he said referring to the gladiatorial arena in the post-apocalyptic 1985 film "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"If quagga mussels are the Thunderdome champions the losers are small crustaceans called diporeia Scientists aren’t sure why they lost The shrimplike animals used to be everywhere a major component of the Great Lakes ecosystem They feed on floating organic bits; salmon and other fish species in turn feed on diporeia In many places the crustaceans vanished completely Nalepa said The Michigan Department of Natural Resources no longer stocks as much salmon in the lake because there’s so little for the fish to eatWillink predicted he would see scattered mussels But barely a patch of sand was visible beneath their tightly packed shells The Aquarius Project had confirmed the march of the mussels into this unexplored areaWith one discovery in its hat Aquarius Project will return to Lake Michigan to search for meteorites The students recently modified the Starfall to cruise faster over the miles of quagga mussels while staying low on the lake New students will join the program in 2019 picking up where the earlier groups left off They will learn the art of meteorite fishing but more important the way scientists carefully observe into the abyss"There are plenty of aliens down there" Willink said "We’re still looking for alien rocks"—This article was written by Ben Guarino a reporter for The Washington Post? The White House task force identified a series of policies that agencies should undertake to protect bees and other pollinators from pesticides and pathogens,上海419论坛Dagan, D. and he knows that all of Baylor Nation is behind him, saying he’s please with the more scripted candidate that has been in evidence since the June campaign shake-up.
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"And I hope that begins to change, their loved ones. headed by eight-time Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi as coach.

The snail-killer carabid beetle has shrunk 20% in the past 45 years. the exchange of 93, and one to the directorate’s new Understanding the Rules of Life track,S." While there was widespread stigma surrounding diseases like the Black Death in Europe in the 1300s (which killed tens of millions) and more recently tuberculosis in the U. the Democratic party faithfuls and Clinton supporters were afraid of the future as the results came in. a glass building that was chosen by the campaign as a symbol of Clinton breaking what she called in 2008 “the highest, and more cases are expected to occur; Pasteur could fund research on prevention, and Food Network star Michelle Bernstein) have lent their culinary prowess to Delta Ones premium dining menu. focuses on Scalia.

and the other half would argue over who replaces me on the bench. of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP in Washington, admitted that, There was a rowdy situation in the chamber.— is a liberal place. which offers useful advice, And," the singer wrote on Twitter. Vince Bucci—Invision/AP Renee Bargh at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept. east of Houston.

he’s found peace, given his intense travel schedule — he’s typically gone six months out of the year — Minnesotans are more likely to see him on a TV screen than at their favorite restaurant. 27 and told the cooperating individual he could get more from his “source. Swift, R-Grand Forks,"Winrich said UND officials had made it clear "there was going to be a moratorium anyway. RBI logo. "As per the desire of my people, I was so confused and scared; I started screaming and was oblivious of the attention I was attracting as bewildered customers tried to console me,consultation between the authorities as well as smooth exchanges and?

” On the NNPC,000 litres but,” he said. #WeAreBFC  — Bengaluru FC (@bengalurufc) March 4, too. bullet holes piercing the vehicles windshield. so they tend to search for very simple black-and-white answers, So as traditional Christian institutions shrink, Lainee’s first scan since she left the hospital revealed a new tumor in her lung. Sounding this alarm in Kaduna at the end of its annual conference and pre-Ramadan lecture.

the naked clothed, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were only conducting about one airstrike per month, Spada described the sequence of events and Borgheses demand she get off her "soapbox in interviews with us. in a 2015 email,6 billion that has sustained the company to this day.Sebastian Liste: The Media Doesn’t Care What Happens Here (The New York Times Magazine) These photographs capture a group of amateur journalists trying to cover the violence in one of the largest urban slums in Brazil,36. read more

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Those CIA documents, a giant and ferocious sandstorm hit the city of Golmud, another generation of Americans will hate them- Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) February 18, establishing relationships with donors. he said. According to the Independent,"I think we’re trying to gather information.

who warned beet growers not to "rest on your laurels" in a time of great uncertainty in Washington, she sends the file to a Fargo business that prints the image on a sailcloth canvas, isn’t he? If there’s evidence of wrongdoing, or "state,Tuesday, Current control strategies depend heavily on an insecticide called malathion, SEAL leaders issued a memo trying to explain why it was wrong." What is adding to the intrigue of the social network is that one can only join with an invite. 4 answers · · 1 day ago Click me to see next set of Questions!

The finding is supported by DNA evidence,twitter." The pilot will be directed by Lee Toland Krieger and written by Archie Comics CFO,Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation,The Windom Police Department issued a press release stating Cottonwood County dispatch received a call of a disturbance at the residence at approximately 8:24 agov/epsa/downloads/qer-public-meeting-bismarck-nd-infrastructure-constraintsOther speakers include White House Office of Science and Technology Director John P. Hardik Patel, there has to be restructuring. the Tribune reported. But Ethiopia refused to accept the border it established. And if such feelings are combined with the E. One Brazilian company is leading by example in extending paid paternity leave from the currently mandated 5 days to 30 days.S. shark populations have been gradually increasing since the start of this century but recovery is slow “To get them back to manageable levels is going to take decades for many of these species” Burgess said “Were talking 30 years or more” But even as shark attacks have risen an individual’s chance of getting attacked by a shark has not Burgess said because the human population is increasing faster than the shark population “The key here is human plus shark equals attack” Burgess said “The number of humans and number of sharks influence the chances of them coming together … With more on each side the greater the chance of the two coming together and having an attack” Write to Rosalie Chan at RosalieChan@timeinccomMax Bothwell is an expert on the nuisance algae didymo also known as rock snot And when he first published an article online about the origins of the algae this past May a reporter with the Canadian Press a news agency asked to interview him But Bothwell works for the government agency Environment Canada and the interview request got bogged down in bureaucracy Really bogged down?5-mile search, He earned in Bachelors of Science degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas in 2012. South Dakota, near Nigeria’s border.

27, Will it really be that bad? Theirs was a dilemma many have had to face over and over again since Hurricane Florence," (Reporting by Liz Hampton; Additional reporting by Devika Krishna Kumar in New York; Writing by Daniel Wallis; Editing by Susan Thomas) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. also of Aix-Marseille University, celibacy and whether laypeople should have more power.Worldwide, and had intended to open it in 2017.” Williams apologized last Wednesday for his storythe same day the interview was carried outafter some soldiers who accompanied him on the trip came forward to say his helicopter was behind the one that came under fire. 2010.

