Month: July 2017

Personal views on the online customer service system Part 1

why do some sites have online customer service, some websites? Why do some sites online customer service has the initiative to invite some websites, no? Why do some online customer service offered 1 times, and some sites have invited many times? According to the individual’s understanding of a bit shallow, mainly introduce the relevant opinions on the online customer service, and to the above questions are given their own interpretation, I hope to have a part to the webmaster friends help, thank you. read more

Download site maintenance Robbers also have their paths

CN yuan gave birth to a large number of grass roots. With the wind down. Grassroots love in all kinds of large China Internet status pattern of a certain situation, learn from the grassroots Ma Huateng, one by one into plagiarism king. However, to do the site, especially the grassroots, copy and paste is stuck completely stupid. Also called pirates " " today, let me give you a summary of its website download experience. Root is thin. We have no economic strength, in order to flow to IP. We use unscrupulous divisive tactics wrote is not good. If you feel the need to despise my experience, I don’t care, let more despise fiercely, because we are the roots of read more

Description of traffic fraud and Prevention

this article is suitable for user groups:

1: web traders, especially site buyers,

2: traffic traders, especially traffic buyers,

Pay attention to the website of

trade has been a few months time, in stationmaster net, every day there will be a lot of a lot of websites, but a lot of website transactions are to flow as the main index of the price, but this is a very dangerous thing, behind the flow on a website, more to pay attention to this one website traffic is coming from, say to flow how to appear here and everyone,. read more

Analysis of enterprise website should pay more attention to brand promotion

time back to 3 years ago, do search optimization is not a lot of people at that time, and at that time is not so much the so-called SEOer, most of the enterprises have already know that the Internet is the trend of future development, so although enterprises own official website, but only as a business image display only, and not get traffic in the search, this is the time to see the. In the next two or three years SEO industry began to flourish and moment to hot, so SEOer began more and more, a large number of enterprises have begun to recruit these talents to enter the company, individual owners also began to expand up. Even today, SEO is beginning to wane, and what exactly is the cause, read more

analyzed 3 points of experience on the website

first, believe in the data. Basically, I really care about the analysis of the site, I will be based on data analysis. As I gather data, I have a sense of joy and patience, like a vulture waiting for prey.

at the same time, because I believe in data, I’m very angry to see two types of web analytics articles, even if they don’t have anything to do with me". The first article is never data, only the feeling of their own; in this article, I always want to post the LORD said, "analysis of sites, you can count?"; second articles are not reliable data, whether it is intentional or ignorance, analyzes its harm even stronger than not data is not reliable data. For example, those who use Alexa data for small and medium-sized websites are all like this. Many of these articles are completely ridiculous. (but for large sites, Alexa has some reference value.) read more

How to do a web site

although I do stand a long time, but it is still a beginner, I think every successful webmaster should have this feeling. Although I haven’t succeeded yet, I will do it all the time. In order to let the webmaster who start the website, less detours. Let me summarize some of the experiences I’ve gained from doing web sites.

one, apply for a good domain name, debug the website on your computer.

website first is a good domain name, domain name and website content must be between words or Pinyin or English, for example my domain name corresponding to Chinese name is 52wyx I like playing games which are Chinese, I like playing games Pinyin first letter is careless. I was due to lack of experience using the.Net domain name, I focus here to explain, must use the weight of.Com high, long time, you will know the benefits. The domain name, do not put the entire station to the space to do debugging, must fix everything all in your computer, no problem to re upload, including title keyword, the desportion keyword density of the home page, page navigation key words of the long tail and everything was all right, and you the site is 85% pass. Ability to upload. read more

Chen Zhongping an effective way to manage the day to day management of the Forum

Chen Zhongping access to the Internet, the first contact is the forum, done moderators, administrators have also been done, to others Management Forum, I have also established forums. But I set up the forum, most of them failed, until met Peng Hongwei, Jiang Likun and other friends, into a push, it is a formal learning forum management knowledge, before the failure, is also a kind of precipitation, just let me in a push from the forum, the main version quickly became the practice. Deputy administrator. In pushing one for more than 8 months, although there is no outstanding results, but the work has been recognized. Below, I will share the management experience of the forum for you. read more

[Earl original] Strategic improvement of Web site a development thinking

The establishment of

website group is a good idea for the development of modern Chinese network enterprise. Baidu website group to obtain the development in the field of multiple site navigation, HAO123, TT Player, sky download. The traffic and popularity of these 3 websites are very prominent in the field of Chinese network. Is a leader in every field. In this way, Baidu’s share price also has a more steady accumulation. Baidu this example is very clear tells us, the ultimate practitioners of the web site is not professional, but clustering. read more

CNZZ 51 quantum constant road Google website traffic statistics comparison

site traffic statistics is a webmaster indispensable tool, webmaster analysis of the development of your site is very helpful. But now there are so many free traffic statistics providers that it’s hard for us to choose. I have used CNZZ, 51, Google, quantum constant way of these four free traffic statistics, the other I have not used do not know can not talk nonsense, ha ha.

