“Jonathas is a forward that imposes and puts you back”

first_imgWho has more advantage, the striker who knows the rival defense or the centrals who know the weaknesses of the scorer he will face?It is true that we both know the strengths and weaknesses of the opposite. We know how to hold you and we hope to get it. Yacine is a very strong forward and it won’t be easy to get it. Also, I know you will be especially motivated.FITO GONZALEZ & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Gonzalo Verdú, in the interview with AS.FITO GONZALEZ (DAILY AS) In the Vallecas stadium they will meet Yacine Qasmi. What does it mean for Gonzalo Verdú?It is a joy. We were partners and we are friends. I’m glad because I know he is happy and is an important striker in Rayo Vallecano. I wish him the best, of course, although on Sunday I hope we win.Yacine says that he is happy now, but he left sadly, as he said when he said goodbye after the match against Málaga at Martínez Valero …It may be, perhaps as a result of how quickly everything happened on the last day of the transfer market. At the beginning I might have been somewhat affected, but now I see him enjoying himself and that is the important thing. He returns after his sanction. Do you see headline on Sunday?I am not sure. It depends on the coach. Dani (Calvo) is having a very good season and Josema complied with his premiere note. The positive is that there is where to choose and the beneficiary will be the team. The players, as we always say, we owe ourselves to daily training and then the coach must decide.Were you surprised by the premiere of Josema?Not at all. I already knew him from having confronted him in Second Division B and knew the enormous potential he has. Due to the circumstances that Josema has already explained in a press conference (a depression), he has not been able to have continuity during the last two years, but he is a strong, fast and courageous center in the ball out. I am sure that he will bring us many things.Has the rest week helped you recover from your knee discomfort?Yes. On the first lap, in the Extremadura stadium, I suffered a blow that caused an inflammation in my knee. As I have barely stopped playing, those discomforts are still there although they do not affect me to play normally. I live with it and I do it without problems, like any professional footballer.center_img To dead king, put king. What about Jonathas de Jesus?He is a forward that imposes and that puts the defense back. I already knew him from watching him on television when he was in the First Division and he is a great scorer, as he demonstrates in each training.And in the locker room, have you integrated and are you a companion like any other in this adventure in Second Division?It is a phenomenon. He always arrives with a smile at training, is perfectly integrated and in games he is seen pulling the car with his experience and seniority.What game do you expect in Vallecas?A very close duel that will be resolved by details. Rayo de Paco Jémez likes to elaborate from behind, like us, and the one who manages to impose his football will be the one who takes the game.Finally, Elche and Gonzalo Verdú have one more fan in training and in each game. Yesterday we saw her get out of hand with her from the Altabix sports center …Yes, my wife and daughter usually come to see us. Both she and me are very excited. Since he was born, when I was already playing in Elche, he comes to all the games and goes out with me in the games to take the picture. They are memories we will have forever.last_img