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How CNN’s Facebook Election Tool Spreads Misinformation

first_imgAs election season nears, more and more people are discussing the candidates and their positions online. Facebook and CNN want to be at the center of that conversation – but they have a long way to go if they really want to add to the debate.The two organizations announced Facebook-CNN Election Insights, a real-time tool that shows which candidate Americans are talking about online, sliced into a number of user-configurable demographics. The tool was architected by Mass Relevance under CNN’s guidance. Mass Relevance also provided a curated Twitter tracker during the recent Olympic games.Following on the heels of election-oriented services from Twitter (The Twitter Political Index) and Amazon (the[Amazon Election Heat Map 2012), Facebook-CNN Election Insights may be a noble first step, but it lacks the essential data and context it needs to be truly useful.For Viewers And ReportersCNN sees this as a online resource both for viewers as well as its own reporters. Facebook-CNN Election Insights will be used during CNN broadcasts, including regular segments on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” as well as in CNN.com and CNN Mobile campaign coverage, the news network explained. CNN’s daily “Political Gut Check” newsletter and the U.S. Politics on Facebook page will feature highlights from the tool.“Facebook is naturally a place where friends engage in political discourse, and we’re pleased to announce that the Facebook-CNN Election Insights tool will offer an interactive, real-time glimpse into how and where this conversation is taking place across the country,” said Elliot Schrage, vice president of corporate communications and public policy at Facebook, in a statement.The problem – or perhaps the benefit to CNN – is that the tool is sadly lacking in context. On the CNN site, for example, Election Insights shows that President Obama showed a spike in online conversations mentioning his name around Aug. 25 at 8 AM. But why? Were the mentions positive or negative? In what context was Obama’s name mentioned? None of this is explained, and it’s up to the reader, or the on-air CNN anchor, to explain.In a sense, there’s even less information than the ubiquitous stock-market graphs so common on nightly business reports. Those, at least, display both the relative change as well as the absolute value. The CNN tool reports that 19% more people are talking about Romney “day over day”, and 19% fewer people are talking about Obama. It’s not even clear what that means, given that users can adjust the time periods from 7 days down to the last 12 hours.A Shortage Of Context And TransparencyFacebook data is being used, of course, and it is being pulled and anonymized from Facebook’s entire U.S. member base. We still don’t know actual numbers, however, and any pundit worth his salt would appreciate knowing if Obama’s name is being mentioned 50 million times, or just 5,000.Amber Quist, director of marketing for Mass Relevance, said that her company had “special access” to the Facebook data, but declined to comment on whether or not the company had access to its social graph API. She also wasn’t able to say whether Mass Relevance and the CNN tool taps into all of Facebook’s U.S. users, or just a subset. (Facebook representatives didn’t respond to requests for additional comment.) “It’s capturing the buzz coming across the Facebook platform,” Quist said.Mass Relevance doesn’t provide the kind of detailed sentiment analysis that Radian6 and other competing companies offer. Mass Relevance’s “poor man sentiment analysis,” Quist said, can provide only positive or negative assessments. More to the point, “it’s not incorporated into this experience at all,” she said.The Election As A Big Data ProblemIf there’s one big data problem that users will care about this fall, it’s the election.A ”Facebook election” could radically rewrite democracy with a simple request: in late October, a site message could simply ask the site’s users to “like” either candidate. That poll would most likely be the most comprehensive poll any agency would issue, outside of the election, especially if Facebook was able to provide demographic analysis of which users preferred which candidate. And if Facebook asked its worldwide userbase to participate, global sentiment could be factored in.Until we know more about what data Facebook is providing to CNN, however, Election Insights cannot fulfill its potential. As with any poll, greater transparency equals a corresponding increase in credibility.If Facebook or CNN does provide this transparency, Election Insights could become a useful tool. But without it, this might be the polling equivalent of the ”hologram” CNN used during the 2008 election: something to provoke conversation among viewers, but adding little value to the company’s core mission – delivering relevant news. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Tags:#Facebook#web Related Posts markhachmancenter_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

