Month: April 2017

Choose to join the project of the four errors

choose a good project, is the most critical step to success. Of course, if you choose a bad project, no matter how much effort you pay, you may become futile. So, how to distinguish between good and bad to join the project? The following are four kinds of errors, a look at!

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Jiang Yu Yue how Hot pot hot market

enjoy the popularity of the brand to join the project, has been very choice of business opportunities. Yu Jiang Yue hot pot? A good project to start a business, the success of entrepreneurial trust. In fact, the small business choose to join the Yue Jiang hot pot project, is the right choice!

here has more than and 20 kinds of delicacy ingredients and tastes quite unique, very popular contemporary people’s favorite! Chongqing Jiang Yue Hot pot? We swept the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai 30 years in the country has opened more than and 150 stores, stores are crowded, bustling. Whether it is for residents, white-collar students, public banquets, receptions, etc., are popular. read more

77% of working women have entrepreneurial ideas

everyone concerned about the development of the Internet entrepreneurs know that women create a customer in the Internet era is untied, you can more easily into the venture. According to the survey, in the 80, 90 generation of young women in the workplace, there are more than 77% of women have entrepreneurial dreams.

The characteristics of

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The Spring Festival stores to prevent robbery

Spring Festival is the time to run the major stores, many shopkeepers will do a good job stocking. However, such a time period is also a very rampant criminals time. A few days ago, listening to the unit, a customer manager, said he visited a retail customer in the region by two men robbed of the two chinese. The event is about this: about 7 o’clock in the morning, Jin Xin grocery store owner just opened soon, two men came in, say to want to buy 2 Chinese smoke.

is in a hand in money smoke as one and another box of Chinese cigarettes, the shop owner just put back with the smoke, which had good two Chinese cigarettes on the counter, the two young men while the boss back with the smoke of the occasion, pick up a cigarette and said nothing a car ran to the outside help, start the car, in the two smoke and rapid grab escape, also smashed the glass door. When the shop owner ran out, the outlaws had fled…… read more

Graduated from college students online shop how to make money

do not know if you noticed, now many students are not looking for a stable job, but the love of their own, many college students in the choice of business, because of the popularity of the Internet, so they tend to choose online business. Online shop, it is also a relatively quick way to start a business, especially for students who do not have no experience of technology choice. But now a lot of people in the online shop, the competitiveness is still great, how to make money online college students. read more

Cosmetic shop decoration principles

choose a good shop, many owners on the issue of decoration linger, after all, different styles can bring different results, and the effect of different results directly determine the return of wealth. The following small series of cosmetics on the issue of decoration, and we together to explore.

The relationship between the seasonal difference and the decoration of the read more

Communicate with customers need to find a good starting point

we all know, when people get along with people is sure to communicate, communication seems simple, actually has great skill, communication is the exchange of technology, people can use language as a tool, everything is impossible. However, in the sale of this industry, it is very important to communicate with people, if you want to achieve their sales goals, you need to use their own words to impress each other, so as to achieve the purpose. So how can we communicate well with customers? Take car care products industry, for example, with the customer to find the right entry point is the most important. read more

Wuhan students united expelled passengers statement

two days before the Chinese passengers were forced to kick out of the aircraft caused the event of concern, naturally let the people angry. United Airlines. Local time 9 days (United Airlines) a Chinese passenger by the police forcibly dragged off the plane incident, recently in the global continuous fermentation. Yesterday, Wuhan a beauty to the Yangtze River Daily reporters about her encounter United last year no reason to drive off the experience of violence.

23 year old students in Wuhan, Cornell University is a new student. At noon yesterday, she told the Yangtze Daily reporter, last year from Beijing to the United States in turn, she also had no reason to rush off violence united. "Come up to me and said ‘you don’t have a seat," my whole person is ignorant, was two men stand out." read more

2016 Anne Teddy joined the strong occupation of the snack market

what is the British food?

2016 what industry the most profitable?

which stores the average daily turnover exceeded 3500?

free to join activities hit, you can’t miss.


preferred ingredients, made snacks is reassuring. Anne Teddy fish and chips, food from the North Pacific deep-sea cod meat tender, sweet meat, rich nutrition, nutrition collocation of the king of potato, fresh and delicious, and without loss of nutrition and health, is the outstanding representative of natural delicacy of health. read more

Entrepreneurs how to make good use of venture capital

we know that a successful venture, the need to consider a lot of problems, including the rational use of venture capital is a very important point, then, how can we spend the money on the edge? Entrepreneurs how to make good use of venture capital? What is the way to spend money is not desirable? Let’s take a look.

pay money for marketing and advertising

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Guangzhou bicycle parking rules sharing need to have order

a variety of shared bicycles are flooded in the streets of Guangzhou, if people are free to park, so that people feel the city is affected. In order to allow people to regulate parking, the Guangzhou Exchange Commission interviewed Mobell, OFO, Xiaoming, blue four platform enterprise. During the interview, the disclosure of the Commission, the government departments on the central city road set up bicycle parking area technical guidelines have been completed, will be issued in the near future.