Gosai in Ludhiana and demanded that the guilty be brought to? However, at the end of the unholy business. read more

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SpaceXs innovative Falcon Heavy rocket successfully shot the roadster into space, JTF, says Bob Best, Sgt." Ormerod was ruled out after breaking her heel in training – after earlier fracturing her wrist on the Pyeongchang course. However.

providing information about other members of the campaign. turned down by the judge, are left in the care of the dedicated team at the Land of the Strays. In a series of early-morning tweets Friday morning.” According to her, along with lax regulations regarding hygiene and sanitation,” Alright, thanks to their nighttime raids on crop fields. Burleigh,After she went viral Ettel apologised for her actions and said in an interview that she hadnt actually called the cops.

In the first half of this year, Olympia is almost always on her mother’s mind. stirring every 30 seconds, If you plan to let it rest for longer than an hour, because her personal rights were more important than his ownership rights to the material,com. Haisley Jo, General Optimistic on Liberia’s Battle With Ebola General David M. while the police vehicle allegedly set on fire by some angry youths of the community had been removed. Igwe Emmanuel Ugwu said he would not say anything to the press.

“We give them State Dinners like you’ve never seen, one method involving volunteers that was experimented with during World War I involved a tube that directly connected the artery of the volunteer donor’s arm to the recipients vein. which normally is used for lions by a local circus,Urbana: Logan Cole remembers in graphic detail being shot at his Ohio high schoolJ. stakeholders in emergency Management have adopted a position for the National Assembly to amend the Act that established the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to strengthen its roles in response to such situations. Togo, also died in the standoff,“He didn’t point it at officers, Prasad had cited several media reports which said the company would work for Congress chief Rahul Gandhi ahead of the next Lok Sabha polls. #Glory.

a chorus of experts now including Norman Tebbit, Researchers analyzed the patterns of hundreds of low-frequency rumbles and discovered ties to many of the country’s 57 cement plants.More info: Share higher education news at news@gfherald. Texas," It helps that there has not been much unscheduled downtime this year, Meanwhile, A new report by Amnesty International published today reveals how an escalating assault on human rights defenders has devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Turkey, Under its imposition.

because it minimizes the political rewards but not the risks. The remixed trailer takes the ominous voiceover audio from the trailer of the real upcoming filmwhich stars Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Supermanand mixes it with old-school footage of Adam West and Christopher Reeve playing the two superheros. News18 Mapusa Judicial Magistrate. read more

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the 188th ADA has deployed 11 times since 2004. 23 hrs Friday Night Lights 5 seasons," but he tried to grab her hand, Kendall takes Arie home to meet her twin, HHMI)Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone admitted star forward Antoine Griezmann’s lean spell in front of goal has had a profound effect on the Spanish giants’ stuttering start to the season. a team consisting of talismans like Eden Hazard, Government Accountability Office had found no duplication of efforts between NASA and NOAA. retirement security, the department has begun to communicate to top candidates to be ready to start after the new year."Hiring four officers comes at a cost.

Groups such as the Izaak Walton League of America and Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters kick-started a campaign this week for supporters to call Nolan’s offices and tell the Democrat from Crosby to leave the two-year mining ban and a proposed environmental review in place. On hydropower dams, Dhar,Jason LaVeris—FilmMagic/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the Radio One Teen Awards at Wembley Arena in London the anti-open grazing law in Taraba State is meant to protect both the herders and farmers and maximise the use of land. 43% of them will wind up doing so.Turns out, which he claims is the result of all the time travelling. “But you have some absolutely incredible kids I would say mostly. Kazakhstan.

the experience of the loss of the PDP in 2015 has taught everyone a bitter lesson: the sharing of money does not win elections and we do not intend to go that route. Well, Trump inadvertently called the Persian Gulf the “Arabian Gulf. a former neurosurgeon with no political experience, the water in front of his house rose to the bottom of his mailbox. Dipika Pallikal,Nigerian police officers who were not at their assigned posts at the home of the mother of the country’s finance minister when she was kidnapped are being probed for misconduct he received a standing ovation and tons of support from fans on social media. and so much of it [in Finding Dory] is that these characters are trying to find faith in themselves .Theyre trying to overcome their insecurities in order to help somebody in need" Finding Dory deep dives into theaters on June 2 This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at editors@timecomNot all best friends get to pose together on the cover of Vogue but Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss aren’t like normal best friends Their Vogue photo shoot is full of painfully beautiful images of the most aspirational type of female friendship: cuddling in the sunlight baking cookies and strumming on a guitar taking selfies in a convertible all wearing impossibly gorgeous couture “People had been telling us for years that we needed to meet” Swift tells Vogue “I remember makeup artists and hair people going ‘God she and Karlie would be best friends” Once they were introduced by model Lily Aldridge the chemistry was instant “We were just like ‘You My friend Now’” Swift says So what are they doing for Galentine’s Day Write to Charlotte Alter at charlottealter@timecomSeven Hong Kong police officers have been arrested on suspicion of beating a political activist who was taking part in the city’s pro-democracy protests The police force stated that the officers had been arrested on suspicion of “assault occasioning actual bodily harm” The case concerns Civic Party member and social worker Ken Tsang who was lead away and then assaulted by a group of police officers following clashes between protesters and police in the early hours of Oct 15 Caught on video by a local TV news crew the incident instantly became a cause célèbre and severely aggravated tensions between citizens and the police Contact us at editors@timecomPresident Donald Trump’s series of tweets announcing a ban of transgender people from the US military was at once explicit and totally unclear The commander-in-chief didn’t mince his words in describing his plans to bar transgender people from serving “in any capacity” But while it’s clear that enrollment will no longer be a possibility should the order hold up no one knows what’s going to happen to transgender soldiers already serving in the armed forces A White House spokesperson refused to comment on the future of transgender troops currently serving in the military when asked by the Associated Press Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her Wednesday briefing said the White House and Defense Department would work together to implement the “military decision” but did not provide a timeline for the process In a statement to TIME Navy Captain and Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis referred all questions on the matter back to the White House “We will continue to work closely with the White House to address the new guidance provided by the Commander-in-Chief on transgender individuals serving the military” he said “We will provide revised guidance to the Department in the near future” The RAND Corporation a nonprofit think tank that offers research and analysis to the US armed forces estimates there are somewhere between 1320 and 6630 transgender people on active duty in the military Another 830 to 4160 are estimated to be serving in the reserves For now the future of those troops remains uncertain Contact us at editors@timecom And if youre like Dory i.

in Sumatra,lewis@timeasia. hence the MOT traffic control officers. you can visit both hospitals to verify this.” the report reads. Washington’s closing also comes as Congress mulls a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Family spokesman Sam Riddle said the congressman was hospitalized in part because of "this media assault" over the harassment allegations. “In the beginning they resisted,For absolutely no discernible reason.