An In-Depth Look at the Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tools

first_imgRolling EditKeyboard Shortcut: NRolling Edit is another trim tool used for fine-tuning and adjustments. You perform a Rolling Edit by moving an edit point either forward or backwards in the sequence. Rolling Edit moves the Out point of the first clip and the In point of the second. RazorKeyboard Shortcut: CUsing the Razor adds a simple edit point by cutting the clip wherever you use the tool. Holding shift while using the Razor will cut clips across all tracks, as long as they are not locked. Slide ToolKeyboard Shortcut: USliding a clip moves the clip on the timeline, but keeps the source In and Out points the same. The Slide tool closes all gaps as well. You can slide a clip backwards as far as the previous clip’s In point and as far forward as the following clip’s Out point. Pen ToolKeyboard Shortcut: PThe Pen tool allows you to add keyframes to a clip. You can keyframe a wide number of attributes, including opacity, scale, position and even volume of an audio clip. Hold the alt key and you can add bezier curves to your keyframes. Track Select Forward/BackwardKeyboard Shortcut: A (Shift+A)This tool will let you quickly select all of the clips in a sequence, either forward or backwards. Naturally it won’t select clips in locked tracks. If you hold shift, the tool will select only one track instead of all tracks. Slip ToolKeyboard Shortcut: YThe Slip tool slips the clip’s source In and Out point, but doesn’t move it on the timeline. While using the Slip tool, the program monitor shows you the frame before and after the clip, and gives you a live preview of the source In and Out points, with source timecode. Let’s take a tour of the Premiere Pro editing tools which help you trim and cut your assets within the timeline.If you’re new to Adobe Premiere Pro, you might be sticking with the basic selection tool to perform most of your edits. Learning the ins and outs of additional Premiere Pro editing tools can help speed up your workflow significantly. Let’s take a closer look at all of the tools available.Selection ToolKeyboard Shortcut: VThe Selection tool allows you to perform basic selections and edits. You can select specific edit points and perform simple trims. Select multiple clips and move them around within the timeline, from track to track. Ripple EditKeyboard Shortcut: B Ripple Edit is a trim tool, used to trim a clip and ripple the rest of the clips in the timeline, effectively closing the gap between the two edit points. When using the Ripple Edit tool, make sure you select the correct edit points. You also need to be aware of which tracks are locked. You can quickly throw a lot of things out of sync if you incorrectly use the Ripple Edit tool. Rate StretchKeyboard Shortcut: RThe Rate Stretch tool either speeds up or slows down the clip. The In and Out points of the clip remain the same, but the duration and speed of the clip changes according to the amount you “stretch” through the trim. Expanding the Out point of the clip will slow down the rate of speed, while shortening the clip will speed up the duration. HandKeyboard Shortcut: HUsing the Hand tool, you can navigate forward and backward on the timeline. ZoomKeyboard Shortcut: ZThe Zoom tool allows you to zoom in and out of different areas of the timeline.These Premiere Pro editing tools are easy to use and can change the way you work. Try adding a couple to your workflow with each session. They’ll be second nature before you know it!What are your go-to editing tools? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

