ChineseCanadians have varying reactions to Canadas handling of Huawei case

first_imgVANCOUVER — As an international story about a Chinese tech executive wanted by the United States began unfolding from a Vancouver courtroom, the phone lines for a local Mandarin-language radio program began lighting up.AM1320 host Sunny Chan said calls have doubled to his afternoon program after Meng Wanzhou’s arrest Dec. 1 while she was changing flights at the Vancouver airport.“I cut some of the calls because we don’t have time,” Chan said.Meng, who is chief financial officer for Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, was released on $10 million bail on Tuesday. She is facing possible extradition to the U.S. over allegations she and her company misled banks about business dealings in Iran. Meng has denied the allegations in court through her lawyer.The story has sparked varying reactions within a diverse population that identifies as Chinese-Canadian, ranging from recent immigrants to lifetime Canadian citizens. Some, like the callers to Chan’s program, are passionately critical of Canada’s actions, while others say they fully support the judicial process.“My feeling is that the Chinese-Canadian community is divided,” said Guo Ding, a commentator and producer at OMNI BC Mandarin News.“One group of people, they criticize Canada, they say, ‘Well, America is just closely linked,’ ” he said. “Another group, they think we have to respect the law because Canada is a country of law.”Those opinions also tend to fall along regional lines, he said, with those from mainland China supporting Meng and those from Hong Kong or Taiwan supporting her extradition. Ding said he believes the split is about 50-50. Meng is being held on a provisional warrant and the United States has 60 days from the time of her arrest to make an extradition request.On Chan’s program, eight or nine out of every 10 calls shared the perspective that Canada has erred in its handling of the case, he said.“Most of them are overwhelmingly supportive of China’s call for Meng to be released,” Chan said.The general perception is that Meng has been treated poorly, he said.One called Canada a “fool” for becoming involved in a trade dispute between China and the United States. Most see the case as politically driven, especially after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested he could intervene in the case if it would help reach a trade deal with China. “I think some are very emotional. Some are very angry,” he said.Protesters who gathered outside the court holding signs in support of Meng appeared to share that opinion, with one saying Canada is helping the United States do its “dirty work” by arresting her.Protester Ada Yu, who lives in Vancouver and is originally from China, said the case against Meng appears to be politically motivated. Yu said Meng’s arrest is a violation of a Chinese citizen’s legal rights.But Cheuk Kwan, a spokesman for the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, said he believes most Chinese-Canadians are just observing from the sidelines and, if anything, are supportive of Canada’s actions.“There’s obviously a faction of the Chinese-Canadian community who are in full fledged support of what China’s causes or grievances are, so it’s not surprising they would come out and protest the arrest of Ms. Meng Wanzhou,” Cheuk Kwan said.“But I would say those are in the minority.”Kwan questioned whether media coverage of the protesters has amplified their voices in a way that skews how common their perspective is.“The majority of people are quietly saying ‘Look, this is Canada, we have our sovereignty, we have our judicial process, we’re not going to be bullied by China.’”As China’s largest tech company, Huawei has become a symbol of national pride for some, so the perception that it is under attack by Western forces has inspired resistance among those factions who believe Meng should not have been detained.“It rouses up a bit more of a nationalistic kind of fervour. This is no different from what happened with the 2008 Olympics in Beijing,” said Kwan, adding that many Chinese-Canadians were divided on whether the Games should be boycotted because of a history of human rights abuses in the country or celebrated as evidence of China’s progress.On a personal level, he said he believes Canada has reacted entirely appropriately.“I think Canada has handled it as best as it could, because we believe in the independence of the judiciary. Let the judge worry about whether the Americans have proof or not,” he said.“We have a treaty with the U.S. we need to respect and if there’s a legitimate request and it’s proven with sufficient proof, then we need to extradite her back to the U.S.”Steven Shi, senior adviser to the University of British Columbia’s Chinese Students Association, said while he couldn’t speak on behalf of the entire club, the members of its executive have discussed the case.They generally respect Meng as a strong female business leader and found her arrest “abrupt,” he said. However, their main concern is that the case might contribute to mounting tensions in a trade war between the United States and China.“Because quite a few of those students are business students, they are a bit concerned with the treatment this will bring and the possibility of prolonging a trade war between the two countries,” Shi said.Amy Smart, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Deadline for cabinet to decide future of Trans Mountain expansion is today