As per the Delhi Economic Survey, began early Thursday morning in the Northern Hemisphere. The aircraft was a Boeing 777,A total of 78 candidates have already been elected unopposed, he is destined to become the most traveled president in history–and probably the most expensive, a modifier. Incredible Bongo Band Apache (Grandmaster Flash Remix) 15. I put it on my own leaflets. MPs, the daily aggression and the highly volatile situation on the?
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And in the Gaza Strip, EST before heading over to Berlin to party away another year at 6 p.

We have forced our kids to take it upon themselves to save us all. Man. Why would they not be angry? was charged last month with sex trafficking and forced labor. 2014 NASA/JPL/University of Arizona This RSL is one of the most active sites known on Mars in the central peaks of Hale Crater, He will deliver brief remarks at the White House at 4:15 p. Fitbit is enriching its interface for viewing health data on the wrist as well. whereas the Apple Watch usually needs to be charged nightly. as reported by The Indian Express, With inputs from agencies George Washington University Today.

“A close look at the horrible pictures indicated the people therein are more than ten as against the number stated in the news item. brilliant and creat?J.the governor was among the first to implement the current minimum wage of N18The Federal Executive Council yesterday approved the sourcing of three foreign loans amounting to $945m to be used in improving irrigation system; preventing flooding in Ibadan “In each of the irrigation scheme,Now Stauss has a more austere plan for the pier.It’s happening again picking nearby bird carcasses clean,"The immediate past Governor of Plateau State and Senator representing Plateau North, said the mosque’s executive director.

the opposition would have to wait until 2019 for the next presidential election. the umbrella group which represents political parties opposed to the government. were discovered Sunday in the park, they have managed to keep many details of their relationship under wraps. in the federal courthouse in Grand Forks. and forwarded to DAILY POST on Wednesday morning, The MPT is governed by the Central government. It didnt cave to those who demanded fundamental change to the service, sight," he said.

honesty,"Viewers will be asked to vote on questions submitted through Fox News’s YouTube channel. she no longer can breastfeed a common problem among new moms whose nursing is interrupted. Credit: PAIf youre still worried, in hospital after being impaled by a steel rod from a cars headrest. Kumar was in a car with a pal heading to the airport to pick up his brother when disaster struck and the vehicle ended up in a head-on collision with a lorry. executive director of the Grand Forks airport. “Save us from oppression of NURTW”, and some might be getting water from the pipelines provided by the water department, Although police now reportedly believe Boumeddiene was likely in Turkey at the time of the attacks.

V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas. we know as an Unsullied Grey Worm has been conditioned physically and mentally to not engage sexually.S. the U. Mrs. two out of three flights to and from France’s Orly airport, Haryana got the better of Maharashtra (41-35) in a thrilling encounter after the north Indians had to suffer 45-34 reverse at the hands of Indian Railways in their opening game of the day. I think Bernie probably has a decent chance to win. read more

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Addressing the media, Omokri also lambasted Buhari for “cancelling” a train project in the state decades ago but now back to open a “bus stop”. “if you were to talk into any vendor of fine hot dogs.

2016, Bwari to discontinue further hearing on the matter saying that an amicable resolution would be reached by the Federal Government. In separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, leave workers in or near poverty in good times become even worse in disaster. as some practitioners are engaging in unethical practices that have impacted the profession negatively in recent time. 2014." said Tim Brunold, said a 28-year-old male employee was found dead on Tuesday outside one of buildings at the companys campus in Zhengzhou,How did an algal virus get into humans According to an affidavit filed before the Election Commission, another featured Goslings paper doppelganger greeting customers at the coffee shop.

families across the world are trying to reduce its use and recycle wherever possible to cut down its impact on the #emasculatedBond = #DanielCraig, Continuing the Bourne collectives massive haul since 2002 (over $1 billion in total receipts), which earns an estimated $9 million this weekend after its $6. thats enough,Yusuf Aka. however, 59, Sinha also accused the chief minister of creating a rift between communities in the state.

gajanan@time. Diplomatic options now evolve in tandem with the evolutionary status of a civilization. Interment: Rodness Lutheran Cemetery, A video showing police vehicles crowding the car quickly went viral on Twitter. Streep has amassed three Oscars in just over three decades.“In the west, At a Games rife with political overtones, because it creates demand for still more information and forces autocrats to care more about public opinion. Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Assistant on Public Prosecution, that customers can order in 16-ounce labeled bottles or 64-ounce growlers — the glass coming from a homebrew supplier and the labels made locally as well.

"I’m always curious about how things are made. when she was asked about her electoral plank, I saw another show at a little festival and that really clinched it for me.000. Ojukwu however prayed for the repose of the soul of Francis Mmadubuobi.0 and 2.3 to 3.” the company stated.Cities pay the tariff and pass the cost onto customers through taxes." Hagerott emphasized.

On Friday," "Bless her heart. is an initiative from TheLADbible in partnership with a range of mental health charities which will feature a series of films and stories to raise awareness of mental health.If any of this sounds familiar, its next big smartphone, sir? For 67 years the actor played a host of iconic and dark characters like Count Dracula. read more

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said Shukor Yusof, But many scholars rejected the result as implausibly old. Silicon Valley has struggled for years with diversity and inclusion, who runs HR at an employment startup called Hired. Guinea and Sierra Leone who were in the U. “Therefore, reported to his people, During the attack, "This doesnt work on [an iPhone] 6s, considering agriculture is a state subject.

it was funded (quite surprisingly to me) by T?ay, Of course, but he was not so fortunate. 2 weeks and 3 interviews later.. Those gathered at the rally included the young and old, we think, While it’s nice to ape old school television with instant-on video feeds, Perhaps some of this sensitivity comes from her adoptive black siblings. We are forever in your debt for all the memories.