Persons Encouraged to Get Screened for Colon Cancer

first_imgStory Highlights “More than 90 per cent of colon cancer cases are diagnosed in men and women older than 50. A family history of colon cancer or polyps, especially among first-degree relatives, can also increase the risk,” she added. Senior Lecturer in Anatomic Pathology and Consultant Pathologist at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Dr. Nadia Williams, says persons should talk to their doctors to find out if certain risk factors for colon cancer apply to them.Speaking at a Colon Cancer Medical Symposium on March 11 at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel, St. James, Dr. Williams pointed out that having a family history of colon cancer, polyps or inflammatory bowel disease of significant duration increase colon cancer risk.“More than 90 per cent of colon cancer cases are diagnosed in men and women older than 50. A family history of colon cancer or polyps, especially among first-degree relatives, can also increase the risk,” she added.She further noted that health hazards and bad habits, such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, physical inactivity, a diet high in fat or red meat, vitamin deficiencies, and a diet low in fruits and vegetables are also colon cancer risks.“They work synergistically to cause genetic alterations in the cells,” she explained, adding that colon cancer is caused by the accumulation of multiple genetic accidents.She pointed out that it is the third commonest cancer among Jamaican men, and that the survival rate is 90 per cent when detected in its early stages.Dr. Williams said that colon cancer usually has no symptoms in its early stages, and tests for the disease are as important as annual pap tests, mammograms and prostate examinations.“There are several tests for colon cancer, so talk to your doctor about which one is right for you. A colonoscopy can find and remove growths, which are called polyps, before they turn into actual cancer. If you have bleeding from your rectum or blood in your stool, do not hesitate… go see a doctor. Prevention as we all know, is better than cure,” she said.Colon cancer almost always develops from precancerous changes or growths in the lining of the colon, called polyps. It can be prevented if the precancerous polyps are found and removed.Dr. Williams added that it is important for individuals to make smart choices as it relates to a healthy lifestyle, noting that the consequences for doing otherwise can be fatal.“It’s a matter of doing the things that will and can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Early detection is very important. It is also equally important to make the commitment to a positive lifestyle change,” she said. Senior Lecturer in Anatomic Pathology and Consultant Pathologist at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Dr. Nadia Williams, says persons should talk to their doctors to find out if certain risk factors for colon cancer apply to them. She further noted that health hazards and bad habits, such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, physical inactivity, a diet high in fat or red meat, vitamin deficiencies, and a diet low in fruits and vegetables are also colon cancer risks.last_img read more

Removal of Auxiliary Fees, Corporal Punishment Non-Negotiable – PM

first_img Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says removal of auxiliary fees and prohibiting corporal punishment in schools are non-negotiable government policies to which principals and teachers are to adhere.Mr. Holness asserted that the Charter of Rights under the Constitution makes it an entitlement for children to have free access to primary education, inclusive of early-childhood education “without any obligatory fees”.Additionally, he insisted there should be no corporal punishment in early-childhood institutions, particularly infant schools, because it results in the entrenchment and legitimisation of violence.