first_imgThe project was mostly reviewed during the tenure of the former government. After the Liberals came to power in 2016, they extended the review period for the pipeline to undertake additional Indigenous consultations and asked the NEB to also look at the impact the pipeline would have on greenhouse gas emissions. It was still not enough to satisfy the court.If cabinet approves the expansion again, it may impose some additional conditions on the pipeline to address the concerns of Indigenous communities, including possibly changing the route in some places. The NEB added 16 more conditions in February when it recommended approval after considering the impacts of marine shipping.Ottawa is under intense pressure from the energy sector and the Alberta government to approve the pipeline. They argue existing pipelines are at capacity and the oil sands need more ways to get product to market. There is also pressure on the government because Ottawa bought the existing pipeline almost a year ago for $4.5 billion, when Kinder Morgan Canada investors got cold feet.The company didn’t want to proceed after multiple court challenges from environment groups, Indigenous communities and in 2018, the newly elected NDP government in British Columbia. So Ottawa stepped in to buy the pipeline and planned to expand it and then sell it back to the private sector.The court decision upended that plan.READ MORE: Oil and gas sector cautious as clock ticks down to TMX decisionThe existing pipeline was built more than 60 years ago and runs 1,150-km between Edmonton and Burnaby, B.C. The expansion, first proposed seven years ago by Kinder Morgan Canada, seeks to build a second pipeline roughly parallel to the first. Eleven per cent of the route for the expansion requires new rights of way to be established.Conservative House leader Candice Bergen is skeptical even with government approval that construction will get underway on the expansion.“Over the last four years, though, the Prime Minister has done everything in his power to destroy jobs in Canada’s energy sectors,” Bergen said.New Democrat MP Peter Julian said Monday he was expecting a “rubber stamp approval” of the project. The NDP, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, and major Canadian environment lobby groups, argue that the Liberals can’t approve the project if they have any real intention of meeting Canada’s climate change commitments.Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the government not only intends to meet existing commitments on emissions but to exceed them in line with the requirements that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says are needed to keep the planet from getting too hot.The National Energy Board in 2016 said the production of another 590,000 barrels of oil to hit the capacity of the twinned pipeline could generate 14-17 million more tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. However the board warned that production may happen with or without the pipeline.Canada’s current commitment under the Paris climate change accord is to cut emissions to 513 million tonnes annually. In 2017, the most recent year the measurement is available, emissions were 716 million tonnes. The Alberta oil sands accounted for about 70 million tonnes of that.To meet the United Nations’ suggested targets, Canada would have to get to closer to 385 million tonnes. OTTAWA — The federal government is widely expected to green light the Trans Mountain expansion project a second time today but, even with a Yes vote, construction is likely weeks, if not months away.The federal cabinet will be reconsidering the project at its weekly meeting this morning, nine months after the Federal Court of Appeal shelved the original approval. Any decision isn’t likely to be announced until after the markets close for the day.International Trade Minister Jim Carr said Monday, the pipeline decision is “very significant.”“It’s all about moving our resources to export markets but doing it in a responsible and sustainable way in consultation with Indigenous communities and with an eye on environmental stewardship,” he said. “Those are the pillars we have been talking about and that we will honour and continue to honour.”Construction halted after the court decision last summer.Trans Mountain Canada, the federal Crown corporation now running the pipeline and which will oversee the expansion, said in a statement Monday that an updated construction schedule for the project won’t happen unless the government approves the project. Construction also won’t restart immediately.“There are regulatory and commercial steps that need to be completed before we can get shovels in the ground, including re-mobilizing the contractors, distributing required notifications and ensuring we’ve met all our pre-construction conditions,” the statement said.READ MORE: Majority of B.C. residents support Trans Mountain: pollThe government approved the expansion in 2016 but after the court decision last summer, Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi ordered the National Energy Board to look at the impacts more oil tankers will have on marine life and hired former Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci to oversee a new round of consultations with 117 affected Indigenous communities.The court cited a failure on both those fronts as the reasons for overturning the original cabinet approval.Sohi said Monday the government has been moving ever since the court decision last August, and blamed the former Conservative government for the delay.“One of the reasons that project was stalled is that when the process of review was started in 2013 under Stephen Harper’s government, Conservatives failed to include the impact of marine shipping on the marine environment,” said Sohi.“We are changing that. We are engaging with Indigenous communities in the right way to move forward on the project.” Mia Rabson, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Justice Canada tweet suggests you can be charged with drunk driving two