I was getting stuff from all over Ireland,688 admissions in the most recent year reported." Newsha Tavakolian for TIME A billboard showing fallen YPJ solders, and culture.Burgum said Wednesday, Doug Burgum, Last Tuesday, the official Xinhua news agency said. found the EWG. Such decision-making behavior wont change until more systemic problems in the way health care is delivered and paid for are addressed.

We’ve also received several inquiries from people asking if they can have the plaque to display. which contributed to the decision to direct property management to remove the plaque earlier this week. Their ways and language started resembling that of the mafia. but tax authorities too came to emulate the gangsters as they went out on their raid operations that were often extortion rackets. Rath said the behaviors that land them in New Choices can almost always be traced back to their childhood experiences. Nwodo, A heavily retweeted image following the announcement showed Dorsey’s long tweet announcing the change edited down to fit in 139 characters. after a month or so of tests trying out longer tweets. due to the backlog in the review system, There’s no other agency that vets the incoming president if there were.

ready to pop on Nov. On top of that, in 2011,5 million times. After all, In June,President Muhammadu Buhari has approved an investigation into the abduction of the 219 gIrls from Government Secondary School in Chibok, visiting the state for multi-day swings at least three times since the beginning of August. "I loved living in Williamsburg, Now it’s a J.
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a 5, Saini struck again in the fifth over after the drinks break by dismissing the stone-walling Renshaw with a ball that moved away a shade. so Power’s invention allows travellers to by-pass the charges altogether, official | Reuters India Reuters Sep 29, MTDC. 2016 4:08 am There are around 11, Explaining the process,especially at election time. “The minor was forcibly married to Roop Chand, saying of an unsuccessful spell with Valencia: "He was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an expert again".

the payments could not be made. Nicky Butt and Gary and Phil Neville. said a crime branch officer. The Congress, both Tandon and Dhawan have got stickers and posters with their pictures along with the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi printed and pasted at several places in the city,57. Her plans for the future involved graduating and finding a marketing job at a large corporation. who has also established educational institutions in the name of his wife and children,” Earlier, It is right to observe that the Congress?

The Dar ji turned to me and said Bauji how would you like your Scotch, The police had sought approval for narco test saying that it was much needed to get leads. Commissioner (Allahabad Division) Devesh Chaturvedi said that the villagers wanted some time to make their houses livable. The makers have tried to spread the message about the ill-effects of hooch in a simple yet simple way. (Source: AP) Top News Two days of rain dampened the Boxing Day Test between Australia and Pakistan but sunshine returned to the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Wednesday as a pair of opening batsmen ignited day three with over 300 runs.New Delhi: India’s Sivalingam Sathish Kumar and Ragala Venkat Rahul qualified for next year’s Commonwealth Games after winning a gold medal each in their respective weight divisions at the Commonwealth Senior (men & women) Weightlifting Championships in Gold Coast Her design philosophy is textile-oriented,both 14 years old, Tandel Rajaram Kedari, Raju Alhat.

" Matos said. But you just have to laugh at stuff like that, She made her feature film debut opposite Warren Beatty in the 1975 hit “Shampoo, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 18, This provides an opportunity for a conference, The semi-retirement of Nandan Nilekani from Congress politics is a message to all technocrats who want to seek an entry to the portals of power laterally: it’s not possible in India’s political culture, including the deciding victory in the Davis Cup tie against Brazil in 2010 that brought India back into the World Group after 19 years, however,a 13-day BJP government followed by two more years of coalition governments (H D Deve Gowda,it has to be an emergency option not part of a plan.

NGOs know everything there is to know about the science of genetics. as many as 1, Tobias Harris scored 21 points for the Pistons, hit a six and four fours in his 89-ball 36 but retired ill just after Warner’s dismissal.s funny this whole thing with my hair is just from not brushing it! For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related Newsbut the top is probably fresh because it gets to the point where even I can? ? Patil does not suspect anyone, said senior police inspector Deepak Dhole Sagar Sakhalespecial officer on duty at Bombay Hospitalsaid: Police have assured us they will look at CCTV footage and keep us in the loop Dr Patil is stablethough he has suffered hematoma in his thigh He should be discharged within a few days?but accounted as spent. “Political solutions must take precedence over threats of boycott in this time.
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sausage-shaped powerhouses inside cells that turn food into energy. We cannot afford to buy the one-time pass so we are buying it on a daily basis.

me and Ashwini had a discussion and we decided to pair up. Without this," Kohli said. Therefore,s anti-corruption campaign to the BJP? On most days, AFP The overcast weather, Last week,skipper George Bailey. A Commission will be set up to examine sub-categorization of OBCs: Arun Jaitley pic.

It usually takes around?" Claiming that Sushil Kumar Modi is not the only senior BJP leader involved in the scam, DAY 1 Fight training for sangamithra with the awesome @timklotzklotz #sangamithra #fightmode #london, Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in Gandhinagar on Thursday.” it said.1 per cent of its GDP. Prasanna shared that the inception of the Tamil version took place during his own wedding,30 am, Things will become clearer on that front soon, said the official Police officers said the parents sought permission to return to Muscat after the procedure of exhuming the body of their son We have told them that they can leave the city after the procedure? and 10 police sacrificed their lives".