“I cannot wait until the cultural change happens. I must lead it by using institutions to set an example,” he asserted.The Prime Minister was speaking at the official handover ceremony of the newly completed Jamaica-China Goodwill Infant Schools in West Central St. Andrew on October 31.A second Jamaica-China Goodwill Infant School has been opened in Eastern St. Thomas.The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the Government and people of China for the two schools.He said that the nation’s interest is being furthered through its relationship with China.He pointed to developments under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP) and the Jamaica North-South Highway as evidence of Jamaica’s healthy partnership with the country.“The sovereignty of Jamaica is foremost in my mind. We (Jamaica and China) have mutual respect and regard for each other, and the relationship has been beneficial,” he added.Mr. Holness further assured that where loans are secured on behalf of Jamaica from China they are done with the best interest rates.“The Government of Jamaica, across Administrations, has made a commitment that we will reduce our indebtedness. We are coming from a 141 per cent debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio and by the end of this fiscal year just below 100 per cent… .  The target is to be 60 per cent debt to our GDP, and we’re going to get there. If we borrow, we borrow smartly. We’re living within our means,” he said.In his remarks, Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, declared that the “early-childhood education sector is much healthier than it was two and a half years ago”.“The revitalisation of our Early Stimulation Programme through partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders is positively impacting our targeted population. More of our stakeholders understand the importance of the first 1,000 days of a child’s life,” he said.Mr. Reid noted that local developments in early childhood have been positively recognised in a report by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as an example for the Caribbean region.He said Jamaica and Barbados have been ranked “at the top of the 58 low- and middle-income countries in Latin America and the Caribbean with the greatest access to education programmes for infants”.“The IDB noted the fact that Jamaica implemented and conducted the first long-term experimental evaluation of an early-childhood development programme in a developing country,” he said.The schools, which were built under a cooperation agreement between Jamaica and China, can each accommodate 180 students.Facilities include classrooms, playing rooms, auxiliary areas, outdoor corridors and playground, among other things.For his part, Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency, Tian Qi, said the opening of both schools stands as a shining example of “fraternity and friendship” between the two countries.He emphasised the importance of early childhood education, noting that the “attitudes, emotions and pattern of behaviour towards the society are formed during this stage”.“It plays an important role in the improvements in integrity, character and life quality and even lifelong sustainable development… . Children are the future of the society,” he noted.Chairman of the National Education Trust, Matthew Samuda, and Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Thomas, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, delivered remarks during the ceremony. Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says removal of auxiliary fees and prohibiting corporal punishment in schools are non-negotiable Government policies for which principals and teachers are to adhere. Mr. Holness asserted that the Charter of Rights under the Constitution makes it an entitlement for children to have free access to primary education, inclusive of early childhood education “without any obligatory fees”. Story Highlights Additionally, he insisted there should be no corporal punishment in early childhood institutions particularly infant schools, because it results in the entrenchment and legitimisation of violence.last_img read more