first_imgVANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A tweet from Justice Canada is raising eyebrows as it suggests you can be charged with drunk driving even two hours after driving your car.The now-deleted tweet shows a person barbecuing and another hailing a taxi.“It’s summer time and the living is easy! Whether you’re sitting on a patio or having a backyard #BBQ, remember it’s against the #law to have a blood alcohol concentration over prohibited levels within two hours of driving. Know the limits. #Impaired Driving.”RELATED: ‘Sweeping change’ to impaired driving laws increase police powers to breath testVancouver-based criminal lawyer Paul Doroshenko says this means police can charge someone who drives sober, but drinks during the two hours after driving.“It’s the thing that we said was the big fear, and that people should be concerned about, and they said they would never do that, because that would be a gross overreach,” he says. “But then sure enough, we see a tweet from Justice Canada threatening Canadians with that very scenario.”I saved it. For the Charter challenge.— Paul Doroshenko, Q.C. (@PaulDoroshenko) July 6, 2019He says the tweet shows the government’s intentions with new drunk-driving laws ushered in last year.Justice Canada, however, has sent out a correction, saying it’s a myth police can come to your house two hours after driving and demand a breath sample.“As far as the law goes, under the old laws, drivers could argue they could beat an “over 80 mg” charge if they had several drinks right before driving because the alcohol wouldn’t affect them until after they drove. The new laws cover this situation and drivers can be convicted if they have a blood alcohol concentration at or over 80 mg within 2 hours of driving,” the department says in a statement.It says the new laws are meant to stop the ‘intervening drink’ legal defense, which is an argument that drinking after getting out of a car was the cause of someone’s high blood alcohol levels. It points out the law does allow for limited exceptions, such as if the driver drank after driving and didn’t have reason to expect they would have to provide a breath sample. (Full statement below)CORRECTION: We wanted to clarify the facts around a tweet that was issued yesterday relating to the 2 hour rule under the new alcohol-#ImpairedDriving laws. These laws aim to keep our roads safer and save lives. Find out more here:— Justice Canada (@JusticeCanadaEN) July 6, 2019Even so, Doroshenko argues the wording of the law is unjust.“The issue here is that the government denied that this is what they were going to do, and then, only months down the road, one small seasonal change and we have them threatening to do exactly what they said they would never, ever do, and threatening Canadians,” he says.“Good luck to Canadians who get trapped in this. It worries me greatly, and there will be people, obviously, if the government’s out tweeting it, they intend to do it, and there will be people who get caught up in this.Justice Canada responds to concernsThe Department of Justice has issued a response following concerns raised about the tweet. Here is the full statement:The Department of Justice takes the feedback of Canadians seriously. After posting the tweet on Friday, we noticed that it was resulting in some responses to the tweet that contained inaccurate information, while others asked for clarity about the tweet itself. The Department recognizes that the original tweet was leading to confusion, as demonstrated by some of the responses. Other responses were providing misinformation about the laws. The Department took corrective and responsive action by removing the tweet and replacing it with a clarification and links to more comprehensive online material on the subject.As far as the law goes, under the old laws, drivers could argue they could beat an “over 80 mg” charge if they had several drinks right before driving because the alcohol wouldn’t affect them until after they drove. The new laws cover this situation and drivers can be convicted if they have a blood alcohol concentration at or over 80 mg within 2 hours of driving. This change was made to address this type of risky and dangerous behavior on our roads, to make roads safer and save lives.The law has also changed to limit the “intervening drink” defence. By changing the timeframe of the offence (i.e., to being at or over the offence level within two hours), the argument that post-consumption alcohol was the cause of the high blood alcohol concentration is no longer relevant. Recognizing that there may be situations where the post-driving consumption of alcohol was innocently done, the legislation provided a limited exception, (i.e., the driver drank after driving and had no reason to expect that they would be required to provide a sample of breath).It is worth noting that mandatory alcohol screening authorizes law enforcement officers to require a driver to provide a breath sample on an approved screening device, whether or not they suspect that the driver has recently consumed alcohol. This would only be done after the person has been lawfully stopped while driving a vehicle.Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this important aspect of the law, the goal of which is to keep Canada’s roads safer.last_img read more

Health chief says Trump working on prescription import plan

first_imgWASHINGTON — The Trump administration is working on a plan that would allow Americans to import lower-priced prescription drugs from Canada, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Tuesday.Azar made his comments during an interview with CNBC, saying he had just gotten off the phone with President Donald Trump discussing the plan.The two were “working on a plan on how we can import drugs safely and effectively from Canada so the American people get the benefit of the deals that pharma (companies) themselves are striking with other countries,” Azar said in the interview.Eyeing his re-election campaign, Trump has made lowering prescription drug prices one of his top priorities. As a candidate, he called for allowing Americans to import prescription drugs, and recently he’s backed a Florida law allowing state residents to gain access to medications from Canada. Trump is also supporting bipartisan legislation in the Senate that would limit prescription copays for people on Medicare and require drugmakers to pay the government rebates if the cost of their medications goes up faster than inflation.Azar didn’t elaborate on the administration’s importation plan, but HHS has said both Azar and the president are very open to the importation of prescription drugs as long as it can be done safely and can deliver results for patients.Drug prices are lower in other economically advanced countries because governments take a leading role in setting prices. But in the U.S., Medicare is not permitted to negotiate with drug companies.Some experts have been skeptical of allowing imports from Canada, partly from concerns about whether Canadian suppliers have the capacity to meet the demands of the much larger U.S. market.But consumer groups have strongly backed the idea, arguing that it will pressure U.S. drugmakers to reduce their prices. They also point out that the pharmaceutical industry is a global business and many of the ingredients in medications sold in the U.S. are manufactured abroad.AARP had pushed hard for the Florida plan, saying it’s possible to safely import lower-priced, equally effective drugs and it would promote worldwide price competition.The drug industry lobby, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, has successfully blocked past efforts in Washington to allow importation. It argues that patients would be at risk of receiving counterfeit or adulterated medications.Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Use of fake social media bots in Alberta election coming in federal

