Month: August 2017

Virtual son rain from novice to novice asked about four suggestions

but you also don’t ignore the establishment of knowledge, can own station than pay someone station cost, also conducive to their optimization. The station is selecting a domain name (贵族宝贝,.Org,.Net recommended), space (recommended choice of domestic network, xirang, civilink for the record, xirang can be on the line and then record), select the station program (personal bias in PHP, the novice can use their site dedecms or WordPress), learning website DIY tutorial site (this is the most difficult, if there is no certain basis), and slightly more complex domain analysis and database structures, these need to be slowly. read more

A5 marketing five reasons of small and medium sized enterprises have always been right down

stand for the enterprise, the enterprise website as the Internet enterprises in another image, the enterprise can promote corporate image on the Internet, through the enterprise website products, services and other information, so a lot of enterprises pay attention to enterprise website. At present, many enterprises in the webmaster reflect such a problem, the enterprise website has always been the love of Shanghai is rather baffling punishment and drop right or K stand, business owners face such a phenomenon is always upset, it is a good website optimization, but also to deal with the various algorithms of love Shanghai, but still suffered right down, and each drop right after recovery soon and the right to be reduced, in the enterprise stand again is right down. read more

Careful attention to detail optimization of website of Shanghai Longfeng butterfly effect

website is divided into the chain, the chain and the Links, is a key factor affecting the value of the site. The site is Links reciprocal links, outbound links or external links, and the link that internal links, as well as simple links and so on. The combination of these links will constitute the site all the link ring. In the optimization, do not blindly pursue the number of links, but also to observe with the contents of the link is an important link, can achieve the purpose of.

promotion has been another way of saying Shanghai dragon, which occupy more important position in the process of optimizing Shanghai dragon. There are many ways to promote the network, general website promotion, blog promotion is more common. The establishment of a separate site specifically used for marketing can give people more professional impression, easy to convince people. So the search for a low price virtual host promotion really is the right choice. The WebhostingPad is used to establish the virtual host blog is very appropriate, as long as the minimum monthly 1. 99 dollars, use the coupon code greatchina15 to pay the purchase, can receive a 15% discount also free domain name. read more

How to win the battle of the search rankings in network marketing


we all know, the search engine as an information retrieval system, must have their own retrieval system and ranking algorithm, we must know the principle of search engine, each search engine has its own network information capture program, and then after a lot of pre-processing, including keyword extraction, indexed file. Others include removal of duplicated web pages, word segmentation (Chinese), web hyperlink type analysis, calculate the page importance / richness. The user then enter search keywords, the search engine will return the contents of the corresponding element. So according to the principle of search engine, search engine to understand the principle and algorithm of improving priority ranking. read more

Keywords development and choice Shanghai dragon optimization begins from here

2, expand the channels of


well, see, when we look at how to do and do need to pay attention to the details of what is good in order to post service.

well, start induction.

E. people search for these products in understanding or



find the seed keywords is very simple, what is the need to know each other through the website can achieve what.

OK, the first question answered, let’s look at this from why get what.


the old rules, before starting, we want to look, why do keyword expansion and screening of read more

Analysis of three methods of website content written title

But for the

first, clear the contents of the theme. The title is clearly not able to write the contents, especially the content on the Internet is even more so, because the search results from the love of Shanghai, very prominent is the content of the title, if the title can be accurately summed up the content, coupled with the refined language, to let users know what is roughly with you can then be content, guide them to continue reading. So in the design content of title, the need for accurate summary of the content, and the application of some modification of the vocabulary, enhance the attractiveness of the user. read more

As you enter the sandbox after about the pros and cons of website revision

second if you want to make a website, should first do the program in the local test, test well without the wrong case of replacement procedures, to avoid the line after the change > today

Hello, I am Zhang Ke! Good long time did not write the article, because this time is really a bit busy, because in the observation of a site (www.sc1937贵族宝贝), the station as shown in the title: after the station website enter the sandbox for the revision, what is the result? I think there are a lot of people want to know the result, ADO, directly into the topic. The first is the origin of this station, the first station to do is a collection class mall called collection revenue net, this initial map clearly left the chain optimization. read more

Change the domain name and website space of Shanghai Dragon

generally replace the domain situation is relatively small, probably because the company name change, business change, other circumstances will choose to replace the domain name disputes. To a certain extent, domain name for the site and network publicity is very important. The replacement of space, usually because the existing spatial access is slow, or the price is relatively high, or is caused by the space service provider service problems.

often see someone asking for the domain name and website for space on Shanghai Longfeng effect. In fact, to replace the domain and space will have an impact on the Shanghai dragon, but the situation is different. Xiaobian take you to understand the related problems. read more

A snapshot of the time to crack the puzzle of Ali cloud forum or involved in all the phpwind Forum

I also see

to aliyun 贵族宝贝91aliyun贵族宝贝/ original, reproduced please indicate the source.

When This paper consists of

I randomly checked this post in the source file, to see if the source code is to modify some unknown hackers, when the query time, found that the source code is very satisfactory, and no change was found on the phenomenon, but a closer look, found a forum phpwind version number information, followed by a parenthesis, which wrote the 20110524, the author of this conjecture is this string of numbers. So I query the Ali cloud forum home page with this string of numbers… This is likely to draw the conclusion that the version number of brackets is caused by the snapshot and included time fixed does not update the culprit. If it is not necessary to retain recommendations as soon as possible to remove it. read more

Enlightenment of search result diversification experience of website content

search engine results and not in accordance with the logic of thinking people to show, but we are in the construction of website can strengthen the logical relationship between the contents of the logical relation of the user, the user can see the content according to the correlation we provide, to solve the problem from the demand level, so as to make it to the website the user experience is improved. We do not know when the user enters the site is what needs to enter, but as long as there is a demand associated > read more

Do Wangzhuan GuizaijianchiNetEase search alliance replacement code notification

some friends website built up, but the official template and free template can not see, so want to design a template to study, finally found himself without the base, or by the official template.

