Month: May 2017

Qian Xiaoling go out of the ravine women’s tea king

no matter what kind of industry, with conscience work is the bottom line for every entrepreneur should uphold. Born in Henan, tea king Qian Xiaoling in the conscience and integrity, moved many consumers, made tea king business.

Luoshan County, Xinyang City, Henan province

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How to ensure that the cosmetics store into the shop rate

even if the service is good, the quality of the product is guaranteed, but if the customer is not willing to enter the shop, but also how to let the sales staff to play their role, let the shop business is better? So, if you want to shop success, but also need to ensure that the customer into the shop rate. So, how to ensure that the cosmetics store into the shop rate?

sales performance is closely related to the rate of entry, only in the case of ensuring the store rate, the staff can be specific sales, otherwise everything is empty talk. Store image and brand structure are the key factors to determine the rate of entering the store. read more

Put stall knowledge how to stall location

even the smallest of the smallest entrepreneurs, but also the myth of the booth has been fantastic. Despite the hard work, but low cost, flexible operation, many entrepreneurs to become the first choice of digging the pot of gold. However, the stall also need to pay attention to skills, choose where appropriate? Let us talk about how to choose the bottom stall.

1. stall to locate.

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Development of tea shop investment business plan to pay attention to what issues

venture capital is not a simple talk about it can be done, but also we need to develop a more comprehensive program, so that it is possible to become more successful business. The investment is a lot of milk tea shop after graduating from college graduates to choose a job, in order to successfully operate a milk tea shop, you must have a good tea shop investment business plan. Today, Xiao Bian and everyone together to learn about the development of tea shop investment business plan needs to pay attention to what issues? read more

Children’s toy store management skills inventory

China’s toy market demand is amazing, with the relaxation of two child policy, children’s toy market is bound to usher in an unprecedented good time. However, in the face of such a huge entrepreneurial market, there are many children’s toys shop poor efficiency, and even face the crisis of closing. What is the reason? I believe this is also the problem of many investors, today Xiaobian for everyone summed up the children’s toy shop management skills.

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Eccentric boss why business so fire

now has a very large number of operators in all walks of life, so if a shop business is very hot, it will inevitably make a lot of people surprised. A dumpling shop is located in Binzhou Yangxin County in the downtown area, is a laid-off worker surnamed Zhang couple, in recent years, come here every day to customers in a continuous line, small shops in the eight table was packed with several waiters sister-in-law busy awfully. Why is the boss’s business so prosperous? Listen to a friend, because of his "eccentric" caused by, and what kind of "eccentric"? read more

College students how to make the first pot of gold

for many college students entrepreneurs, how to earn Diyitongjin life at the time of graduation has been a topic of concern, now in the university campus there are some of them there will be some entrepreneurs.

How to make the first pot of gold

"campus agent when Xie afterlife by English weekly", make the life first bucket of gold; He Yongliang because of a trip with the idea of entrepreneurship and courage. April 26th, the College of information and business at the Zhongyuan University of Technology college students’ self organized business forum, the province’s ten largest star He Yongliang entrepreneurial model and a number of students on the entrepreneurial experience. read more

Million new project investment what are the whole

unique projects tend to shine in the eyes of consumers, but also allows investors to better based on the operation of the market. Now the society is the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of ways to make money, and new venture investment cost is smaller, better income, more simple operation of the investment projects, new projects to their own unique advantages to get more consumer attention, it is bound to bring greater profits, here we introduce several new million yuan investment in small projects, hoping to bring light to your entrepreneurial path. read more

Aluminum alloy doors and windows stores to enhance profit margins

the improvement of people’s life quality, the demand for Home Furnishing also have higher pursuit, so in the furniture and building materials industry, as Aluminum Alloy windows windows franchise agents, to achieve better development, from the development trend to grasp the industry, pay attention to consumer demand, take the relevant marketing strategies, in order to better development.

windows and doors agents should be good at drawing lessons from and receiving good development experience read more