Month: September 2017

Shanghai Longfeng blind to some of the views of website optimization

I think in Chinese called Shanghai dragon is completely follow the love sea, isn’t it? I am not Shanghai Longfeng, but do very well in the Google website ranking, this website content quality, do Google do very well. Love Shanghai, I have a Chengren station made no Shanghai dragon. Shanghai’s love is very good, my friend is a relatively professional Shanghai dragon. No matter how he love Shanghai is ranked before a row not up, but he is really the first Google rankings, but we know Chinese with love of Shanghai is the largest, which is a lot of people around the cause of this love to do the Shanghai Shanghai dragon. Last month when love Shanghai plucking him back out, and I was standing, I want to say is that Shanghai will not dragon, don’t do it at all, honest manage their website can. Love Shanghai and Google one is eating coarse grains grow up one is eating rice growing up, while the Shanghai dragon is nothing more than a "white" sometimes take flour and rice feed love Shanghai, love Shanghai also feel disgusted. read more

The 365 regiment of the website chain met earlier

I believe you for connecting the fields of work are not lazy, so how do the external connection? What kind of connection is helpful to the site? It will have friends think, sending again blog or forum posts need to increase the number of your links appropriate? Is the use of the anchor text or directly use the web more clear? What problems linked to your site location and the like. The search engine will give some weight to each page, put these weights to score, if have a web page of the score is 10 points, then added a connection score will be passed to a 10%-20% connection, a connection will be divided, and this is why we are fighting for the forum or blog the sofa is affixed to the top position, more or more links page is not recommended to thread or affixed to the top, why not do so I think I need not explain and. read more

The advantages of search engine website has become the news source


is included in the search engine website content page, if the content is very good, the search engine will give news show, once in the search engine news channel home show, will be hundreds of millions of users to see China, increase your exposure rate. The webmaster can get search engine news like the opportunity to show their children as happy champion, will improve the visibility of the site, the formation of word of mouth, to the benefits of the website is brand awareness rising.

, a search engine news source, website search engine spider crawling frequency increased, a spider crawling website may be ten days, search engine news source, the spider crawling may one day several times, once the site has new content updates, spider at higher frequencies, web pages included more quickly. To promote the website included quantity is a big plus. read more

The 10 day of the 7 harvest personal website weight

as everyone knows, the amount of daily update novel website is very great, and you analyze this website page and the article page, above the bottom of the page there is a original introduction, and the chain of such a huge promotion included.

my harvest: update original articles to meet the spider’s appetite, it is not on the pseudo original, if your article is not included, please do the chain spider.

, a

my harvest: in strict accordance with the requirements of Shanghai Longfeng layout, appropriate stack keywords are allowed. But here I have a question which I ask God to explain to me: why he did not enter the snapshot snapshot included in the article page? Other novel sites are into love Shanghai database snapshot page? Is not artificial intervention love Shanghai? Do not Paizhuan! Do not believe you can check the read more

Search engine optimization to you after work to be carried out

two, the content of the website

want the website to maintain continuous vitality, Shanghai dragon is not an end point, but a starting point for. To understand only "change" is the same, don’t let yourself be "unspoken rule".

we all know "content is king" era. Is a good website content to succeed, it continued to optimize the content will also be part of a search engine optimization can not be ignored. Besides, the content of the website is the core element of Shanghai dragon, the content should be regularly updated to (ranking and weight stable, generally every 2 days update on the line), to ensure continuous optimization effect. Why should the content to the user experience. read more

The correct optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Title site title Title talk about those things

site title is to tell your visitors what the site is about, what is the core competitiveness of the search engine told this website. So, the title of the site is crucial for the search engines, it is the first impression to the search engine. The first impression will have a direct impact on the search engine for website rating, a good website title can not only improve the site keywords ranking, can also be close to the user experience, giving users find everything fresh and new feeling. In addition, when our website title is very eye-catching, very special, even in the keyword search engine ranking did not reach the top three, but our website title more unique and obvious, the user will also search first click on your website and give up the choice before several network station. read more

Shanghai ranked two at love


problem is found, the following is the recovery stage.

this article for Admin5 first, please keep the www.ahygdl贵族宝贝, thank you.

the next day, stationmaster net released soft, check out the forum, all normal.

a website optimization ranking has been very stable on page second, love Shanghai weights, 2 key word. Query website two days ago the morning habits, found on the front page of the site location is 0, suddenly felt a cool off, look under the keywords ranking, and all in 100 outside the. On the second day, Shanghai love weight is 0, 0 key thesaurus. read more

Talk about how to do the internal web site optimization


to everyone to share, although not very technical level, but the solution to the problem is always good. Should be promoted.

The above is my

about some novice webmaster, most want to do is search engine included the site as soon as possible, but the bad weather, even if you add a large number of articles into your website, but it will not be the love of spiders in Shanghai visit, can only stare at waiting.

next second problem is that the article did not quality, this blame me, because I have copied it, so no quality is very common. The last question is the site of the link is too little, has brought the serious influence the own website ranking. read more

The future of Shanghai dragon road attached attention to the user

optimization for hospital station, I want to say what? We are too much in the same way as the template, the optimization of the chain, the same way. Few users want to know what the hospital really consider in the process of network marketing, users need to love and what kind of forms of online interaction, follow-up and patient tracking service is in place, rather than just a single in the business on the flicker finished. So many medical Shanghai dragon is k time on its website, should not have a complaint, if you choose the risk of industry of Shanghai Longfeng, should have the courage to stand calmly accepted by K. read more

PV website promotion strategy

second: improve the website quality and added value, so as to enhance the page included

love Shanghai Spark Program, many webmaster friends do not know how to update the content of the website, because the past is to copy or to Collect competitor’s website information to update, due to the improvement of love Shanghai algorithm many webmaster friends even update article is to identify the Shanghai love right down, in fact, let us to update the article really is difficult, because some of the website does not have content can be updated, but the boss asked us every day to update the number of articles, and sometimes we do not understand for the industry cannot create what valuable content read more