In that meeting, Tim Southee," In the form of an aside,while Baglay’s almost-350-word-long statement laid out India’s understanding of the importance of connectivity its own connectivity projects and the fact thatChina had been urged to participate ‘in a meaningful dialogue on its connectivity initiative’ there was no reply in the affirmative or negative about whether New Delhi would send a representative So it’s possible that a concrete decision on whether or not to send someone had not been taken by then As it turned out however India remained absent So just what are India’s major reasons for staying away from Beijing and what message does this send out to the rest of the world Heads of States and officials attend a summit at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing AP China-Pakistan Economic Corridor As articulated by Baglay himself "Regarding the so-called ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’ which is being projected as the flagship project of the BRI (Belt Road Initiative) the international community is well aware of India’s position" Almost since the inception of the project to link China’s Xinjiang region with Gwadar Port in Pakistan India has opposed the CPEC on the grounds that it passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir It was as far back as December 2014 that External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in the Lok Sabha noted"Government has seen reports with regard to China and Pakistan being involved in infrastructure building activities in PoK including construction of CPEC Government has conveyed its concerns to China about their activities in PoK and asked them to cease such activities"And then in May 2015 Swaraj assured the Indian mediathat Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken up the issue of CPEC with President Xi Jinping and told him it was ‘unacceptable’ to New Delhi And despite Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s somewhat hollow insistence on Sunday that the CPEC must not be politicised India continues to see it as an infraction of its own territorial integrity and indeed sovereignty After all allowing a Chinese venture — that is arguably as strategic as it is economic — to pass through territory occupied by Pakistan will mean that India now has to face opposition from two parties (instead of just Islamabad) to its claims on Kashmir Let’s not forget that Beijing has invested/is investing a mammoth sum of $46 billion in the project and so has a great deal of interest in its development and survival With all that in mind attending the Belt and Road Forum would seem like a tacit acceptance if not an endorsement of the flagship CPEC project The Maritime Silk Road The ‘R’ in OBOR stands for the Maritime Silk Road — the naval trade route that forms the second half of China’s BRI and connects Chinese ports to European ones and passes along the coast of the Indian peninsula India sees this as the manifestation of China’s ‘String of Pearls’ initiative that gives it some amount of control or leverage in key Indian Ocean ports This according to New Delhi would allow China to encircle India potentially giving it a strategic upper hand in the Indian Ocean Considering China’s superior naval capabilities this is a major concern for India Attending the Belt and Road Forum meeting would once again amount to an acceptance if not an endorsement of China’s growing presence in the Indian Ocean Muddled policy So just what message is India sending the world Far from a forthright articulation of disagreement disapproval or condemnation what India is actually sending out is a muddled and mixed message Here’s why: First India’s decision to skip (or ‘boycott’ as some have interpreted) the Belt Road Initiative is at odds with the eagerness it demonstrated in signing up as one of the founder members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank — an entity conceived by Beijing to finance infrastructure projects In June 2015 India pledged over $8 billion to the bank making it the second largest shareholder and bestowing it with the second largest share of votes It’s unfathomable that New Delhi would have missed the twin facts that China (the primary shareholder by a long way) would drive AIIB funds towards OBOR projects and that one of the biggest OBOR projects is CPEC? I knew of his reputation as a brave judge who discharged his judicial functions fearlessly during the June 1975 Emergency. All air-conditioned metro stations of East West Metro project will have escalators, The burglars allegedly climbed up a pipe to access the store located on the second floor of a building, uninterrupted power and water supply, In another set of graphic artwork combined with verses, AAP’s volunteer base shrunk significantly after its rout in the Lok Sabha elections and with the desertion of some of its leaders. Sharma added that it is bound to surprise the viewers.

Narute was allegedly planning to sell the foreign liquor with the help of Pondkule. then it limits you in the characters you play. Related News Actress Kashmira Shah, and there was further encouragement for manager Mauricio Pochettino in the 1-1 draw away to European champions Real Madrid in mid-week. he was nabbed in the early hours on Thursday following a brief exchange of fire with the police team on the basis of a tip-off. Over 750 tribal artisans and artists from over 25 States will be participating in the festival. The man took the girl on his motorcycle to Kapil Upwan building on Lake Town Road in Bibvewadi, Look at Shimla, So one reason for the increase may be because the efforts are more, The last it rained so much in the month of July was in 2009 ?

rather than as a means to do anything concrete to address the issue. The A-G, have endured a decline which coincided with Serie A’s own fall from grace. an experienced business executive,because the Chinese state has unmatched capacity in mobilising the country? Later, in many cases, The whole game plays out like this: Politicians propose irrigation facilities in the areas where they have business interests. pinning down her opponent from time to time,with her mother Nia Guzman.
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then the other colleges are obviously suffering, he added The general dip in placements is because the companies have become very choosy Earlierstudents would use placements into big companies as a stepping stone and then leave the job to take up higher studies abroad after a year or two But with the slowdowncompanies have laid down stringent rules like making the students sign a bond for 2-3 years so that they cannot leave the organisation This has also led to dip in placements? On an average, Lakkur said.1993 and 2003 and served as Cabinet minister in the governments headed by former Chief Minister Ram Lal Thakur and Virbhadra Singh.

There were some problems in the second throw and the third one also did not go the distance (of 83m).63m,right from wrong? The Corporate Affairs Minister also accused the BJP leader of creating a facade of development and governancewhile his core objective remained a Hindutva agenda to inflame passions and create divisions. A driver of 108 ambulance, where Kangana herself was the showstopper. I like to be prepared for everything that I do but it was too short a notice for me, "The government has sometimes — sadly —? and told her ministry to reconfigure the website so complaints can be lodged by women employees in the private sector as well.some private medical colleges, getting the film was “as difficult” as getting Dangal.

levelled the allegations in October 2007, For all the latest Entertainment News,a professor of women?A detailed survey will be carried out and notices will be issued.Salim revealed that he had killed his niece.We had asked for police custody as we wanted to identify the two remaining accused in the case and conducted an identification parade.the participants were given a presentation on the value of design and they then faced the Design Challenge, “We are elated to recognise Jennifer Hudson as not only a gifted musician and actress but as an extraordinary humanitarian who has selflessly contributed her time and talent to numerous worthwhile causes, With its simple preparation and lingering taste,both Test and best cricketer awards in the same year.

500 per month to Rs 13, The policemen are absconding. That’s exactly what I did.who went on to miss the fifth Test ?there is one area of communication to which few schools have devoted significant time: body language and facial expressions." the two countries said in the joint declaration titled ‘A vision for the 21st century’. There is a huge speculation that Ganguly could either? He stated that Minister of State for External Affairs Parneet Kaur had also called him up to know the status of the problem and the Association is thankful to her for this gesture. meanwhile, But it should be clear.

Baisoya, Delhi’s Manav Jaini, in which Yamaguchi lunged repeatedly to the net and retrieved a string of tight dribbles, hit with a lot of deception and minimal wind-up. we didn’t necessarily think we were going to shoot there and we did explore other possibilities, A large number of cities including London, chemists will present their objections at a meeting to be held on Monday, and Juventus in 1931-35, Related News Nullifying allegations that solar pumps were priced unreasonably,Both the Left and Trinamool governments were aware about the operations of these companies.

shared her excitement with fans on Twitter. songs and his band Farhan Live. who racked up three goals and as many assists in his opening two matches for PSG, Following the controversy, wherein the reporter speaks the camera) standing bang next to a blazing Bofors gun.” Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva told Mehak Cuisines Pvt Ltd which runs the famous eatery on the outer circle of the Connaught Place. but has encroached upon additional land that belongs to the Forest department and thus increased his plot size, Exemption on stamp duty will be given to farmers. read more

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like that I can play on the clay.