first_imgEDMONTON — A political scientist says a federal report confirming the use of false social media posts to try to manipulate last spring’s Alberta election points to dangers for the upcoming federal vote.The report said there was a large, co-ordinated effort during the Alberta campaign to set up fake Twitter accounts — mostly by supporters of the United Conservative Party.RELATED: Voters turn to online resources for election info Duane Bratt of Mount Royal University says the accounts are used to increase polarization, fire up supporters and depress the vote for opponents.He says there will be many more opportunities for such activity as Canadians go to the polls this fall.A spokeswoman for Premier Jason Kenney says the use of fake trolls online is a disturbing trend but didn’t influence the result of the Alberta election, which brought the United Conservatives to power.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Stars Sign Up For Annual St Jude Thanks And Giving Campaign

first_imgJennifer Aniston, Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara, Shaun White, Michael Strahan and Luis Fonsi join Marlo Thomas in leading a star-studded roster of celebrities lending their time and talents in support of the 10th annual St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign.St. Jude Thanks and Giving celebrity supporter Jennifer Aniston smiles alongside St. Jude patient CashSt. Jude Thanks and Giving is an unprecedented union of celebrities, media and 60 of the nation’s leading brands and companies that asks consumers to donate while they shop this holiday season and join St. Jude in finding cures and saving children. National television spots and movie theatre trailers featuring the stars alongside St. Jude patients will debut Thanksgiving week and continue running through the end of the year.This year, a new slate of exclusive online videos starring Darius Rucker, Leslie Grace, Raúl Gonzalez, Pamela Silva Conde and Daisy Fuentes have been created for the campaign. Fans from around the world will be able to view these spots from their tablets and smart phone devices across various social media and popular websites.“Every year I get the opportunity to meet extraordinary children from St. Jude and be a part of the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign,” said Jennifer Aniston. “The research at St. Jude is shared across the country and helps so many families. This is my 8th year working with St. Jude and it is so rewarding to be a part of the team that helps save children’s lives.”In addition to the national television and online spots, St. Jude celebrity friends Sabrina Soto, Jennette McCurdy and Olivia Holt have created and designed special gifts that will be for sale during the holiday season on with 100 percent of profits going back to the hospital.“It’s an honor to be a part of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital family,” said Robin Williams. “This year I appeared with Darcy in one of the St. Jude Thanks and Giving television spots. Darcy and children like her from communities across America benefit from the lifesaving research and treatment being done every day at St. Jude. It means a lot to me to be involved.”“It’s a privilege to be a part of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Thanks and Giving campaign,” added Sofia Vergara. “As a mother and a cancer survivor, I can’t think of anything more important than helping to support the lifesaving work being done every day at St. Jude which is helping saves the lives of children around the world. I hope everyone will join me and support St. Jude in the fight against childhood cancer.”Created in 2004 by Marlo, Terre and Tony Thomas – children of St. Jude founder Danny Thomas – the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign began as a holiday-focused fundraising effort and has grown into an annual tradition that has raised more than $387 million thanks to tremendous public support.“My father, Danny Thomas, founded St. Jude with big dreams and it was in that light that we created the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign ten years ago,” said Marlo Thomas. “Since the beginning, we have been blessed to have the support from our wonderful family of celebrities. It warms my heart that year after year, they lend their time, talent and generous spirit to help St. Jude raise the funds that allow us to continue our mission of finding cures and saving children’s lives.”The national television spots will air on network and cable television channels, as well as online, in both English and Spanish. In addition, celebrities will be featured in a 60-second movie trailer that will appear in theatres nationwide – including Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Theatres, Cinemark, Carmike Cinemas and many others – as well as on American Airlines and Delta Air Lines flights. All of the spots, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, will debut at in late November.The campaign receives additional support from celebrity friends Cedric the Entertainer, Lily Aldridge, Mark Steines, Mike Wolfe, Peyton List, Prince Royce, Maná, Banda El Recodo, Carlos Vives, Chino y Nacho, Danna Garcia, Luis Enrique, Natalia Jimenez, Candela Ferroin and Toby Love the form of radio spots, social media support, participation in the St. Jude Give thanks. Walk. and more.Throughout the months of November and December, consumers shopping where the St. Jude logo is displayed can make a donation at checkout or purchase specialty items that benefit St. Jude. Those wanting to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude are also invited to donate online at or by phone at 800-4STJUDE.last_img read more