– stick!

  the old code for the above three products will be charged off in a month from the date of the new code change notification release. As a result, members are requested to update the code on your site as soon as you receive the notification.

the Internet is full of opportunities, the Internet money industry seems to readily make money, but in fact it is not. If you really want to do Wangzhuan, must do before they find the right direction, then the direction of continuous efforts, insist again! I am a journey on the road in the Wangzhuan site to grassroots webmaster, I do more than a month, although the ranking is not ideal, but every day progress, I think it is enough, just stick to it, one day will be successful, and I hope the same grassroots webmaster have the new harvest in the new year, we welcome the exchange of read more

Effect of traffic to the site of 10 Shanghai dragon optimization point

above is where the mobile adaptation appears large fluctuations, in the days of my site traffic fluctuation is very powerful, so look at the daily fluctuation of big mobile adaptation, if found yesterday and the day is rising greatly, must clear the two days to do what, then to prepare for the possible decline.

I marked

2, mobile adaptation bad

(3) have a blank page

1, increase the page module

URL after the change is bound to make the flow of huge volatility, because the change of URL may lead to such a result: read more

A successful Shanghai dragon need what specific conditions

basic knowledge


first we need to understand what do Shanghai dragon, want to know what is the Shanghai dragon? This is the most important. Shanghai dragon is the most important profit. If you love the website ranking first in Shanghai, but can not give you too much money, that this site is a failure. So do Shanghai dragon is the invisible things into money, this is the Shanghai dragon marketing. Shanghai dragon tools only, do not need too to study it, the Shanghai dragon is the real reason to make money. So we have to determine when to do, not just for the search engine, only for ranking, those are useless. read more

Based on Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Title Optimization Techniques you never notice

According to

Search Ranking Ranking is roughly: Volume > the number of > > positive rate; the credibility of the seller; > traffic > baby shelf time.

shop every day in each period of flow graph


search rankings rise search rankings, with your keywords from baby attributes collection. Keywords finally through various channels to collect, we put them together, finally breaking out the decomposition, repeat words, then we start the title of the combination of key phrases together, remember a principle when stitching phrases, not sentences can even pass along. read more

Don’t give up easily my Taobao RoadLifestyle blogs; ways to earn money; analysis

statistics gain about 2007, shlf1314 AdSense has now over $100 in revenue, Changfeng station as of today’s income is 186.25 yuan, Ali mother advertising and recommended income is roughly more than 400, of which 220 is recommended to get the benefits of cheating! In addition through the topic of the article writing network Bora income 205 yuan. In 2007, you should have made an accidental Grand Slam by doing your website,


at the end of the year, I removed the single page of the page and replaced it with a "SEO high" read more

Entrepreneurship jump board not only ability but also to avoid pointsThe five causes of internal en

of course, this is indeed an advantage, and WeChat’s success demonstrates this, >

is a true Internet entrepreneur needs a persistence, or the courage to dare to start early in the harsh environment, to bear character to explore their potential of products, whether it is the Internet or copywriting services based on O2O service, the industry is also very important for the control of their owners, the ability to control commercial interests, because you don’t have in the business platform, no customers, no channels, you want your resources are not the same, you can only rely on the accumulation of gain more confidence, when you get the first financing, you also don’t worry, the money really need to do what, it is worth thinking. Is to direct the development of profit model, and improve the software to enhance the user group, which for a head of the strategy and the long-term vision is a test. read more

Use the nternet to make money and get rid of the vicious circle of project promotionshlf1314 listed

now, making money on the Internet has become an indisputable fact, and has been recognized and accepted by the vast numbers of Internet users. Make money online and in real life make no difference in essence, are required to pay and then to get the return, for example: people have done a year to earn a higher, a few hundred dollars or less; some may do one day earn tens of thousands, so there are a lot of people admire. Eager. In fact, making less money is nothing to be surprised about. It is also very common in real life, because it is inseparable from many objective factors, such as people’s ability, environment and opportunity. read more

How to create a site for 8 million hits per dayAnalysis online shopping mall where the bottom line

, accustomed to online shopping consumers, recently can be described as pleasant surprises. The first is dangdang hit "than the lowest price in the market and then offer 10%" slogan; excellence in dangdang also not resigned to playing second fiddle, "hand" in a few days, announced the launch of 10 excellence every 1 yuan ultra cheap goods. Subsequently, Dangdang opened out a 1 yuan list of all 1000 types of goods at one stroke. Excellence borrowed the experience of the ground shopping mall and played the slogan "buy 100, send 100". Then, Dangdang is simply posted "buy 100 send 150 price tag.

Take the

some companies with a few million yuan of funds for the construction of the website, but for every day on average only about 8 people visit results except for their internal staff access. read more

Suning 4 billion 250 million acquisition Alibaba express every day behind the smileDecide when is t

Su ningyun according to the 2016 three quarter results: Su ningyun by accelerating the socialization of logistics operation, to service providers, rookie business as the focus, to achieve social logistics revenue growth of 411.11%, there are more than 1000 companies access to Suning logistics system by cloud, Suning logistics providing warehouse with development business. < >

almost all of the electricity supplier sites are advertised their prices, "the whole network minimum", but consumers often find that this is not the case, "Huyou" situation has occurred. American start-up company Decide in view of this situation, launched an electricity supplier parity platform. read more