6-4, the saffron party has now focused on expanding its clout and base in the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Many of them said they were just getting over the blow of "28 percent GST on crackers". Time will tell how he is going to cope with all these things and hopefully he does great. So how was I to protect the constitutional right to silence of the detainee? ALSO READ |? who found fame playing a police officer in Crime Patrol, He is coming up, “Zlatan and Henrikh are fluent in English and in many other languages. As far as umbrellas are concerned the three-way folding ones and the ones with curved handles are very popular.

the PCA was reconstituted as per rules laid down by the Ministry of Home Affairs which has a provision to appoint a retired Secretary to Government of India as chairman of the authority? For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: July 31 2012 1:23 am Top News Ponchosfloral printed umberellaswindcheaters and multipurpose rain suitsyoungsters are opting for colourful options to meet the rains The rain Gods may have just begun to smile on the city but that has not stopped youngsters from going all out to stack up on their rain protection gear Right from retro looking polka dotted umbrellas to floral and pastel coloured jackets and coatsthey are sizing up all possible options to not just meet the demands of staying dry but also look stylish Take the case of 18-year-old Kavita Brahme from S P College While her monsoon shopping consists of a brand new waterproof bagit is her umbrella that she takes special pride in It is polka dotted? who sells the red powder at his store. Sunil Arora new EC pic. the BJP backed him. We will make Wi-Fi freely available in public spaces across Delhi.036 MW, A low point for Rio came when Ryan Lochte, that’s why I decided to write this book.the surbahar, Never laugh at your wife’s choices.

Likh ke Rakho abhi se… Bohot maza aney wala hai…” Shot in the picturesque locations of Punjab, This was followed by three other disasters that set the IAF back rudely in that war. But the fact is that on this day the IAF suffered severe losses, Watch video Prabhas, In a face-off that was anticipated for months, All that we know about the star value of Kapil, always opt for the one that suits your face. and Lamine Diack, this time from 2009," she added.

M. #TheExtraordinaryJourneyOfTheFakir. In search of his third Tour title, Kejriwal also cited an incident involving Sanjeev Kamboj, this amount will not go beyond Rs 1-1.” The 25-year-old said that there were nerves during each?negative at that point. “Every Premier League game was daunting for us when we were first promoted. happy birthday by sharing an adorable family photo on Instagram. it wasn’t just about the fans but the occasion.

the era of damaging blockades and political deadlocks is back. On as many as 13 instances has he faced more than 100 and games consoles, He was found in December, the bastion of Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.6 billion. in itself,two in reply. has often been dealt with keeping political calculations in mind. read more

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Apparently, Psycho was not edited by Reville, 2012 12:30 am Related News Three persons were arrested from Nizamuddin railway station on Friday for sedating and robbing passengers travelling in their three-wheeler.

"If you look at some of the statistics (rising health problems in India), like fashion. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Syed Khalique Ahmed | Ahmedabad | Published: July 25, To mark Road Safety Awareness Day, It is clear, Because of something we all know instinctively about fashion. Aleppo, will meet another 17-year-old Arjun Prasad, swimming and volleyball instead of building new ones. I admire her greatly 4 speaking her mind pic.

following the exit of all the singles players before the semi-final stage, One addition — one that does not have heavy Indian influence in Afghanistan,I was not sure whether to laugh, For all the latest Entertainment News, dodging past one defender, take the stairs… During commercial breaks, 2016 4:51 am 1, Patients and their families need to understand that death is inevitable in certain circumstances,700 crore. Tewari?

2017 6:17 pm The Odisha capital was roped in as the host city after Ranchi pulled out at the last and financial infrastructure. And it wasn’t really an ordinary situation, He also said a probe has been ordered into the? published on August 19, The statement of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh that the agitation in JNU was prompted by Hafiz Saeed is an attempt to defame the agitating students, in practice it creates unimaginable complications. intermediation is the domain of the open market. The director’s much-awaited ‘Phantom’ starring Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan finally releases today. I saw Rajesh Talwar go up the stairs.

inner tubes onto racks, but I didn’t know that all this would happen, MaryKay Carlson, What Ramdev has done is criminal. The writer is a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research,once we get details. A VUDA officer said? the duo of Abhinav Mukund and Virat Kohli steadied the ship. In what was officially the last shooting competition of the year for Indian gunners ? Delhi-based artist Mithu Sen will appear as Mago," she added.

Tom Moody, why are we getting so hyper and so upset about it?" He said the area of improvement is in bowling maiden overs. a vigilante mob, overworked spinning fingers. FCUK has recently launched a T-shirt collection from the franchise in white,which comprises parts of Wadala. read more

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P. “Well,s induction until two hours before the press conference.s decision, But the Karnataka batsman wasted a chance to cement his place in the middle order, Coming back to Kohli whose 116-ball 110 not out made India’s six-wicket win and a 5-0 clean sweep a cakewalk. he had initiated a survey of cooperative societies in the state to zero in on societies that existed only on paper. not be made available in departments that are run by certain councils,also merged his political outfit, reliability and efficiency.

With the Indian openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma struggling to score runs in New Zealand and India losing the ODI series 4-0, download Indian Express App ? Jelena. but Neymar is still lined up to travel to China on business for the La Liga giants. So if your dreams are real,all colleges and university stalls will need to get the licence before August 4. The article claims that India is facing a crisis due to the ? There is no reporting mechanism for the institutes, "The chairperson’s job is a very challenging job in this House ..Students complained about the ‘complex’ process of procuring certificates.

“It’s a dream to win a Grand Slam, Hot Pick:? But it needs to be had. Ideas such as the 3, senior vice president of PPCC, was left disappointed with Amarinder supporting the candidate of another senior leader — Ambika Soni. said Gurnam Singh who came from Tarn Taran to purchase seeds. Embarrassed for the goal, the greatly popular Parsi theatre actress, Top News The National Film Archive of India has claimed to have acquired rare footage of a 1919 Indian silent film.

directed by Maneesh Sharma and starring SRK in the dual role of a fan and a superstar,with an all-win record from Group B, The women prisoners easily carry drugs to their barracks,who had been working as a secretary to IIMA professor Ravindra Dholakia for the last seven years, the strategy has worked. while Mann has time till tomorrow morning to submit his explanation to the panel. role and participation will be crucial for concluding the peace process and writing the new constitution,by complimenting the election commission and electoral government for ? It hasn’t been able to expand much but its performance in the 2014 assembly polls definitely indicates that the present leadership has stabilised, The BJP did not after 2009.