John Legend Performs One Night For ONE DROP

first_imgOn Friday, March 20, some of the biggest names in entertainment came out to support One Night for ONE DROP imagined by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, featuring Academy Award-winning recording artist John Legend.One Night for ONE DROP benefit feat. John Legend raises more than $6 million for global water projectsCredit/Copyright: Erik KabikThe third annual, one-night-only benefit sponsored by MGM Resorts International raised more than $6 million for ONE DROP, the non-profit organization created by Cirque du Soleil Founder Guy Laliberte, with all proceeds supporting water access initiatives across the globe.The glamorous event brought fantasy to life as more than 100 Cirque du Soleil performers came together for an extraordinary performance directed by Mukhtar O.S. Mukhtar inside The Beatles LOVE Theatre. Legend provided a memorable moment during the show with a special rendition of his smash hit “All of Me,” and closed the show with a standing ovation as he performed “Dreams.”Notable names in attendance for One Night for ONE DROP included Cirque du Soleil Founder Guy Laliberte; ONE DROP CEO Catherine B. Bachand; lifestyle expert, designer, model Camila Alves; American pop punk band Plain White T’s; “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richards, Camille Grammar and Faye Resnick; British producer Nigel Lythgoe; President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil Daniel Lamarre; UFC Hall of Famer/Former Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin; British-American actress Jane Seymour; Mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman and husband Oscar Goodman; Bree “DJ 88” DeLano; American chef/TV personality Susan Feniger; international Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre; Burlesque superstars Romeo and Lada; Canadian Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu; Professional poker player and TV personality Maria Ho; supermodels Karlina Caune, Constance Jablonski, Valentina Zelyaeva, Daria Strokous and Ginta Lapina; guest performer/solo cellist Philip Sheppard; guest performer/Quixotic violinist Shane Borth; Emmy-award winning choreographer Anita Mann and more.This year marks a major milestone for ONE DROP as it receives special recognition from the United Nations with the closing of the International Decade for Action on Water (2000-2015). Honored with the ‘Water for Life’ Best Practices Award, ONE DROP is celebrated specifically for its artistic approach to change behaviors in how people deal with water.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

Katie Couric To Emcee New York Women In Communications Matrix Awards

first_imgNew York Women in Communications (NYWICI) will present the 2017 Matrix Awards during a luncheon at the Sheraton New York Times Square on Monday April 24, 2017, to honor seven extraordinary female leaders in the communications industry, as ‘Women Who Connect the World.’The ceremony, hosted by Hearst Magazines, will be emceed by Katie Couric, award-winning journalist and bestselling author.The Matrix Awards is recognized by the communications community as one of the most prestigious events of the year. More than 1,000 people are expected to gather to celebrate seven brilliant women at the pinnacle of their careers in the communications industry. Previous award recipients include Meryl Streep, Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, Tina Fey, Diane Sawyer and Joanna Coles, to name a few.The 2017 Matrix Award Honorees & Presenters: • Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of “TODAY” and NBC News chief legal correspondent –presented by Matt Lauer, co-anchor of “TODAY” • Susan Credle, global chief creative officer, FCB – presented by Julie Kent, artistic director, The Washington Ballet • Gretchen Carlson, journalist and women’s empowerment advocate – presented by Paul Feig, writer, director, producer • Judy A. Smith, founder and CEO, Smith & Company – presenter to be announced • Rukmini Callimachi, foreign correspondent, The New York Times – presented by Lydia Polgreen, editor-in-chief, The Huffington Post • Nancy Weber, executive vice president/chief marketing officer, Meredith National Media Group – presented by Tom Harty, president and chief operating officer, Meredith Corporation • Kristin Lemkau, chief marketing officer, JPMorgan Chase – presented by Gregg Lemkau, co-head of Global Mergers & Acquisitions, Goldman Sachs“We are thrilled to recognize these seven distinguished women for their significant accomplishments and contributions,” said Jacki Kelley, president, New York Women in Communications and chief operating officer, Bloomberg Media, Bloomberg LP. “These leaders are truly ‘Women Who Connect the World,’ and we look forward to ushering them into the Matrix Awards Hall of Fame, joining the ’Who’s Who’ of female communications greats.”“In this moment of enormous change in every area of media, one thing is consistent: the incredible work done by women. Today’s Matrix honorees are outstanding professionals in their fields, and their contributions to our industry, and to our culture, make them role models for us all,” said Joanna Coles, chief content officer, Hearst Magazines.Proceeds from the Matrix Awards go towards a full range of scholarships and educational programs for women, whether they are just beginning or are embarking on a career transition. To date, NYWICI’s Foundation, the largest for communications scholarships for women in the country, has given more than $1.5 million dollars in scholarships.TICKETS: Individual tickets, tables and information on sponsorships and program advertising opportunities are now available at read more