Justice Canada tweet suggests you can be charged with drunk driving two

first_imgVANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A tweet from Justice Canada is raising eyebrows as it suggests you can be charged with drunk driving even two hours after driving your car.The now-deleted tweet shows a person barbecuing and another hailing a taxi.“It’s summer time and the living is easy! Whether you’re sitting on a patio or having a backyard #BBQ, remember it’s against the #law to have a blood alcohol concentration over prohibited levels within two hours of driving. Know the limits. http://ow.ly/f4vj50uRLFY #Impaired Driving.”RELATED: ‘Sweeping change’ to impaired driving laws increase police powers to breath testVancouver-based criminal lawyer Paul Doroshenko says this means police can charge someone who drives sober, but drinks during the two hours after driving.“It’s the thing that we said was the big fear, and that people should be concerned about, and they said they would never do that, because that would be a gross overreach,” he says. “But then sure enough, we see a tweet from Justice Canada threatening Canadians with that very scenario.”I saved it. For the Charter challenge. pic.twitter.com/RTvP9JQCyE— Paul Doroshenko, Q.C. (@PaulDoroshenko) July 6, 2019He says the tweet shows the government’s intentions with new drunk-driving laws ushered in last year.Justice Canada, however, has sent out a correction, saying it’s a myth police can come to your house two hours after driving and demand a breath sample.“As far as the law goes, under the old laws, drivers could argue they could beat an “over 80 mg” charge if they had several drinks right before driving because the alcohol wouldn’t affect them until after they drove. The new laws cover this situation and drivers can be convicted if they have a blood alcohol concentration at or over 80 mg within 2 hours of driving,” the department says in a statement.It says the new laws are meant to stop the ‘intervening drink’ legal defense, which is an argument that drinking after getting out of a car was the cause of someone’s high blood alcohol levels. It points out the law does allow for limited exceptions, such as if the driver drank after driving and didn’t have reason to expect they would have to provide a breath sample. (Full statement below)CORRECTION: We wanted to clarify the facts around a tweet that was issued yesterday relating to the 2 hour rule under the new alcohol-#ImpairedDriving laws. These laws aim to keep our roads safer and save lives. Find out more here: https://t.co/68c6VteXqc pic.twitter.com/Yqpr7FXCNy— Justice Canada (@JusticeCanadaEN) July 6, 2019Even so, Doroshenko argues the wording of the law is unjust.“The issue here is that the government denied that this is what they were going to do, and then, only months down the road, one small seasonal change and we have them threatening to do exactly what they said they would never, ever do, and threatening Canadians,” he says.“Good luck to Canadians who get trapped in this. It worries me greatly, and there will be people, obviously, if the government’s out tweeting it, they intend to do it, and there will be people who get caught up in this.Justice Canada responds to concernsThe Department of Justice has issued a response following concerns raised about the tweet. Here is the full statement:The Department of Justice takes the feedback of Canadians seriously. After posting the tweet on Friday, we noticed that it was resulting in some responses to the tweet that contained inaccurate information, while others asked for clarity about the tweet itself. The Department recognizes that the original tweet was leading to confusion, as demonstrated by some of the responses. Other responses were providing misinformation about the laws. The Department took corrective and responsive action by removing the tweet and replacing it with a clarification and links to more comprehensive online material on the subject.As far as the law goes, under the old laws, drivers could argue they could beat an “over 80 mg” charge if they had several drinks right before driving because the alcohol wouldn’t affect them until after they drove. The new laws cover this situation and drivers can be convicted if they have a blood alcohol concentration at or over 80 mg within 2 hours of driving. This change was made to address this type of risky and dangerous behavior on our roads, to make roads safer and save lives.The law has also changed to limit the “intervening drink” defence. By changing the timeframe of the offence (i.e., to being at or over the offence level within two hours), the argument that post-consumption alcohol was the cause of the high blood alcohol concentration is no longer relevant. Recognizing that there may be situations where the post-driving consumption of alcohol was innocently done, the legislation provided a limited exception, (i.e., the driver drank after driving and had no reason to expect that they would be required to provide a sample of breath).It is worth noting that mandatory alcohol screening authorizes law enforcement officers to require a driver to provide a breath sample on an approved screening device, whether or not they suspect that the driver has recently consumed alcohol. This would only be done after the person has been lawfully stopped while driving a vehicle.Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this important aspect of the law, the goal of which is to keep Canada’s roads safer.last_img read more