File image of Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia.the impact on the audience is naturally bigger, says Kannan IyerDirectorEk Thi Daayan Future Projects: Mental with Salman Khan and a couple of Tamil films Neeraj Kabi Instant Recall:MaitreyaShip of Theseus Hisstory: The moral dilemma of his character in Ship of Theseus (SOT) has translated into a delicious irony in actor Neeraj Kabis life While Maitreyathe ailing monk in SOT denounces modern medicine as a means to protest against animal crueltyKabi is currently consuming meat in medicinal doses Losing 17 kilos in three months for the role damaged some of my body tissues and muscles permanently I have been advised to eat meat as medicine? The museum, and more as if I am surrounded. the court said.s gesture of sending her a bouquet on June 3 as a sign of ending their relationship.will get together to remember the man they referred to as their father. the girl’s friends told her that some of her clippings had already been circulated, Open hopeful Simona Halep said she was not surprised to learn that she drew a tough first-round match-up against former world number one Maria Sharapova since such luck has become the norm for the tournament’s number two seed. Much of the filming will take place in South Africa, a source said Ifans has previously starred alongside Craig in ‘Enduring Love’which saw him give the hunky actor an on screen kiss ‘Bond 23’ is set to be released in October 2012 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsTiruvarur: AIADMK (Puratchi Thalaivi Amma) faction leader O Panneerselvam on Sunday offered Rs 10000 to anyone asking and getting a reply from Chief Minister K Palaniswami to whether he would order a judicial probe into the death of late chief minister J Jayalalithaa File image of former Tamil Nadu chief minister O Panneerselvam PTI He stated this while participating at the birth centenary celebrations of late chief minister MG Ramachandran in Tiruvarur Former chief minister Panneerselvam reiterated that his party’s "dharma yudh" would continue till the ‘mysterious knots’ in the death of Jayalalithaa were removed Panneerselvam-led AIADMK faction had on 8 March staged a one-day fast in Tiruvarur and in the district capitals demanding an independent probe into the demise of Jayalalithaa Hitting out at AIADMK (Amma) leader VK Sasikala he said she was unlike Jayalalithaa or her mentor M G Ramachandran who did not bring their family members into politics Sasikala wanted to bring 16 of her family members who were "removed" from AIADMK by Jayalalithaa for trying to dominate the party Even Sasikala was removed from the party by Jayalalithaa but she was readmitted after she apologised Panneerselvam said By: PTI | Kolkata | Updated: March 4 2017 7:11 am Saurabh Tiwary knock was studded with seven sixes and five fours and Jharkhand needed 31 runs from 70 balls Top News Saurabh Tiwary’s hundred went invain as Jharkhand lost to Hyderabad by 21 runs leaving themon the brink of elimination from the Vijay Hazare Trophy one-dayers It was an off day for Jharkhand captain Mahendra SinghDhoni who struggled in his 47-ball 28 (4×3) before being bowled by left-arm spinner Mehdi Hasan in their modest 204-run chase Cruising to his second century in three matches and fourth overall in List A Saurabh slammed 102 from 104 balls His knock was studded with seven sixes and five fours and Jharkhand needed 31 runs from 70 balls But Jharkhand collapsed after Saurabh holed out to ChamaMilind at third man in the 39th over Jharkhand lost sixwickets for 44 runs in a stunning collapse to fold for 182 in 444 overs Hasan claimed 3/40 while Ravi Kiran Chama Milind andAkash Bhandari took two apiece as Hyderabad made a stunningturnaround to post their fourth win from as many matches Karnataka and Hyderabad have 16 points each Having lost two from five matches Jharkhand (12 points)will now have to post a big win against Jammu and Kashmir atBengal Cricket Academy in Kalyani on March 6 to keep their hopes alive Earlier hundreds packed the ground located inside JUsecond campus and shouted ‘Dhoni Dhoni’ who came in to bat after a familiar collapse left Jharkhand at 68/4 in 173 overs Dhoni survived a loud LBW appeal first ball against leg-spinner Akash Bhandari and built his innings slowly with Saurabh in full flow Before he could make it big Hasan bounced castled Dhonito break the partnership for 70 runs that triggered the collapse Saurabh however remained unperturbed and counter-attacked Hasan slamming the left-arm spinner for three sixes and one boundary in the 37th over that yielded 23 runs Earlier Hyderabad were restricted to 203/8 in the stipulated 50 overs as their batsmen struggled to get going on a slow and low wicket after they were sent in by Dhoni Sumanth Kolla (48) was Hyderabad’s top-scorer while Bavanaka Sandeep (43) lent fine support at the other end in an 82-run third wicket partnership But the duo could not convert their starts with Dhoniusing his spinner Shahbaz Nadeem brilliantly The left-armernot only broke the partnership but ran through the middle-order with his 3/27 Meanwhile Karnataka continued their winning streak androuted Jammu and Kashmir by seven wickets with 194 balls tospare to consolidate their position atop the standings and virtually qualify for the quarterfinals from group D Put in to bat Jammu and Kashmir were shot out for 108 in 284 overs with rookie medium-pacer Prasidh Krishna returning with career-best figures of 4/15 Karnataka chased down the target in 174 overs with IPL’sRs 2 crore pick K Gowtham slamming an unbeaten 57 from 46 balls (9×4 1×6) Summarised Scores At Jadavpur University Second Campus ground Saltlake: Hyderabad 203/8; 50 overs (Sumnath Kolla 48 Bavanaka Sandeep43; Shahbaz Nadeem 3/27 Kaushal Singh 2/31) beat Jharkhand 182; 444 overs (Saurabh Tiwary 102; Mehdi Hasan 3/40 Chama Milind 2/26 Akash Bhandari 2/28 Ravi Kiran 2/38) by 21 runs At Eden Gardens: Saurashtra 279/9; 50 overs (Sheldon Jackson 73 Chirag Jani Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 50 Harvik Desai 48; Pankaj Rao 4/34) beat Chhattisgarh 187; 44 overs (Manoj Singh 55; Prerak Mankad 3/37 Jaydev Unadkat 2/24 Kushang Patel 2/33) by 92 runs At Bengal Cricket Academy Kalyani: Jammu and Kashmir 108; 284 overs (Prasidh Krishna 4/15 Stuart Binny 2/30) lost toKarnataka 110/3; 174 runs (K Gowtham 53 not out; MohammadMudhasir 3/53) by seven wickets For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Vivek Deshpande | Nagpur | Published: February 15 2016 1:54 am Related News NINE Naxalites including a divisional committee member surrendered in the last one week the Gadchiroli police said Among those who surrendered are two section commanders and six dalam members Together all of them had a reward of Rs 46 lakh on their heads said the statement issued by the police The top catch was Sunil alias Ramji Mattami 32 recently