Tamsen Fadal And Mike Woods To Host The 8th Annual ADAPT Community

first_imgEdward R. Matthews, CEO of ADAPT Community Network, announced today that they will kick off the Holidays with its 8th Annual Santa Project Party on Wednesday, December 6th at the Down Town Association.The event features entertainment, a silent auction, passed hors d’oeuvres and a selection of wine & champagne.The Santa Project Party, a benefit for ADAPT Community Network, and will be co-hosted by Tamsen Fadal, eight-time Emmy winning Anchor of PIX 11 News, Host, Broadway Profiles & best-selling Author, along with Mike Woods, Meteorologist, FOX 5’s Good Day New York, and People Magazine’s “Sexiest Anchor Alive.” This marks the fourth consecutive year Tamsen has hosted the Santa Project Party, and the fifth consecutive year for Mike. In addition to a strong showing of support from a diverse young professional crowd, the event expects to draw celebrity guests from fashion, film, television and Broadway.Co-Chairs of the Santa Project Party this year include Isiah Whitlock Jr., Acclaimed actor, The Wire, Veep, Cars 3, Chips, Survivors Remorse, and Cedar Rapids; Liza Huber, Founder & CEO of Sage Spoonfuls, and award-winning author; Steve Lacy, 5PM and 10PM weekday anchor at FOX 5 News; Teresa Priolo, Emmy winning reporter, and fill in anchor for FOX 5 News; Javier Gomez, Artist, Designer, Maison&Objet Ambassador of the Americas. Featured in BVLGARI, FENDI Casa, People Magazine’s “Sexiest Artist Alive;” and Camilla Barungi, Principal, GreyFire Holding, founder, African Moringa and model of “Project Runway” fame.The Santa Project Party Committee Members for 2017 include: Tom Doyle, Patrick Hazlewood, Andy Peeke, Michelina Mandarano, and Melanie Mandarano.“ADAPT is extremely grateful this holiday season for our hosts, sponsors, donors and friends.” says Edward R. Matthews, CEO of ADAPT Community Network, “Their support and concern for our children and families in need is truly exemplifies the spirit and generosity of New Yorkers.”“I am delighted to co-host the Santa Project Party with Mike Woods,” says Tamsen Fadal. “ADAPT Community Network reaches thousands of families and individuals living with disabilities throughout New York City. I am continually impressed by the scope and magnitude of their programs and ability to positively impact people’s lives.”“I am thrilled to co-host the 8th Annual ADAPT Community Network Santa Project Party with its longtime supporter Tamsen Fadal says Mike Woods. I am a big supporter of ADAPT and their vital ongoing work to provide programs and services for children, families, and adults living with disabilities.”The Santa Project Party is on Wednesday, December 6th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm at Down Town Association; 60 Pine St, New York, NY 10005 Individual tickets are $125 dollars and sponsorship opportunities are now available.last_img read more

Bill Clinton Speaks At StarStudded So The World May Hear Awards Gala

first_imgOn Sunday, the 18th annual So The World May Hear Awards Gala benefitting Starkey Hearing Foundation, dazzled guests with an evening of philanthropy, celebrities and entertainment.Don Felder performs at the 2018 So the World May Hear Awards GalaCredit/Copyright: Adam Bettcher, Getty Images.One of the most acclaimed fundraising events in the country, the gala brings together celebrities, global leaders and philanthropists to raise funds supporting hearing health programs and charitable initiatives around the world. A moving speech by surprise guest President Bill Clinton, a longtime foundation partner, underscored the need for individuals to come together to make a difference in people’s lives. Other notable guests and speakers included Academy Award-winning actors Billy Crystal and Forest Whitaker, Huey Lewis, Sinbad, and rock legends Alice Cooper, Robby Krieger of the Doors, and Don Felder of the Eagles, who performed all together on one stage.“Most of us are here because we think – among other things – that we are better off doing something good for somebody else than tearing them down,” said Bill Clinton. “We believe in holding hands and taking a flying leap of faith instead of trying to drive people apart.”Hosted by William F. Austin and Tani Austin, co-founders of Starkey Hearing Foundation, the gala honored humanitarians including Dr. Timothy P. Shriver, chairman of Special Olympics; Ehsan and Fatema Laya Bayat, founders of Bayat Foundation; Shep Gordon, legendary producer and philanthropist; and Paul Williams, composer, singer and songwriter. Guests also enjoyed entertainment by international vocal group The Tenors; Grammy-award winning artist Gloria Gaynor; and winner of America’s Got Talent Darci Lynne.This year’s honorees join a long list of humanitarians including President Clinton, Desmond Tutu, President George W. Bush, Barbara Pierce Bush, The Right Honorable Tony Blair, Buzz Aldrin, Richard Branson, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Affleck, Marlee Matlin and many others.last_img read more

Lesbian love story Below Her Mouth meant to empower not exploit filmmakers

first_img“Within our framework and our lens, it’s not exploitation, it’s so different,” Fabrizi says of the resulting film, which does not shy away from depicting several lusty encounters.“It’s not to get a rise out of you, it’s to break through and to empower and I think to give the female orgasm a voice.”The Toronto-shot “Below Her Mouth” is among the Canadian titles heading to the Toronto International Film Festival, which kicks off Thursday. Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment TORONTO – In tackling a lesbian love story with plenty of steamy sex and full frontal nudity, striking the right tone was key for the filmmakers behind “Below Her Mouth.”First-time screenwriter Stephanie Fabrizi says she was keen to keep things realistic, bold and “poetic.” Login/Register With: Advertisement Facebook Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more


first_img Twitter Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebook Perhaps we should consider it a Canada 150 gift that Canadian author Margaret Atwood declared this week in the Boston Review that she would like to cast Canadian rapper Drake in the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, the recent Hulu series adapted from her 1985 award-winning novel.The disclosure came when interviewer Junot Díaz asked Atwood if she’s ever met Drake, opening with: “It seems like currently Toronto — and we could say by extension Canada — has two global superstars: Margaret Atwood and Drake.”Atwood responded, “I haven’t met Drake, but I have of course met people who have met Drake. But you have to realize how o-l-d I am. I’m not likely to go to the same parties. Or many parties at all, to be frank.” Advertisement READ MORE Login/Register With: Advertisementlast_img read more


