Sport Bars

first_imgHave you wondered when sports bars got started? They started in the late 1970’s when Dennis Hannah (pro football player) opened a Legends Bar in Los Angeles. The main feature, of course, was the addition of TVs throughout the bar. Today we have them all over the United States and even around the world. The addition of the TVs allowed these establishments to pack patrons in even if the “BIG” game was on. Before that, people wouldn’t want to leave the house while the “BIG” game was being played. Also, it became the trendy thing to do, and the bars prospered. To get both the male and female patrons, they started to feature things like trivia games, etc., to attract the ladies so they would accompany their male partners to the bar. As the bars continued to evolve, they became more and more “lady friendly” because of the expanded activities such as beach volleyball and the fact that ladies became better sport aficionados and enjoyed the games themselves. Sports bars like Willy’s in our area feature a full line of sandwiches, meals, drinks, and appetizers. I am sure the true social diner is not the person who keeps them in business, but these people can go to the full-service restaurants and enjoy a nice quiet meal. A feature of most of the bars is the larger proportions which sit well with sport fans. It all depends on what kind of dining experience you want to have.last_img