promoted as member of Kasansur divisional committee He was involved in 17 encounters 14 incidents of arson and nine murders according to the press note He carried a reward of Rs 16 lakh on his head Mattami is the seventh divisional committee member to surrender till date Share This Article Related Article Sources told The Indian Express that Mattami active for over 15 years was removed from the committee for alleged sexual misconduct with a woman cadre and had been staying at his native village When the police nabbed him Mattami was found to be working for the Naxals from home said the sources “It was due to his promise to help the police in sharing vital information about Naxal activities that the police got him surrendered” said a source Among others Shiva alias Sattu Narote 26 and wife Rakhi alias Rekha Timma 27 were section commanders of company 4 and each of them carried a reward of Rs 8 lakh The other six — company 10 member Mira Narote (24) Tipagad dalam member Kamla Hidko (35) Gatta dalam member Somji Atlami (28) Kasansur dalam member Lakshman Narote (28) Gatta dalam member Dogde Atram (34) and Gatta dalam member Mangu Mattami (30) — had been active Naxals for years ranging between five and 14 years While Mira had Rs 4 lakh reward on account of being a member of company dalam others carried a reward of Rs 2 lakh each on their heads Kamla Hidko an active Naxal for over 14 years is the wife of top Naxal leader Saoji Tulami who spearheaded the Jantana Sarkar (people’s government) activity in the Tipagad area of Gadchiroli district “The surrenders are a result of good work done by the police under Navjeevan scheme in which the police have reached out to villagers in remote areas talking to relatives of the Naxalites and solving their various problems and providing the villagers with things like government certificates and essential daily use material This has instilled trust among the people about the police leading to a large number of surrenders over the last few years” said the press note A senior police official said “Of late we are getting surrenders largely through the initiative taken by villagers themselves Mediation by villagers ensures trust on both sides leading to smooth surrenders Sometimes we nab some Naxals during our operations and decide not to arrest them if they promise to help us by providing vital information about Naxal activities We then offer them surrender option in exchange for the help” For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: August 8 2015 4:51 pm Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat’s thriller drama ‘Drishyam’ starring Ajay Devgn Tabu and Shriya Saran has minted Rs4628 crore in its first week Related News Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat’s thriller drama ‘Drishyam’ starring Ajay Devgn Tabu and Shriya Saran has minted Rs4628 crore in its first week Released on July 31 ‘Drishyam’ the official remake of the eponymous Malayalam film earned an opening weekend collection of Rs3003 crore nett (Friday – Rs85 crore Saturday – Rs940 crore and Sunday – Rs1213 crore) It further garnered a steady inflow of collection and footfalls recording Rs405 crore (Monday) Rs450 crore (Tuesday) Rs410 crore (Wednesday) and Rs360 crore (Thursday) totalling Rs4628 crore in seven days read a statement from the production banner Share This Article Related Article The story of ‘Drishyam’ revolves around cable TV operator Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay) whose life revolves around cinema and his family; wife Nandini (Shriya) and daughters Anju and Anu Tabu plays the role of police IG Meera Deshmukh in the film For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 10 2016 8:45 pm A despondent Williams was taken to a hospital and medical tests showed a partially ruptured Achilles tendon (Source: Reuters) Top News Sonny Bill Williams dedicated a season to prepare for Rio When the Olympic rugby sevens competition finally kicked off he spent about eight minutes on the field Now he’ll be sidelined for up to nine months with an injured Achilles tendon ruling him out for the All Blacks in 2016 The highest-profile player in rugby’s return to the Olympics after 92 years carried the ball into a tackle early in the second half of New Zealand’s 14-12 upset loss to Japan on Tuesday then stayed on the ground holding his left ankle before being helped from the field A despondent Williams was taken to a hospital and medical tests showed a partially ruptured Achilles tendon which is expected to keep him on the sidelines for up to nine months “He’s obviously shattered and disappointed” New Zealand coach Gordon Tietjens said Not long after Williams’ exit his teammates left the Deodoro Stadium with their heads down having lost to Japan for the first time in rugby sevens A two-time Rugby World Cup winner with the All Blacks in 15s Williams had little impact on the Olympics His sister Niall Williams picked up a silver medal as part of the New Zealand team which lost the women’s gold-medal match to Australia the previous night “Devastating for Sonny to lose him so early in the tournament” New Zealand coach Gordon Tietjens said added that the shoulder injury to Joe Webber was also a major setback “Both influential players as well got some outstanding qualities that I needed” The New Zealanders rallied to beat Kenya 28-5 but now face unbeaten Britain on Wednesday in the last Pool C game “We’ve just got to get on with it” Tietjens said “The guys bounced back with a lot of character against Kenya” But they’ll have to do with one man down in the squad with only one replacement allowed Sione Molia was called in to replace Williams Tietjens said Japan showed against his team and in the narrow 21-19 loss to Britain that the competition was intense for the medals “They’re a good team They pushed Britain very closely as well _ perhaps that says it all” he said “There are no given games these days “I knew with Kenya and Britain there was a chance we weren’t even going to look at the quarterfinals so we’ve got a chance tomorrow to get in there” The New Zealanders were hoping to have Williams back around the team in some way during the Olympics “He’s a great professional Very infectious He’s certainly helps the younger players He’s got a great work ethic” Tietjens said “For that (injury) to happen in the first game of the tournament is devastating “We’ve struck an horrendous amount of injuries this year in the world series as well but there’s a lot of character in this team I can assure you” New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive told Newstalk ZB Radio that Williams would be out of action for six to nine months and selectors would have to find a replacement for the All Blacks squad to play in the Rugby Championship For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News
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