first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement READ MORE Advertisement Facebook Twitter Login/Register With: Toronto’s reputation as Hollywood North just keeps growing, and one of its biggest film studios is about to get even bigger.The sprawling 300,000 square foot Pinewood Toronto Studios is set to add another 27,500 square feet of mixed-use facilities as part of a long term project that will see the studio’s footprint expanded to 700,000 square feet across 33.5 acres of land in the Port Lands.The newest facilities will include a new sound stage, production office, and workshop area for costume and set design. It’s a 10 per cent increase to the existing studio, but foretells of much more to come.last_img read more

It kind of came out of nowhere Shaun Majumder on being fired

first_imgAdvertisement Comedian Shaun Majumder says he was abruptly fired from the cast of This Hour Has 22 Minutes after sending a letter to producers offering creative input on the Halifax-based parody show.Majumder was part of the cast of 22 Minutes, which airs on CBC-TV, from 2003 to 2010 and then returned in 2011 after a stint on ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7.“I’ll be honest, it kind of came out of nowhere. I didn’t feel like that was the conversation I was going to have when I had that conversation with the producers,” Majumder told CBC News Monday from his hometown of Burlington, N.L. Advertisement Majumder said he’s known of the decision since June, but didn’t want to speak publicly until he had a clearer picture of the circumstances. He broke the news Saturday night while on stage during the closing festivities of The Gathering, an annual festival Majumder hosts in his hometown.‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’It wasn’t CBC’s decision to remove Majumder from the cast, according to the comic. He said it was a show producer who was responsible for his firing after Majumder voiced his concerns in a letter.Majumder said despite having the funniest cast of characters in the country and the greatest writers, he felt as though that creative team of 22 Minutes wasn’t getting enough of a say in the final decision-making. Shaun Majumder, who has been a cast member on This Hour Has 22 Minutes for more than a decade, has been fired and will not be returning to the show. (CBC) Majumder blamed creative differences for his firing, and said he had nothing but good things to say about the cast and crew of 22 Minutes.center_img Facebook Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

A Winter Games sister act

first_imgAPTN National NewsTwo athletes from the Yukon are at the Canada Winter Games.And for the sisters, it’s more than a competition, it’s a family affair.APTN National News reporter Lindsey Willie explains.last_img

TRC reaches out to inmates about residential school experiences

first_imgAPTN National NewsFor the last four years Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been gathering statements from former residential school students about their experiences.And now for the first time the TRC will begin speaking with inmates in the Northwest Territories in the hopes that they too can begin their healing journeys.APTN National News reporter Cullen Crozier has this story.last_img

Face To Face Cora Morgan takes on Manitobas child welfare system

first_imgDennis WardAPTN Face To FaceManitoba has the highest child apprehension rate in the western world with more than 11,000 children in the child welfare system, 90% of them are Indigenous youth.Cora Morgan is a fierce critic of the child welfare system. Morgan is the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ Child and Family Advocate for First Nations.Youth in CFS care in Manitoba make up the highest number of runaways, feed the sex trade in Winnipeg and fill the province’s jails. Morgan is fighting for the youth and their families to try to turn things around.last_img read more