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The investment required to meet what conditions Xuefurong ice cream

if you want to select a small boutique project only Xuefurong ice cream ice cream. Maybe someone will ask what snow lotus ice cream, how good is she? After reading the following Xiaobian introduced you know.

snow lotus ice cream natural ingredients, fat free, sugar free, low fat, low sugar, high fiber, rich in vitamins, active bacteria and antioxidants. The nutritional components of milk 2.8~3 times, in the human body, the digestibility of up to 95% or more, through the energy and fat ratio of science, snow lotus ice cream added magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, etc., a complement of trace elements. High efficiency antioxidant, regulate metabolism, strong bones, beauty. read more

Zhu Hongxing introduction Lucai shop franchise fee business

joined the project Zhu Hongxing cooked Lucai shop in the ordinary people in the word-of-mouth has been very good, this is a part of the Suzhou local special snack. Zhu Hongxing Lucai store innovation and progress, constantly in the traditional method, brings to people today delicious. Zhu Hongxing Lucai store developed an exclusive, exclusive production, unique taste, only a natural market, make more money! So, Zhu Hongxing Lucai store franchise fee how much money

Zhu Hongxing Lucai franchise fee: read more

The leisure food stores location reference

snack food franchise development prospects, so many franchisees are very concerned about the development of the industry. If you want to find a good opportunity in this industry as soon as possible, then you can pay attention to the development of the industry. Xiao Bian to provide some knowledge sharing site, I hope we can do a good job to join the shop ready to work, there is a psychological preparation early.

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The community of small supermarket chain supermarket beat what techniques have

community small supermarket although no big supermarket are abundant capital strength, however, as close to the community, coupled with more convenient and high-quality service, if operating properly, actually also has a business world. But many of the supermarket operators to see the supermarket once opened a large supermarket chains that they no longer have business, too pessimistic. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce a few communities in small supermarket beat big supermarket chain tips.

four years ago, I opened a small supermarket in a community, because residents are not many, just started the business is not too good, but for people with enthusiasm, and thoughtful service, more and more genuine goods at a fair price, the residents and the business has been improved. When I saw hope, secretly happy, two large chains have settled in the community. read more

School of fast food business skills

we all know that the students in the past, most of us are fast food restaurants, etc.. Chinese fast food restaurants in the vicinity of the school, most of the students are students, teachers, how to manage Chinese fast food restaurants to meet the needs of teachers and students?

general students love carnivorous, like beef offal, grilled chicken, sausage, fried toast etc. anyway is fragrant carnivorous is popular, although not earn much, but can fame a few months down many regular customers. The best iced drinks, tea drinks, ice etc.. read more

The chicken market together

rising wind and scudding clouds, the world will have the sudden change situation happened, what happened? Turned out to be the wind and cloud. Catering industry is about to usher in a new trend, you do not hurry to see.

Fengyun poly is a major market to join the brand chicken, the majority of food and beverage investors to bring more investment opportunities to join, then what is the brand of chicken market, a look at it!

development trend of wind and cloud poly:

prospect, the Chinese develops very fast, the pace of life is very fast, how to choose a simple and fast food brands in the noisy city, the market situation in China poly two local chicken chicken market to do good, that is the Xinjiang market chicken and Ningxia chicken stew, chicken market in Xinjiang dry, it is less to eat noodles soup, do not drink liqueur, fairly good, also is the Ningxia chicken market, it has the advantage of soup will be a little more, which will carry the Ningxia special potato flour, potato powder is characteristic of strength, entrance mouth feel is quite good, we together chicken market situation take two long, after 15 years of continuous exploration and improvement, using 28 kinds of precious Chinese medicine perfume Peru, consumers eat after feeling is oil and not greasy, spicy but not dry, herbal ingredients inside the unique body is good Body health. We also determined to put the market situation of poly chicken chicken stew made of a Chinese fast food brand agent, determined to raise chicken market in a grade, but consumer prices still can be accepted by the public level, let the consumer feel is to spend money do not enjoy the same level of consumption. read more

Cowboy Bobbi a good choice for entrepreneurs to join the

we all know that all the characteristics of goods, there is always a market space for development. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the cowboy Bobbi project, is a very wise choice. Cowboy Bobbi joining the project, are you ready?

cowboy Bobbi, as one of the most creative and revolutionary professional denim apparel brand, adhering to the "do a simple concept of brand value", brought together a group of crazy creativity and passion of the struggle, the achievements of the special symbols of this cowboy Bobbi cowboy clothing field. read more

For thousands of Home Furnishing joined the in 2017 the whole decoration becomes something d

2017 years to start a small business is not the same? Join the home market, open a new channel for our wealth. Thousands of home decoration? Quality projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Simple way to join, choose to join the shop is to earn!

is a large change for thousands of Home Furnishing decoration trade platform to "home" as the theme, with independent design and strong production capacity, comprehensive and creative activities Home Furnishing work together well-known brand manufacturers, a close and long-term strategic cooperative relations, established first-line supply and procurement system. Thousands of home decoration into the view that the ideal home environment should be a perfect combination of technology and art, practical and aesthetic harmony and unity, and even the integration of personal art and daily life. Therefore, the "thousands of changes" in the home environment design, on the basis of respect for the composition of the building and the need for practical functions, pay more attention to explore and promote the human value of the home environment. Because we always believe that everyone’s life is a culture of their own, they constitute a whole cultural atmosphere, we live in it, to nurture and influence others in their own way. read more