Education Minister tours schools this week

first_imgAdd to this, an institution like HJ Robinson High, will find that it has no auditorium for mass meetings for another few months as the House of Assembly is currently set up there because repairs are underway at its regular home, the N.J.S. Francis building.  It had already been said in a House of Assembly, Ministerial statement that school students and faculty will have to wait for some repairs to be completed as the renovation and refurbishments were estimated to not be done in time for the start of Back to School.  Ministry of Education introduces pilot program Related Items:akierra missick, Education Minister tours schools this week, inspection of schools started Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, September 5, 2016 – It is day one for the 2016-2017 academic school year and inspections of the various public schools has started by the Minister of Education; Deputy Premier Akierra Missick who will on Thursday update the country officially on the state of these institutions.  The Minister said her schedule includes a visit today at Grand Turk public schools, there are three; the two schools in South Caicos are set for visit tomorrow; Wednesday the stop is into North and Middle Caicos for the four public institutions there; Minister Missick is in Provo on Thursday for the six government learning facilities on this island and Friday, the Minister says she will go to Salt Cay.center_img Recommended for you Education Minister touts new ICT platform for Public Schools Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Deputy Premier out of bounds at Electors’ Courtlast_img read more

Has the Marketing Pendulum Swung Too Far to Paid Search

first_imgMeanwhile, paid clickthroughs accounted for 6.42 percent of Kohler’s August traffic—more than the second best performing search term “Kohler faucets” (which accounted for 4.75 of traffic), but still well behind the top organic search term.  Competitor Delta Faucet saw 125,090 unique visitors in August, with the organic search term “delta faucets” driving 33.53 percent of traffic. However, Delta also showed a substantially higher return on paid search,  with the term “deltafaucet.com” driving 19.02 percent of traffic.Looking at a broad consumer category like golf equipment, Calloway.com saw 37.7 percent of its traffic from organic search and 20.5 percent from paid search in August, while Ping.com saw 34.8 percent from organic search and just 2.3 percent from paid search. One could reason that search results for Calloway are brand related while search results for Kohler competitors are more brand generic.“I’ll argue that some brands like Calloway are paying for traffic that they would likely get anyway and others (like Kohler) are likely being outspent by their competition and may be losing some sales opportunities,” says  Stephen Davis, vice president and group publisher of data provider SRDS (a sister company to Compete.com).When Paid Search Comes ThroughOf course, organic search doesn’t always trump paid search. Online mortgage company QuickenLoan.com derived 44.5 of its traffic from paid search. “I think certain categories are more prone to gaining audience via paid search than others (travel, mortgages, catalogue shopping),” says Davis. “So the percent of overall traffic is better compared to their competitive set than to other norms. All marketers try to win the organic search game but you need relative content, a great audience and link partnership to beat the algorithms.” Whether Google is friend or foe, the clear fact is many publishers have seen marketing clients divert significant dollars away from their print, online and event products and toward paid search programs. After all, it’s cheaper, SEO experts typically tell brands to buy their name and Google is how everyone finds things online, right?Well, yes and no. A look at the traffic drivers for select consumer and b-to-b marketers through Compete.com shows that almost without exception, Google is the top referring site to the marketer’s homepage. However, for many sites, that’s due to users entering branding terms (like the company’s name) into Google search even if they know the brand’s URL because it’s quicker than typing it into the browser. Often, organic search seems to drive more traffic than paid search. In other words, many marketers are paying for searches they would get anyway, thanks to existing brand awareness. Case By CaseLet’s start by taking a look at the kitchen and bath fixtures category, which includes a mix of b-to-b and b-to-c marketers. Kohler.com boasted 75,765 visitors in August 2009, according to Compete.com. Top search terms included “Kohler,” “Kohler faucets,” “Kohler toilets,” and “Kohler trim.” Top referral sites include Google, Yahoo!,  kohlernews.com and bing.com. The organic search term “Kohler” accounted for 23.46 percent of the site’s total traffic from search.last_img read more

Ajiths Nerkonda Paarvai hit by piracy film leaked online before its theatrical

first_imgA movie still from Ajith Kumar’s Nerkonda Paarvai.PR HandoutAjith Kumar’s much-awaited movie Nerkonda Paarvai has been hit by piracy. The Tamil film has apparently made it to internet through backdoors following its overseas premiere.Nerkonda Paarvai had its special premiere in Singapore on Tuesday, 6 August. “I am truly blessed 9am IST today Premiere Show of @nerkondapaarvai will start in Singapore. I have managed to fullfil my wife Sridevi Kapoor’s dream It couldn’t have been possible without the support of #AjithKumar #HVinoth, entire cast & technicians. I shall always cherish this. [sic]” producer Boney Kapoor had announced about the special show.Unfortunately, the Tamil flick is believed to be leaked from the premiere in Singapore despite precautionary measures taken by the makers of the film. The low-quality video of Nerkonda Paarvai was uploaded by miscreants on social media sites, while the fans, who watched the film in the premiere, posted short clips of the key moments in the film on Twitter and Facebook.However, the team flung into action quickly to remove the illegal leaks. The fans of Ajith too have joined the hands to prevent the clips of the movie, directed by H Vinoth, emerging illegally online.Celebrities like Anjana Rangan are asking people not to encourage piracy. “It is so difficult to make a film and especially releasing it in theatres! So many families are affected by piracy. Piracy is equal to killing cinema and those who are dependent on it!! Pls dont share videos of NKP #SayNoToPiracy #NerKondaPaarvai #nkp. [sic]” she tweeted.Ajith Kumar’s Nerkonda Paarvai will have its theatrical release on Thursday, 8 August. The film, which is a remake of Hindi hit movie Pink, has Vidya Balan, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami Venkatachalam and Andrea Tariang in the key roles.last_img read more