CNZZ is the first traffic statistics I contacted, so it took a long time, there has been a period of time server instability, often leading to the bottom of the site loading slowly. But now a lot of stability, and I think there is no need to consider server factors. Function, some of them, and the left column of the design is relatively clear, it is easy to understand. More than other statistics, "new independent visitors."". But there are a lot of details that aren’t good enough: read more

From the media blog you can finally earn money by writing original

from the media, the most sad is to want to write, but no time, have time to write, but can not earn money, and finally ended in failure. A person’s interest is good, but interest can not be eaten, like a woman who likes you, but will marry another person for money. But today, the Shao Lianhu blog has brought good news to you, since the media can earn money by writing original.

can make money by writing original articles. Can you believe it? For some writers, celebrities, of course, it is possible. But, you will say that we write original articles on these roots can make money, that is really nonsense, paranoid! We have no what level of writing, writing with the vernacular, no one wants to see. read more

As long as the courage to overcome difficulties entrepreneurship is actually not difficult

today a friend sent me a message on the Internet, said she wanted to start, especially the win in China, entrepreneurial passion and surging, but she is a bit upset, do not know how to start, ask me "what I have to do poineering work?" in fact, many people want to start, often here is stuck, why? Because they have no money, no experience, no resources, it seems nothing, do not have the conditions of entrepreneurship.

as a grassroots entrepreneur, I want to say, "as long as you want to start a business, there must be ways to overcome all the difficulties and realize your dreams."". There are lots of difficulties in starting a business. If you don’t have any difficulties, you won’t be able to start your business. Since you know there are many difficulties, then you should try to overcome it instead of complaining. read more

Exploration of improving user experience on stock website

as we all know, in many industry website categories, the stock website is more competitive. Several large domestic financial websites such as, such as the financial sector are listed companies, the rich and powerful, most of the market share of such monopoly. As a small individual stock site operations, in the Internet industry environment and the increasingly tense situation in the industry under the feudal rule, how to find their own profit space and maintain survival, is the top priority in front of. read more

Charging from the beginning is the key to the sustainable development and profitability of the indus

subdivision industry station has always been one of the personal direction of the station, the big and complete web site can not meet the needs of users; small and sophisticated, meticulous service to meet the individual needs of users, in order to retain users. To do a niche industry is a good future, and it can also bring considerable revenue. Then how to do a breakdown industry station,


A5 on Thursday April 19th exceeded invited founder China ginkgo online share superb segments of the industry operating experience and ideas as well as the station industry profit model, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss. read more

How do local SNS sites train repeat customers

SNS website, especially in the local SNS site not to flow for the pursuit of goals, others regard SEO as the main lessons, we seek after all is the active member, which is a general sense of repeat. Today, the national SNS website innumerable vertical segments of the site, such as growing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Local SNS sites based on region or city are under great pressure. In such a fierce competition, how should local SNS sites train repeat customers?

first, through the existing relatives, friends, classmates, fellow villagers to promote, the formation of the core users of the site. The local SNS site is based on the "six space" theory, this theory can be described as: "the common ground between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, by at most six people you can know any stranger." In other words, in order to meet new friends, at least through 1 to 6 already know friends, thus, SNS website early focus or acquaintance between promotion. First of all, the site recommended to friends around, fellow villagers and classmates, this is at least dozens and hundreds of people. As a result, the site of the first loyal member of the core circle formed, and these people will become the backbone of the follow-up development of the site. read more

Good website optimization needs to adhere to the 4 principles

how to optimize the site, making search engines more like their own web site, has become the webmaster friends most concerned about. The optimization of a website is made up of many factors. Here comes my personal experience about website optimization and new experience.

first, we must adhere to the principle of "original is king". A website to profit to play his value, then the flow is king as its value, but any website in order to get a large number of visitors, so after all, or sticking to the original king". The original thing is not only customers like, but more importantly, search engines rely more on it. Therefore, a website to do optimization, then we must adhere to the "original king" principle, every day to update an original article. Only in this way can increase the website’s collection as well as the website weight, also can achieve the website optimization goal. read more

Agricultural products B2B market concern China store network value highlights

At the second session of the CCFA

retail marketing forum the agricultural Chinese in Henan Province, in this forum, Henan, sales of agricultural products is highly regarded. Especially with the maturity and development of the Internet and e-commerce market, how to quickly enter the supermarket and other retail channels has become a topic of widespread concern in the industry.

, the pioneer of B2B market in China’s retail service, made a forward market analysis report at the meeting by Wang Haibo, chairman of China Network library. read more

The simplest and practical way to solve the hidden dangers of SQL injection

now do the professional website more and more, more and more rich and full, but many people may not find many websites procedures in the preparation, no judgment on the user input data validity, the application security risks. This is the SQL injection problem.

What is

SQL injection,


many web applications, when written, do not judge the validity of the user’s input data, so that the application has security problems. The user can submit a database query code (usually, accessed through normal www ports in the browser address bar), according to the results of the program returns, get to know some of the data, this is the so-called SQL Injection, namely SQL injection. read more

To just want to graduate college students webmaster

now the students are graduating soon, and have become social professionals. How do we face the society and how to step into the society?. These have become a social problem, before graduation, develop this station. This station has accompanied me for a college life. I take this website as the foundation, take the university life as the main line, tells everybody about a stationmaster’s University establishment experience.

, we finally entered this society. Since then, the school teachers have ended the life of care, the end of the parents’ good baby days, but also the end of the money from parents and brothers happy time. read more

The present situation of enterprise blog marketing

enterprise blog marketing status: enterprise blog marketing has gradually become a new hot spot of network applications

as a typical form of Web2.0 applications, blog is a personalized and social information platform, from the beginning, it has been widely welcomed by the vast number of Internet users.

in recent years, blog service coverage and viscous continuous rapid growth, the blog has also become a hot industry network application after instant messaging, search, news, e-mail.

enterprise blog marketing also broke the concept of time and space, sitting in the office will be able to talk about business. read more

Personal blog at the beginning of the notice

with the rapid development of the Internet, the popularity of virtual mainframe and open source programs and other emerging bodies, station building is no longer difficult. As for the new station industry into the novice webmaster, personal blog site has become a good platform for their practice. Building an independent blog is not as complicated as we imagine, a domain name, a host space, and choosing a suitable blog program can easily build your own independent blog. Personal blog building is very simple, but in the early days there are still some considerations. read more