What am I going to say in that room Mother to visit

first_imgBarbara Suggashie in her hotel room before starting the next leg of her walk Tuesday. Photo: Willow Fiddler.Kenneth Jackson and Willow FiddlerAPTN NewsBarbara Suggashie takes one last look in the mirror and adjusts her hair.She then pauses and stares at the woman looking back at her.It’s a woman who is slowly changing.And she heads out the door of her hotel room to start walking.“I was talking to my husband about this for a long time,” says Suggashie, 36.Most people driving by don’t know her or why she is walking along Highway 17 west of Dryden, Ont.They also don’t know the iPod she is using to listen to music belonged to her daughter, Kanina Sue Turtle.There’s a video on there, too – Kanina, 15, used the iPod to film her suicide inside a Sioux Lookout foster home.It’s that home that Suggashie is walking to.She’s seen it from the road but has never gone in.Barbara Suggashie with her son, Winter. Submitted photo.A couple weeks ago she decided to start the journey in Red Lake with her son Winter who is 12.It’s about 320 kilometres from Red Lake to Sioux Lookout.It’s a walk for suicide awareness but also for a mother needing closure.“It ruined my life,” says Suggashie. “I decided I wanted to walk to Sioux Lookout and go do a closure.”What she will say in the room where Kanina died hasn’t come to her yet.“It’s kind of hard to let go of something you care about and loved,” she says. “I’m just kind of nervous, what I am going to say, say in that room.”Watch Kenneth Jackson’s story on Barbara Suggashie’s journey. Kanina had been in the child welfare system for several years.Until she filmed her death inside the home owned and operated by Tikinagan Child and Family Services.An APTN News investigation found Kanina was clearly suicidal, yet left alone for 45 minutes before a Tikinagan worker noticed she was gone.Suggashie says Tikinagan has never told how Kanina was left alone for so long.APTN has viewed the video and previously reported a worker comes into the room and says what sounds like “Kanina, take my hand.”She then lays Kanina’s lifeless body on the floor, which isn’t visible in the video and leaves the room. She returns quickly talking on a cellphone with emergency personnel. She also appears to try to resuscitate Kanina by pumping air into her lungs with a plastic device.But it’s futile. Too much time has passed.“She’s gone,” the woman says as a baby can be heard crying from another room.Within minutes sirens are heard and paramedics arrive.“No pulse,” one of them is heard saying.Kanina Sue Turtle is in this undated photo from Facebook.Four days before Kanina killed herself, she was in the hospital for self-harming according to a video she posted on her Facebook account.It’s a recording of a live video where Kanina filmed what appears to be a Tikinagan worker sitting in a chair in the hospital room as they wait to be seen by a doctor.The unidentified woman talks on a mobile phone explaining to someone she is at the hospital with Kanina and how her shift is ending soon.Turtle begins the video by showing her injuries and says very little, other than she is bored.The worker agrees it is boring and notices there is no television to watch.“So quit cutting yourself so you don’t have to come here,” the woman says on Oct. 25, 2016.Kanina then turns the camera to the woman who is looking down at her phone.Kanina’s Facebook account gave many hints of her deteriorating mental state in the days leading up to her death.“(I don’t know) what to do anymore,” she wrote Oct. 24, 2016. “Just gunna give up on everything.”She had multiple hospital visits in the days leading up to her death and was walking around with bruising on her neck.A video on her Facebook posted Oct. 27, 2016, that was recorded live, shows the bruised outline of a noose across her neck.Then on Oct. 28, a day before her death, she attempted again and also filmed that.APTN has viewed that video.“I don’t know what to do anymore,” Kanina says. “I’m sorry for what … umm… I’m going to do.”The video is just over a minute when she stops recording. She didn’t say anything in the video of her death.Kanina’s death is being reviewed by the chief coroner of Ontario that is looking into 11 deaths of children in the child welfare system, seven of which were Indigenous.The review was sparked after the coroner found issues in each of the deaths ranging from lack of proper care to untrained foster home staff.That review is expected to be complete this summer.Photo: Willow FiddlerAs Suggashie and her son walk to Sioux Lookout a van follows close behind driven by a Tikinagan worker.The agency is also covering costs of hotel rooms.But Tikinagan still won’t say what went wrong in that home the day Kanina died.“I don’t know what the problem is with this Tikinagan. They are just hiding something. That’s what I think. That’s what my family thinks,” says Suggashie.APTN has repeatedly asked Tikinagan what happened but a spokesperson has maintained it can’t respond for respect of the family’s privacy.Tikinagan has never responded to questions. It suspected Kanina was also in a suicide pact.Tikinagan did warn APTN Tuesday about filming the home where Kanina died calling it a “safe haven” for kids as it is still being used.But it was supposed to be Kanina’s safe haven.Kanina’s brother, Winter, says he misses his sister.“I miss her giggles,” he says.Barbara Suggashie walking along Hwy. 17 just west of Dryden Tuesday. Photo: Kenneth JacksonThere’s another purpose to the walk for Suggashie who wants to prove something Tikinagan.“I wanted to show them how much, how much I loved my daughter,” she says.So she and her son keep going to Sioux Lookout where she hopes to find a way to keep going.Not only for her but for her other four kids who will be waiting for her when they are expected to arrive around Saturday.kjackson@aptn.cawfiddler@aptn.calast_img read more

Stelco files for IPO to fund enhancement of steelmakers production capabilities

first_imgHAMILTON – Stelco Holdings Inc. says it has filed a preliminary prospectus for an initial public offering of common shares.The Hamilton-based steel company says it intends to use the net proceeds of the IPO to develop new products and enhance the company’s production capabilities.It will also use proceeds to fund early payment to certain pension and other post-employment benefits trusts, as well as for general corporate purposes including additional capital investments.Stelco says it has not determined the number of shares to be sold and the price per share.last_img read more

Howard Carroll lead guitarist for Dixie Hummingbirds dies

first_imgPHILADELPHIA – A lead guitarist for the influential and Grammy Award-winning gospel group the Dixie Hummingbirds has died in Philadelphia.Batchelor Brothers Funeral Services says Howard Carroll died Tuesday at an assisted-living facility at age 92.The Dixie Hummingbirds started as a quartet of students formed by James B. Davis in a Greenville, South Carolina, high school in 1928. The group toured widely and recorded a cappella for the Decca label in the 1930s and then relocated to Philadelphia in the 1940s.After World War II, as the sound of gospel changed, the Hummingbirds added bass, drums and guitar supplied by Carroll.They performed on Paul Simon’s “Loves Me Like a Rock” in 1973 and won a Grammy for their own version.The band’s influence extends well beyond gospel circles to artists including James Brown and Stevie Wonder.last_img read more